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Dancing with the Stars

Allred to Dance

With Transgenders for Chaz

9/6/2011 6:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred and a famed lesbian rights activist will hold a news conference Monday to protest people who are urging children not to watch Chaz Bono on "Dancing with the Stars."

We're told there will be dance and viewing parties across the country with transgender individuals and their supporters on September 19 -- the night of Chaz's debut -- and Gloria will dance with every transgender person who wants to dance with her -- but only at the L.A. party.

The news conference will be held at Gloria's office at 10:30 AM PT.  Of course, we'll nutbush (a form of line dancing) right over there.

11:20 AM: Gloria and lesbian rights activist Robin Tyler just announced their pro-Bono dance and viewing parties later this month -- where Gloria promises to show off her moves -- but sadly ... she refused to give us a preview.



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What is she going to do, file a lawsuit against every household that doesn'*****ch the show because we are disgusted with a mental F-up like Chaz Bono. Let me make it easy for you Gloria. My kids won'*****ch the show. I will never let them pay one bit of attention to a f-ing idiot like chasz, cut off my boobs and give me a fake dong bono because I'm a f-ing dbag, mental zero. F-you gloria and chaz. I'd rather that piece of garbage not be on television, the web or anywhere. I don't want my kids exposed to this garbage.

1146 days ago

Gsharon 710    


1146 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

So this female is demanding that people lie to themselves? She is demanding that people accept a falsehood? She is seeking acceptance on the basis of her extreme measures?

Everyone knows ONE fact - Chaz Bono is a female. And if she doesn't like that reality/truth then that is her problem. That is NOT everyone else's problem. She is being selfish in trying to force her false views on other people.

She is a woman. NOTHING she does will change that. She can live her life telling herself she is a man or she feels like a man. That is fine. No problem. But do NOT ask other people to call you a man. You are asking them to LIE!

Selfish! Shame on you! You want to live like a man, go live like one.....but don't ask people to treat your false reality like it is truth.

1146 days ago


It was Chaz's choice to be a man, and it's my choice not to watch the show. Chaz isn't a celebrity, that is more my issue than anything else. The show shouldn't be called Dancing the the *Stars* anymore.

1146 days ago


gloria, you are the most dispicable broad on tv. you will do anything to get on tv. do you not understand the majority of the people including myself think you are the equivalent to an ambulance chaser. if i needed a lawyer, you would be the last person on earth that i would call. have you even won a case ever? pathetic old broad.

1146 days ago


I will beat the living hell out of all these people trying to force the freaky, perverted lifestyle of these lesbian/gay/transgender on my or my children, or anyone else's children. Just because Chaz Bono had parents who didn't bother to raise them to be healthy, normal people isn't my fault - I don't care how they were raised, they will NOT tell me how to raise my children!

1146 days ago


Who the f**k do these people think they are? I will PERSONALLY

1146 days ago


I am soooo sick of this witch, the fame whore to the whores. Gloria some things are just wrong, SHE is not a man SHE will never be. Can SHE get another woman knocked up NO then SHE is a WOMAN. end of story.

1146 days ago

And thats the truth    

Seeing the 3 pics above, I find it suspicious that all of Gloria's clients are "crying" and the last 2 do not have any tears in their eyes. Coached?

1146 days ago


I NEVER DID watch dancing with the loosers. Who among this group is a star? Anyone? This show is for older 65+ people who have no life. They stretch out a 30 minute show for two hours. UG!!! I could care less if Chaz wants to turn itself into a telephone pole. Why do I have to constantly hear about it. Oh yea ... no talent has to make money off something --- being strange will do it. I am waiting for the person to come forward who wants to marry his dog, cow, sheep, goat, camel etc. and the public is discriminating against them too. Then I will have that shoved in my fact non-stop too. Just saying its coming.

1146 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Who cares what Gloria Alldead has to say? Her loud mouth regarding this situation will show the entire country what she's about and further the H8 people have for her.

1146 days ago


Why not? this show is a freak show anyway ,this is something that can happen ,after they put Chastity Bono the transgender in this family show? everything is possible ,that we watch ? we don't know .....this show is getting worse I wonder what is next? surprise surprise !I hear in "today" show that Cheer is very upset about the negative publicity her daughter is getting...oh really? when you cut your brests ,and create a fake penis it creats controversy it is something we don't get often! she is even amused by her daughter ,I bet she will not be in the show .....watching this looser ,freak voted off the first day or seeing her taking in a ambulance to the ER se is the fattest dancer we ever see in this show I wonder......

1146 days ago


Are you ppl kidding me. Chaz is just a ratings booster .
I think its disgusting that this (shim) Half man half woman
is even in the public eye. he should kill him self ...

1146 days ago


If there's publicity or money involved, Gloria has to get herself into it. Such a joke, Chaz, kick her to the curb, live your life without any hanger-on-ers.

1146 days ago


when these transgender starts taking husbands and wives, we will see who is on who side. this is what its going to come to. I'm telling you these people wants us to except their life styles and at the same time they will be taking husbands and wives mark my word, this will happen.

1146 days ago
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