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Kris Humphries

No Bones About Kim's

Sex Tape Past

9/1/2011 12:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
's husband is well aware of his wife's XXX past ... but sources close to Kris Humphries tell us, "He could care less about the sex tape."

In fact, we're told Kris truly had "no idea" who Ray J was when Kim's sex tape partner sat next to the NBA star on a recent flight from L.A. to New Orleans.

But after a few hours on the plane, Ray J finally approached Kris and said, "Come on, You know who I am ... I just want to say congratulations." Kris reportedly replied, "Oh yeah, yeah I know who you are."

Sources close to Humphries tell us, "Kris really didn't know who he was" ... but once Ray J reminded him, it didn't matter to him because Kris is simply not bothered by Kim and Ray J's previous relationship.

Sources tell us, "Kris feels that Kim's past doesn't affect her present or future ... he just doesn't care."

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you are the man Kris

1112 days ago


I thought white guys had nightmares about there wives getting f#%*ked by a big black ****. His wife is on tape doing it.

1112 days ago


I agree with JUstin this is just another publicity stunt because I heard there nielsen ratings are down so they are comming up with all these stories so all you gullible 8 mil or so twitter fans can make them rich and the ratings will be higher again. It amazes me that these no talent skanks are trying to sell a clothes line at Sears with their name
on other designers ideas wake up people they have no style they are not designers dont fall for it. So why didnt they sell the crappy clothes at ther own dash store or a store on rodeo drive...makes you think doesnt it. They know that the middle class people will fall for this crappy line. They are just flys who cant go away with no talent. The entertainment channel has sunken to their lowest.

1112 days ago


It's interesting how most of the bloggers on this subject can past judgment on Kim K. Just for the record..unless your girl (or you if you are a female and were) was a virgin when you entered into you PRESENT relationship..then guess what...YOU CAN BE CALLED A WHORE too! If your definition is that a female had sex with the man (or men) that are she was dating or a man is sexing more then one female...You a HOE...OWN that! and move on...
Kris is man enough to recognize that and can move on...maybe you should too..all parties have no issue, why should we?

1112 days ago


OH please, BS, and lie, lie lie.......

No man, I said NO MAN on this planet, who is straight, would ever be telling the truth that it isn't bothering him about her sex tape, especially HER sex tape...good Lord is really true when ya'll say he peed on her in that, gulp, sex tape?

So....if all of that is true, and just by going with the still shots of the said video, this Kris is full on thinking about it a lot! That is how you guys operate, ya'll can say it isn't true, but, the last thing any of you really want in us is a loose woman like she is. And to have your WIFE out there for all to see...doing what she is doin' with ya now?! BS Kris...

He is soooooo full of sh-nikey on this one. And dude made her his wife! Yikes, what was he thinkin', her cash gives her class? It's your bed guy....

1112 days ago


poor ray j after all these years of trying to shine, this video is all he can come up with to remain relevant. how sad.

1111 days ago


LOL ya right he didnt know who Ray J was... Kris watched that damn video himself and made fun of Kim on more then one occassion....his poor family must be mortified...

1111 days ago


He's lying, he cares because that's what made her famous and that's what everyone talks about. Good job Kris you got yourself the low budget porn star you wanted and you'll remember this for the rest of your life buddy.

1111 days ago


When I see Kris I'm going to ask him who he feels....lol

1111 days ago


How old is kris and what rock did he crawl from under? Sad to say but this dude is really stupid. I made the mistake buying a sports car I didn't really need and Kris must feel like me right about now. The only thing is I can sell my car! Kris you'll regret this just like a regret buying the car...lol.

1111 days ago


Don't be disappointed I'm just sharing the truth that's real...

1111 days ago


Yeah Kris, just keep repeating "I don't care about Kim's past" over and over and over again. You're going to need it!

1111 days ago


Next step on the ladder....she will ANNOUNCE that she is PREGNANT. Big sister K was the first to have a baby. Little sister K was the first to LAND a BALLER. Now this flytrap will be the first of the bunch to be married AND have a child!

Gotta love a media whore! She is a HOT MESS!!

1111 days ago

Tony Curtis    

What a pepe !!!!

1110 days ago


No one likes this whore and isnt it amazing how HOLLYWOOD keeps pushing her on the American Public. They buy that slores MEDIA Coverage. Who cares if she marries a Athlete we see how great the low IQ having NBA players taste is every monday Night on VH1... Only in New America would they promote a gold digging slore to super stardom... E keeps buying magazine covers and paying 15million for her fake wedding.

1108 days ago
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