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Soulja Boy

The Right to Blast the Military?

9/6/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Soulja Boy apologizes for ripping the U.S Military -- the same military fighting to protect his right to free speech. So, was the apology necessary ... and will it save Soulja's bacon with the troops?

Plus, Taylor and Russell Armstrong were in couple's therapy before his suicide -- do YOU think therapy can save a marriage?

And, Charles and Jason call "radishes" on Harvey -- if you don't know what that means ... it's DEFINITELY worth finding out.


(4:15) Soulja Boy rips the military in a dumb new rap song -- then apologizes for the blunder.
(6:00) The terrible song in question.
(7:20) A veteran's opinion of Soulja's song and apology.
(17:30) A group calls for a boycott of "Dancing" because of Chaz Bono -- so Gloria Allred, naturally, has his back.
(26:10) We put up NINE polls on the Chaz situation ... so what did you think?
(33:00) "Housewives" new season premiered last night -- and Charles was forced to watch it, you know, for news reasons. 
(38:00) Does couple's therapy work?
(42:20) The tree Tiger Woods crashed into -- exposing his cheating scandal ... is as dead as Tiger's golf game.
(46:00) The "radishes" explanation.
(48:02) Harvey's latest crazy story. Radishes?


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We all have the right to freedom of speech,just be aware that you also have the right to be judged on the consequence's of that free speech.

1145 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Military and Nazis are one in the same, say what you want, if they dont like it thats there problem. boo fn hoo!

1145 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

I'm very disappointed in you Harvey, siding with the idiots in uniform who so proudly go to kill hundreds of thousands of people in a war based on obvious lies.
the satanic 'support the troops' campaign really worked. brainwashed you all.
how is it possible to be that stupid. I knew USA was soaked in evil but now it seems none of you can see the evil and even praise it..
have you morons all forgotten that Bush and Cheney are liars?
are you so phenomenally stupid that you believe following hitler's orders absolves you of the evil you do?
they are not fighting for your freedom you super idiots!!!
they are killing to satisfy evil men.

what will become of you USA, so sick in spirit.

1145 days ago


The dirt bag does not deserve the freedoms we are afforded in this country. His disrespect for those who have sacrificed life and limbs for our freedom is unforgiveable.

1145 days ago


dont get it twisted. saying bad things about the military is stupid and insensitive. they do a crazy job. but in no way shape or form are they there "fighting for the right to free speech" they are fighting to make a bunch a mad men money. or for control of a country, they have a job I wouldnt want but as long as we keep saying stupid stuff like "theyre fighting for our freedom" then we can justify sending them to their deaths or the maiming or the killing of innocents. were not fighting for freedom, were fighting for control of the worlds resources. its just business. it sucks because the govt shouldnt be able to send our citizens into harms way for profits. but that is what we have in this country.

1144 days ago

some guy    

Izzy, a thought popped into my head last night. It's really racist against Blacks. Got a feeling it's gonna piss more than a few people off. Might make people who hate Blacks really happy.

...Wanna hear it?

1144 days ago

some guy    


1144 days ago


As an Army wife, it infuriates me that Soulja Boy would say something like this. Apology or not, he doesn't deserve forgiveness. My husband leads men into battle and puts aside his own fears to protect our nation. He will never know the sacrifice our family has made in never knowing if our soldier is coming home. I wish he could walk one day in our shoes. He's be singing a far different tune... Unappreciative bastard...

1139 days ago


As much as I was irritated by Soulja Boy's ungrateful attitude towards our law enforcement and military, I know that many people past and present have died so he can say it; therefore, he can say whatever he wants. It doesn't make it any less disrespectful or offensive, but it's a free country. My only thing is I wish that he'd either not apologized or made a real apology that didn't have anything to do with record sales.

1139 days ago


Everyone needs to leave Chaz alone. Parents that dont want their kids knowing about him is crazy. To me they are afraid that their child might turn out to be gay..But it dont matter your love is suppose to be unconditional and it is only that they have a fear and think by hiding it will make it disappear.

1135 days ago
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