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Jay-Z's 40/40 Club

Union Protests Have

Turned Racial

9/3/2011 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay-Z's 40/40 Club is undergoing a remodeling in New York City and a local union is protesting the fact they aren't using union workers for the job -- but Jigga's people tell us some protestors have gone too far ... by hurling racial slurs.

The New York City District Council of Carpenters erected giant inflatable rodents outside the club as part of their protests, claiming the company that was hired to do the job does not meet "area labor standards" and is paying their workers a "substandard wage."

A rep for the club tells TMZ they are in a non-union building and are not required to use union contractors. The rep tells us some protestors have been using racial slurs against the workers they are using, which the rep called a "poor tactic" to try intimidate people and scare away business.

The club is scheduled to re-open on November 1.

Calls to the NYCDC were not returned.


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Union workers are ridiculous. This is America I should be able to hire anyone I want to work on my house or building. I think its stupid that some buildings require union workers. The union workers are just mad because Jayz found someone to do the exact same job for cheaper.

1110 days ago

you know who    

It truly amazes me that he demands these high salaries every time he does a concert or a promotion,but when the shoe is on the other foot he expects to hire sub standard workers at minimum wage. To me it sounds like just pure greed. All these union workers are asking for is a fair days pay for a fair days work, come on jay z it's not worth ruining that perfect image of yours by hiring non union workers. Remember that the next time you are on stage standing under one of those light displays that some union guy put together. Do the right thing and support local workers in your area. Haven't you seen enough of those rat displays giving you all that bad publicity for what, do what your heart tells you to do and make this situation right.

1110 days ago


The more shrill unions get, the more quickly they'll become irrelevant. They only protect a chosen few and exist mostly to line the pockets of their leaders. Good on JayZ for not caving to them.

1110 days ago

some guy    

I was deployed in Bosnia once. Worked with some union civilian contractors. Total A-holes. Thought they were so superior. Looked down on us G.I.'s. I really didn't like them.

1110 days ago


Unions really piss me off. Why is it that they are always the first to protest when anyone refuses to use them for jobs? There is no law that says any business HAS to use union employees for anything. Besides, most Union workers I've known are pretty pathetic, lazy, and entitled. You can be a piece of **** employee but as long as you've got a union behind you, you're guaranteed jobs and pay raises. It's pretty rediculous - unions are for losers who want something for nothing. Union workers have jobs lined up all the time - it's time to give working men/women a chance since they are venturing out into the workforce without a union holding their hand. Good for Jay Z, glad he's supporting hard working Americans who are in it to actually EARN their living rather than just piggy back on a Union for their living.

1110 days ago


Unions are a place for cry-babies and sissies to hide.

1110 days ago


And not to mention that Unions are always the first to file BS lawsuits over the stupidest things. There are valid reasons why business owners want nothing to do with Unions! Get over it - Unions are no more entitled to a job offer than anyone else!

1110 days ago

some guy    

I'm not totally against unions. They did do alot for this country in the past. I just think they're getting too big for their britches.

1110 days ago


I call BS on their claims of racism,. and think they're playing the race card to justify non-union work.

Still, no one owes anything to the unions and in what's supposed to be a free country people have a right to shop around.

1110 days ago

The Neko Nation    

So sick and tired of idiots using the race card to cover up their faults and mistakes. Hire American workers in America.

1110 days ago


And this my friends is why Unions are stupid! They pay to be in the Union and then they complain when they dont get the job. How about we let anyone do a job and not "protest" when someone else gets it. Its like crying when you dont win 1st place in track n field day. Grow up Unions and realize some other people can do the same job that you do, and they can actually do it cheaper and better!

1110 days ago


Unions make me sick! How can they claim the workers are receiving a substandard wage when the workers agreed to do the job for the wage offered. Unions and their greed are what is ruining this Country.

1110 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

note to self: when hiring communists, you are 100% asking for trouble. financial and a headache. a never ending financial and normal headache. 'you no pay me glot of money! you pay me NOWWWWWW!!' kind of headache.

1110 days ago


....Refusing to use union workers in the NYC, especially once one has already been warned to do so, can earn one a forced appointment with shoe makers that specialize in the fine craftsmanship of cement goulashes.

Apparently Mr. Shawn Carter has yet to have the distinguished privilege as to meet Real Gangsters. However, if he continues down this path of non-compliance, this matter may quickly change, and take on a whole new color.

Maybe Mr. Shawn Carter should have a quaint little fire-side chat with Donald Trump on how the Donald has been able to do so much business in the NYC for so many years, and yet has been able to maintain his health....Artofwar

1110 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

so what the union boys are feeling hurt about, is that jay-z isn't paying them enough as dishwashers, to make a down payment on a 2012 lexus? yeah, that is a real sad story there. that is reallllllllllllllly unfair slavery. we need PRIVATE!! employers to adhere to GOVERMENT ORDERED WAGE OBLIGATIONS!! Viva El COmmunismo!!

1110 days ago
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