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Kris Humphries

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

9/1/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian dragged new hubby Kris Humphries along to tape her reality show in NYC and you could almost see him thinking ... "What have I gotten myself into?" Or maybe we're just projecting that on him.

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No Avatar


Well he got himself into it!! Famous for having a fat ass. Amazing.

1112 days ago

Jim Ho    

What has he gotten himself into? A va-jay-jay bigger than the state of Montana.

1111 days ago


He will soon find out that all these Kardashian women are just money hungry skank bags,who have nothing to offer

1109 days ago

Rued Gestures    

Hopefully Kris will realize that he has his wife's reputation to live up to, and get properly dressed to be seen in public with her. I guarantee if he had been wearing designer style he would have been included in the shoot. If he is wise he will start dressing up!

1109 days ago

Society with Class    

I feel sorry for the Humphries family that their son has married into such a crass, low-life, money hungry group of people who call themselves a family. My only advice is stay in Minnesota and avoid the in-laws at all costs. I wish there were fewer people on TV like the Kardashians who make us all look like “ugly Americans” to the international community. Anyone who thinks this even approaches the dignity and class of the true royal wedding, or compares Kim to Kate Middleton is blind, clueless and truly with their head in another galaxy. Comparing the weddings or the women is, well, like equating sterling silver to stainless steel or real diamonds to Swarovski crystals. As for Kris Humphries, my condolences, for choosing a life where you will end up just like your father-in-law a pathetic, feeble and impotent. My advice to the Humphries family – stay in Minnesota and as far away from the in-laws as possible.

1109 days ago

Jack Steen    

It was priceless when he admitted in front of the whole clan that he didn't know Kim was married before - the look on his big, ponderous brow was a hoot !

I think he'll be gone before next Fourth of July !

1108 days ago


i reckon the marriage won'tlast 6 months.phony family. kim wears waaaay to much make up. Kris is a big boof headed twit & is no where near being a gentle giant when he threw kim into the water in Bora Bora.
Oh did he really spell his name with a "K" before he met the Kardashian family he's married to?????? Or was it Chris ????

1107 days ago


i am sick and tired of the kardashians.

1107 days ago


His Dumbass knew about the Cameras-Mo Money.Mo Money!

1104 days ago


I can't wait for Kim to realize she'll have gigantor beast Khloe kids. She will be so mean and make her daughters feel fat and ugly, how she's created Khloe her whole life. Kris' sister looked exactly like Khloe only curvier and taller. Just wait, Kim!

1104 days ago


A freaking mess. Hang in for about a yr, get your $$$$ from wedding etc... and FCKN RUNNNNNN for the hills dude. DON'T become ANOTHER kardashian Man WHORE...

1103 days ago


I like how the part at 31 seconds he wipes his mouth after they kiss LOL

1102 days ago


he knew what he was getting into i am sure he had been warned by a ton of people. good luck to him

1095 days ago


You people that come on here and talk more sh*t than the radio crack me up! Im SO sure your lives are SO perfect and your are all living your lives as saints!If you don't like it than don'*****ch it! Green with envy is NOT your color!

1091 days ago


Didn't this guy have any friends that had the guts to tell him if he went through and married her he would be the laughingstock of the Planet Earth?? Really, I would not let any close friends, and probably most acquaintances go through that. Would you? Just think of all those that have gone before but took a big pass own ownership. And the comments about Anal and Golden Showers is very well do***ented for eternity on the web. It's in the video.

1090 days ago
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