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Mel Gibson

Oksana's Music BLOWS!

9/2/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva
and her lawyers touted her music credentials in court this week, but we now know exactly how Mel Gibson feels about her music -- he says it sucks.

Sources connected to Mel tell TMZ ... Gibson deeply regrets supporting Oksana's music career -- especially plunking down a fortune to produce a CD and music video.  Mel even paid for a studio in Oksana's home.

Mel privately says Oksana's voice and music are "horrible," and he's "embarrassed" that he promoted her.


So that's Mel's opinion. Listen to :30 seconds of an Oksana song, and then tell us ...


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oh my god that is hidius my dog wont stop crying and howling....

1126 days ago


I swear about 1/3 of the way through the sample I hear a sneeze. It's either that or the cracking of a whip. I love how the backround vocals (using her voice) are drowning hers out and overlapping into one tangled, trilly mess.

1126 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Oxy should record a country or blues selection about thinkin' she was worth more when all he wanted to pay her was fifteen mil.

1126 days ago

Just Saying    

Yes Jayjay, making stupid professional decisions based on poor professional judgement is bad, but making stupid professional decisions based on love/lust/friendship/nepotism/whatever is even worse !!! Mel may be a good actor/director to many but he certainly didn't come across as professional in the way he promoted her. Makes people who might work with him or finance his films in the future wonder if he will totally lose his marbles again when the next young pretty thing walks past.

1126 days ago


kitnplayn: 3 hours ago
Why would you make an ignorant public comment like that about the mother of your child? Wait, I know, because you are selfish and you have a brain that has been picked in alcohol for several decades. Moron.
Why would SHE in search of a sympathy from the ignorant public want to comment on the father of her child on the national / world TV - CNN - calling him a murderer. I guess you forgot WHO had started all this sh.t in the first place.
Honestly, I think she has a potential as a musician. I kind of like the timbre of her voice. I think it stands out and sounds much better style wise than most Horrowood junk who spend half of their public and personal lives either in a rehab or in jail. But Oxa obviously needs a lot of vocal training on top of the fact that her golddigging career will always get in the way of her musical career. I doubt anybody will ever buy her CD. People don't want to know her even IF she were a genius.

1126 days ago


Her music isn't good at all, but her voice is just as good as what the radio offers us now. Her voice is just as good as Britney Spears. That is talet?

1126 days ago


I wouldn't listen to her music, but she's better then Rebecca Black.

1126 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

I bet Mel thought she sang like an angel when he still porked her.

The vocal counterline in that snippet does not work well. I'd drop it.

1126 days ago

mrs t    

does anyone remember her performance on gma?... worse (if possible) than this...

1126 days ago


Lucia as a manager of old Oxy
child exploitation
like "spit baby" little Anna Becker?

It's All About Money 51: Grigorieva will sing Gibson
Thursday, September 1, 2011 19:52 ( link )

Gibson and Grigorieva equally shared custody of their daughter, Lucia, which she will be in October 2 years old.

Soon she realizes that she has a sister and six half-brothers, with whom she is now equal, as will be the same as they did, large sum from the state of Mel Gibson. And when an adult becomes Lucia, the house where she lives with her mother and step-brother, sold and the money will go to the expense of her inheritance.

And while the cost of the house will be Gibson, despite the fact that he pays child support to Lucia. Previously they were 20 thousand a month, but now seems to be even greater. Duty counsel for a year of litigation between the former lovers has reached millions, and it too will have to pay Gibson.

Above all, Gibson has to pay 750 thousand dollars Grigorieva in three passes. For him, this amount along with the contents of the house was a guarantee that Grigorieva will not offer him a suit in civil court. It also has no right to extend their relationship with Gibson in any interview or in a book. If you violate this rule behind the scenes Gibson, he'll have to pay a fine. However, no one has forbidden Gibson and Grigorieva express their feelings and mysline directly, but put it in like in the movies and in music. And I think once we see the film, the characters that will remind us of the warring lovers are bound for life the fruit of their love.

As for Oksana Grigorieva, then, according to the source, she prepares for the release of a new album. And that means we will soon hear the songs of Gibson, though his name appear in them obviously will not. I also think that a Hollywood career of Grigorieva will have Lucia as possibly become her manager. But Gibson may resist - he is clearly not a supporter of such experiments.

1126 days ago


This song is awful, but Say My Name to me is worse. A moose could sing better. Mel Gibson was too good to this loser, and she didn't even appreciate him at all, just what ever money she can get from this man. So sad, she had a handsome, loving and caring man, but didn't know how to treat him right. I mean who else would have wasted his money on a loser, if he didn't care for her. Mel even went on what was it..Jay Leno show and lied and said she has a nice singing voice. Oksana, he cared, too bad you didn't. Oksana, you had What Women Want... Mel Gibson, and not just becasue he is rich either.

1126 days ago


I 'd rather hear Rosseane Barr!!!

1126 days ago

eve from eden    

Mel has got to be the most disgusting loser out there today. That teen boy he manhandled? Hope he beats Mellie to a bloody pulp when he becomes a man. The baby he socked in the face? Hope she slices him open when she's old enough to understand. OF COURSE the ex sucks. Thats how she became Mellies third rate worse than a slave mongrel dog. Mel > worse than the low life devil himself. He needs to get drunk and kill himself. His first wife needs to follow suit for breeding from this skank of a male.

1126 days ago


Good lord that's awful

1126 days ago


Can't listen to it right now. Someone in the house still asleep. I like them so don't want to wake them up with this, I've heard her sing before.

1126 days ago
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