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Gene Simmons

The Smart Ass

Wedding Announcement

9/1/2011 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gene Simmons is finally revealing what Shannon Tweed told him when he asked for her hand in marriage ... and SHOCKER ... she didn't say no.

Now, the couple is planning the wedding -- and they've already sent out invitations -- complete with a sarcastic wedding announcement from their kids.

The announcement says, "After 28 years of loose strings, our parents have finally decided to tie the knot."

"Our mother will share our horrendous hyphenate of a last name and our father's life ... well, it doesn't change that much."

It continues on a heartfelt note -- saying, "But we will be united as a family in spirit and in title forever."

The wedding is set for October 1 at the super-fancy Beverly Hills Hotel. Check out the invitation for the dress code ... funny stuff.



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time to relax    

these people are a sick, who would put their children up to this type of a joke, bet you they call it quits at the last minute they need all the ratings they can get

1114 days ago


Gene Simmons is a vile and sex-addicted pig with nothing on his mind but sex and exploiting others sexually. That's how his mind works. Probably gave Shannon every STD in the medical textbooks. He's getting married now because he realizes he's getting old and wants to make sure someone will take care of him so that he doesn't have to go into a nursing home. Shannon is a fool. Must be a masochist with very lower self-esteem to even be associated with this loser.

1114 days ago


I have NEVER read such a love-filled invitation in my 53 years of life. My youngest daughter (21 on the 29th of Sept) and I, love you all so much! Mr. Simmons, of Team Simmons, love that!, I want you to know that over the years of hearing about the shena****ns that you were involved in for your *art*, I was really not very prepared to invest any time in "watching" your show. It's fair to say that I was maybe not buying your music or merchandize, but I found out, that I really had "bought" some of what was being sold as truth about you, clearly, about DOING BUSINESS, for you. I believed what I heard and saw about you and judged you unfairly. You really ARE a teddy bear, all soft and gooey, sometimes, when you should be. All Ways, be with your family. We women love that ****, lap it up. It really should be no secret by now, that true vulnerability and soulful commitment are really the sexiest things a guy can wear. Shannon, I knew nothing of you and only after Zyna encouraged me to watch the show, her knowing, what I would be truly entertained by, KNEW I would love you! It, of course was a bonus that you are from the same part of the world, I am originally from Salt Spring Island, through Comox AFB. Your wakadoodle SISTER is The Most genuine sweetheart. THEN, there are the kids. That is where we hope and dream our hard work, will shine, onto and through our kids. Not everyone gets to live that dream out. You, have done honor to the privilege of the experience. You didn't have your kid's connect Who the ARE, with What they happen to possess. A HUGE gift! and they both took to the life lesson, like fish to water!! Amazing, intelligent, compassionate, adults, both of them, who appear to be fairly unafraid to live THEIR Truth, very brave indeed! Be so proud! ENJOY THE DAY!
Love Us in Canada

1114 days ago

Rex Kramer    

Need. More. Publicity. Or. Else. The. Simmons-Tweed. Clan. Will. DIE!!!!!!!

1114 days ago


Good for them!! I cried when he proposed and glad she said yes- congrats to the family!

1114 days ago


Why do people have to say such horrible things. If you don't like the show don'*****ch it's that simple. My kids and I watch and we think their family is great, maybe some of these unhappy people on here could learn something about kindness from watching. I think it's great. Have a wonderful day all of you.

1114 days ago


Wow, . . . another promotional post for the A&E network!!!
- Who woulda thunk it ? ? ? ? ? ?

1114 days ago


They are sad people. She is a dna receptical. He is a man whore.

1114 days ago

PRO US    

If he waited only a few more years, they could both be old enough to die peacefully of entirely natural causes and they could have had, wait for it..."A Wedding And Two Funerals". Would have made for a lovely movie. He needed 28 years to figure out that she was the love of his life and that he should marry her? LOL For such a brilliant guy, Gene was a little slow on the uptake. Better late than never, I guess. Mazel Tov to the happy Jewish American couple.

1114 days ago

marilyn regan    

never knew what shes saw in him except his money his life and his life style thats he has and his status.outside of that he isnt worth much or worth it,

1114 days ago


After 28 years this should be a huge event. I hope they do live happily ever after. They seem happier than most couples these days and we can all learn from them what true commitment really is. Shannon does love him and stuck with him through thick and thin and did a wonderful job to raise those two kids. If she wants to stay with Gene then I wish her well. (just hope he doesn't have any disease but I guess it is too late anyway!)

1114 days ago


She will be wiping her ass with the marriage certificate 3 months from now.

1114 days ago


Would they be getting married if they didn't have a reality show??

1114 days ago


Perfect example how he is full of hot air he does not speak the truth he said NEVER get married now he is liar!!!

1114 days ago


yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh About time Gene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1114 days ago
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