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Russell Armstrong

Family WILL Watch "RHBH"

To Protect His Image

9/5/2011 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905_housvies_russel_armstrong_getty_exRussell Armstrong's family is watching tonight's "Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls" season premiere with extremely critical eyes -- and is prepared to take legal action ... depending on what they see.

Ron Richards, the attorney representing Russell's parents ... tells TMZ, the family wants to make sure nothing that "would make Russell look bad" airs in the highly anticipated premiere episode.

TMZ broke the story ... shortly before his death, Russell told a friend he was concerned about his negative portrayal on the show. Bravo has said it was doing some re-editing due to Russell's death ... but didn't specifically mention the premiere episode.

Richards says the family will explore legal options if they see something they don't like tonight.


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I am sure his family is in grief, but this guy knew what he was doing on this show, and he knew how he was portrayed. And he had some real abusive tendencies, both on and off the show. That's why it's called reality t.v, The guy had some negative traits. And everyone missed how desperate he was--including his family.

1090 days ago


The fact that Bravo is looking to capitalize on this man's death is F*CKING DESPICABLE. I don't care what he did in his life, the man left THREE YOUNG CHILDREN behind and that should be a top consideration. Why bash or exploit the dead guy, it's grossly reprehensible behavior.

1090 days ago


There is nothing the family can do about what Bravo shows tonight. Bravo has every right to show good or bad, and whatever else is in the contracts.
Sorry family, no more quick bucks for the Armstrong family, have to work for it now.
I honestly think that showing every bit of what was filmed will not only show people that making a quick buck, then trying to defraud others, opening side businesses, all that stuff is not the way to do business, and if you do loose your fortune, life goes on, and so does your family.
As far as Taylor, she doesnt know the truth about anything. Everything out of her mouth is lies, including about the women on the show and I hope they all remember that. So also showing her antics and lies will help others to see that doing so is not the way to get thru life.
Thank you for the replays Bravo!! Love to watch someone get caught up in their lies

1090 days ago

Kelly Kelly    

i know that russell’s family is grieving, but damn, if you shy away from the press so much, why do you keep giving interview, after interview, after interview? why are you guys still trying to pin the blame on everyone else, except for russell? he took his own life, no one else did it to him. and as i’ve said before, russell, himself signed a contract to be on the show…these contracts are designed for ppl like this, in the case of wanting to sue, not to be able to do that. Bravo did not force russell to be on the show.

1090 days ago


What if the reality is he was bad? His partner in investing also killed himself, is that Bravo's fault too? Let's not talk about domestic violence and offenders, let's pretend they are just normal folk victimized by their reality. As a survivor, I would rather watch and learn than be fed a fairy tale version of the truth. Maybe they should have intervened after the first woman he abused, instead of insisting it is Taylor's fault. Maybe he learned this behavior at home growing up. And maybe, just maybe, Bravo has some attractive deep pockets the family wants to exploit.

1090 days ago

There's a problem here    

Oh okay. They'll be watching "to protect his image" you think they would have had their lawyers on it way before production airing. This way, once it hits the air they can collect $$$ for whatever.. defamation .. whatever.

Besides, any man who would marry such a vulgar skeleton of a "female" was probably messed up from the get go.

1090 days ago


Mr. Armstrong apparently has a history of being involved in abusive relationships and bad business deals. You can look this information up on the Internet. Will his family be suing Al Gore for inventing the Internet? I cannot stand when "family" swarms in after the fact to protect the name of someone who has not lived within the bounds of decency and/or legality. Neither "Real Housewives" nor Bravo Television caused Russell Armstrong to kill himself. He chose that himself without regard to the feelings of his family or friends.

1090 days ago


They will be the only ones watching it!!!

1090 days ago

What a bunch of greedy vultures.

1090 days ago

Ruby Testarossa    

If Russell hadn't beaten up his ex-wife so badly that he broke some bones in her face, his family wouldn't have had to worry about how he will be portrayed on the show.

1090 days ago


If the family is so worried they should have had the chance to see it before it premieres. Clearly they didn't think of that so they should suffer the consequences. Watching last season already made him look bad, so CLEARLY this season would have made no difference. Funny how the "family" that is so concerned NOW, wasn't there for him when he needed them.

1090 days ago


Oh, I do so hope Bravo wraps up this abuser and financial fraud into a pretty little bow!

Maybe the family can watch the unedited version and see what a bastion of proper society their little cherub was?

1090 days ago


i don't blame bravo for russell's suicide. i do blame them for having russell and taylor on the show to begin with. the producers had to know before even filmimg began in the first season that russell and taylor had financial and marital problems. they should have been disqualified from the show .its not like taylor brought alot to the show that they couldn't have done without having her on the show,except that bravo knew about their problems and that it would be great publicity. the way the media is today there is no way bravo didn't know that this would come out eventually, not that he would commit suicide but the abuse allegations and money problems and the publicity it would garner for the show. as for as i've heard from the other housewife shows the husbands and children are not paid to appear on the show.

1090 days ago

Mike Litoris    

Blond hair and fake boobs don't automatically make you attractive.

1090 days ago


I really hope that Bravo does not cave to these "family" members. Re-editing probably means they are cutting him out of the show, kind of a shame, for those who are true voyeurs.

1090 days ago
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