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Soulja Boy

Army-Bashing Song

WON'T Be On My New Album

9/7/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy and his management team are SCRAMBLING to remove all traces of the rapper's army-bashing song from the Internet -- and they swear ... it won't come anywhere near Soulja's new album.

A rep for Soulja's management team, Debby Coda, tells TMZ, both the rapper's management and his record label have been working nonstop since Friday to take the video down off the Internet.

Debby tells us, the song "Let's Be Real" was hastily and foolishly posted to the Internet -- and was never approved for any album, including his upcoming "Respect My Hustle."

Debby insists, the song will never be available for purchase.

We're told Soulja is willing to do whatever he can to make up for the song -- which contains the lyric "f**k all the army troops" -- including free shows for the military, and meet-and-greet sessions.

As we previously reported, Soulja has apologized for the song, blogging, "I Am Deeply Sorry To All Members Of The United States Military Services And Their Families."



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1139 days ago


Don't waste you're time, we don't want to meet you or greet you. We serve ourcountry and the people even if they don't want our service and fight for everyones "freedom of speech". Just make sure you don't sound like an iliterate and uneducated human being everytime you open your mouth.

1139 days ago


I have no family in the military, but I have THE MOST complete and utter respect for them.
You've burned your bridges 'Soulja', and I doubt people really even like your music.
Time to go to college and get a REAL career.

1139 days ago


I never liked his music to begin with. Now he's gonna crap on the very people that have protected his punk ass year after year?....**** him!. BOYCOTT THE NEW ALBUM!, don't buy that ****.

1139 days ago


I smell BOYCOTT!!!

1139 days ago


a military meet n greet with this idiot would go over as well as the HIndenburg

1139 days ago


This whole situation really ticks me off! and im not even american. So he disses all the troop and he thinks that giving them and a free show is going to make it all better. Just goes to show how gullible some people are. Same thing with Chris Brown, he beats a girl, then disctracts you by doing a little fancy dance and now everybody forgets what he did. There is no justice in this world..makes me sick how people dont realize that its people like them that make the world a horrible place.

1139 days ago


Remove the song all you want. Nothing will ever change the fact that you were rude and ignorant enough to sing it in the first place. As were any management and execs that approved the song. Your punishment should be deployment to Iraq so you can see firsthand how much respect our military deserves.

1139 days ago


Hummm, he is offering free shows to our troops. Aren't they suffering enough....

1139 days ago


While I disagree with what this young man raps I also disagree with the number of people stating he should be beaten or thrown out of the country. What purpose would that serve? He needs educated! A beating serves no purpose at all, that's just barbaric. The best way to teach him respect is to not buy his albums and to make teach him about life, the army, the fbi etc. I strongly believe in using words to teach not beatings!

1139 days ago

military C.O.    

I haven't read any other comments and I won't read replies to this one. I am so sick and tired of everyone cow-towing to military. I mean, hello, the reason they decided to join the military was to defend our country and our constitution!! THAT means the served to protect OUR rights to say we don't like something. Soulja shouldn't be a puss and back down. Stick to your words and true feelings. They may not like it but they defended your right to say it so they HAVE to respect that you have that right. I don't like a lot of things going on in our country today but I realize that my father and my husband served in the military of this country to protect the rights of EVERYONE whether i or they agree with them or not. You served this country, it owns you, you do not own the other citizens.

1139 days ago


Do anything??? How about donating proceeds to Wounded Warriors. lol... didnt think so.

1139 days ago


So full of crap. Just this stupid phonic spelling alone is offensive.

Soulja is willing to do whatever he can to make up for the song -- which contains the lyric "f**k all the army troops" -- including free shows for the military, and meet-and-greet sessions.

Just another no talent rapper douche bag.

1139 days ago


Sorry buddy, we don't forget that easy. You can pretty much forget about any album sales coming from the military. In fact, im sure the petitions to ban your "album" from military stores are already being signed. Too many entertainers think they can say whatever they want without repercussions. Sold ya boy.

1139 days ago



1139 days ago
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