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Petra Ecclestone

The New, NEW Car

This Is How She Rolls

9/2/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0902_petra_ecclestone_gsiHer sister has a brand new Ferrari ... so it wouldn't be FAIR if Petra Ecclestone didn't ALSO have a ridiculously expensive car to drive around -- which is why her new hubby bought her a Rolls-Royce.

The brand new white Rolls-Royce Phantom -- which usually costs around $250,000 -- was wrapped up with a bow ... and delivered outside of the fancy Beverly Hills hotel Petra is staying in while her $85 million mansion is being worked on.

As Petra said herself ... she's not spoiled, she's PRIVILEGED.



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She'll be in rehab in less than 5 years.

1149 days ago

Second Opinion    

It's actually a Rolly Royce Ghost--the Phantom's little sister. Still nice and expensive though.

1149 days ago

PRO US    

And still she says she is "not spoiled". Sure thing. No need to envy her. She has a phenomenal lifestyle thanks to her Nazi and dominatrix loving F1 company owning father, Bernie, but she still has a mediocre brain, spirit and character. Someone should interview her and find out if her answers and responses are worth more than 2 cents. She is all show and no substance. Glad she is spending most of the wealth she didn't earn in the USA.

1149 days ago

Best Mom    

Rather than having to read about this "privileged" nonsense -- why is it we're not reading about something she's doing with that "privileged" money that helps the less fortunate and those in real need.

1149 days ago



1149 days ago


thats a ghost not a phantom idiots. how do you get the price right but the model wrong? ghosts are 250ish phantoms are 350sh

1149 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Is the sole goal of the "media" to do***ent every single thing this girl gets? It's almost like you are trying hard to make people hate her. I do not see any other reason to follow someone around who seems to do nothing noteworthy and do***ent every thing she buys or gets as a gift.

1149 days ago


When she cures cancer, we can talk about her. Until then, let's not bother...

1149 days ago


How is a husband thinking his wife is worthy of a Rolls Royce a bad thing? Husbands should think their wives are worthy of a Rolls Royce, whether or not they can afford one, and wives should think the same of their husbands. Sheesh!

1149 days ago


I'm a single mom in Texas...think Petra could spare even a month's mortgage payment to send my way? We'd be able to live off that for probably about a year! Priviledged? HMMMM, sometimes you are born to it, and she is very fortunate to have been born into money, but I would venture a guess, I know people, including myself, you are happier than she is!

1149 days ago


TM--are you trying to depress us with the spending habits of this dumb barbie? What's the point?

1149 days ago


Enjoy it! Hot, rich but not at all out of my league.

1149 days ago


Why is this skag being shoved down our throats all of a sudden? Are we supposed to give a **** about who she is??

1149 days ago


This makes me sick. There are people dying in the world from starvation. She should share that "privilege" with those less fortunate.

1149 days ago


I still don't get the stories about this girl ..Okay , So her father is Rich , and ? ....

1149 days ago
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