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Rob Kardashian

Time for Trash Talk

No Time for 'DWTS' Rehearsal

9/6/2011 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Kardashian has a nasty case of pre-dance jitters -- and it's starting to piss off his "Dancing with the Stars" partner.

Sources close to the show tell us Rob is very nervous and has refused to rehearse longer than 2 hours with Cheryl Burke -- while most of the contestants are logging more than 5 hour practices.

We're told Cheryl is "fed up" with what she perceives to be Rob's lack of interest in the show.

But Rob is still talking a big game ... because we're told he's bragging constantly to big sis Kim that he will top her 'DWTS' performance by making it past week 3.

Note to Rob: You don't have Kim's "assets." Get to practice.  



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Michael Labou    

Rob Kardashian will never survive on DWTS. You know, the REAL DWTS, and in DEATH WALKS THE STREETS. ABC has tormented us for six years, and now we shall rise up against them as all of our followers are coming back out of hiding. Follow #TheRealDWTS on Twitter @DWTS

1144 days ago


This is his ONLY LEGIT job since he graduated from high school and yet he's not even showing an inch of interest to do his part. These people have the best opportunities earning big bucks for doing fun things and yet they still act like they are rotten spoiled brats.

1144 days ago


Is it just me or is this a really bad photo shop of Rob. His head has been photo shopped on someone elses body.

1144 days ago


Well, this spoiled little punk has no business being on the show. He doesn't qualify. The name of the show is "Dancing With The Stars"...of course that means nothing these days. The only reason he's there is because of his last name. He's hasn't accomplished a thing to merit being on the show. The same thing applies to Chaz Bono. How in the heck is he a "star" or "celebrity" for that matter? Just because his parents are Sonny and Cher doesn't cut it.

1144 days ago


Where are ALL of the REAL STARS. Is DWTS's running out of dance partners, I am AVAILABLE and would step in at a moments' notice, given the chance.

Good luck to all of the NON-START on DWTS.

1144 days ago

Just One Word    

I think Rob's a good guy, but he's just young and has had SO much privilege in his life that he's not one to feel motivation as most of us do when we really want something... he's been handed everything in his life. You can blame Kris or Khloe for giving him the easy road, but they are his family and we would all do the same thing if we were in their shoes. Rob, you just have to realize brother, that you won't get anywhere (feeling good about yourself) if others do everything for you. Time to grow up baby brother.

1144 days ago


This seems really unfair that Cheryl got stuck with this nobody. She is a very good dancer and has been loyal to this show. Who was stupid enough to hire this loser? Didn't they say they were going to show case bonafide stars this time? People we actually have heard of? This over saturation of the Kardashions has gone too far.

1144 days ago

David in Bangkok    

A.D.D, weed, rich family, no ability...Is it better to keep him home or take another qualified persons job flipping burgers at McDonald's? Rob and Brody Jenner are the luckiest people in the world. Just taking up space dude.

1144 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

All this guy does is run his mouth and live off everyone else while taking nothing in life seriously enough to put any work into anything. And you expected him to be any different on your tv show? Yeah and you wonder why people are starting to not care about your show anymore. More real stars this year my ass.

1144 days ago

truth hurts    

So sad that he's the only "man" in the immediate family of Kardashians but he's such a punk. He needs to be cut off so he can man up and stop living off of his mom, stepdad and sister. His 2.5 in laws (scott = .5) are much better men. Rob wake up!

1144 days ago


Rob grew up in a very female dominated home.Thus, his masculinity never was allowed to develop normally.He has no drive or ambition.Kim also put very little effort into DWTS,she should have been fabulous, but was noticeably not work oriented,very lackadaisical in her efforts.She is only good at "posing." The Kardashians are spoiled rotten ,rich kids.No effort required.Feel sorry for Rob~

1141 days ago


It is so unfair to Cheryl because she deserves better and she is my favorite as well. She wins twice and then gets stuck with guys who have no chance.

1122 days ago
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