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Rachel Uchitel

Hires Oksana's Lawyers

Over 9/11 Story

9/7/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Rachel Uchitel has hired Daniel Horowitz and Marty Garbus -- the attorneys who represented Oksana Grigorieva in her epic custody battle against Mel Gibson -- to go after the New York Post over a story insinuating she was happy her fiance died during 9/11.

TMZ has obtained a demand letter Horowitz sent to the New York Post, which ran a teaser for an upcoming article about Rachel and her deceased fiance, James Andrew O'Grady, who died during the 9/11 attack.

The teaser includes alleged statements from Rachel -- "I believe Andy was meant to die because he was too good," adding, "It would have been tragic if we got into fights and then divorced ... I'm glad I didn't get to see any flaws that time brings on everyone.  I would otherwise be a fat housewife with three kids living in Sands Port, Long Island."

In his letter, Horowitz claims the story conveys "a disastrously false impression of my client," adding the story is "attacking, degrading and extraordinarily inaccurate." 

Rachel tells TMZ she feels she's the victim of a hit piece and the reporter went into it not liking her.

Horowitz also has words for the author:  "You created a work of miserable and demeaning fiction.  You should be ashamed of yourself."

Horowitz wants an apology to Rachel, and wants the "false words" withdrawn, although he is not specific as to how they would be withdrawn. The full story is supposed to come out tomorrow.

We called the New York Post yesterday, and a rep said "We stand by our story."


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Rogue Warrior    

She is dumb! Didn't she what Okskankity settled for vs what she spent???? She better find herself another sugar daddy and quit acting like Lilo!

1121 days ago


Snarky thoughts here --

The Utell person has parlayed her 'dead fiancee' into notoriety of one sort or another.

The disGrace person has parlayed her 'dead fiancee' into notoriety of one sort or another.

Let those old folks duke it out as far as who suffered more and spare the rest of the US the posturing.

1121 days ago


She says: "I would otherwise be a fat housewife with three kids living in Sands Port, Long Island."

Hey! At least housewives lead respectable lives and can lose weight. She can never un-skankify herself and will forever be known as a trashy hooker.

1121 days ago


2 things:

1) This yuck-itel chick has the brain of a turnip; she hired the team that couldn't represent Mel's ex, and didn't prevent her money from being massively cut? What a moron.

2) I tend to believe the paper, as yuck-itel has the morals o*****utter snipe; she'll do anything, say anything to get attention. If I were the paper, I'd pull out the tape of the interview & play it live at a press conference. Time to prove yuck-itel for the lying money grubbing whore she is.

1121 days ago

moe l.    

Bottom Feeders always find each other.

1121 days ago

A Doubter    


1121 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Allred must have been too busy with Chaz. Fancy wanting to hire the epic fail lawyer firm of Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb. I wonder if Uchitel has a Cd they can plug as a stop gap.

1121 days ago


What do you expect. This is how this woman makes money. Sleeping with rich people and suing rich people. I'm sure her fiance is also happy he died saving himself from a costly she even alluded to in her quotes.

1121 days ago


Did the reporter tape the interview?

1121 days ago


Rachel, you are a 9/11 victim too. I saw you with the posters. No one who was not down there on 9/11 has any right to say anything about you or anyone else who was really in that horrific event. Everyone today wants that 9/11 "involvement" thing, to them it's "cache" to the rest of us it's horror, tragedy and misery. It was for real. Let no one second guess how you handled your life since. Let no one tell you how to get through the night. Go get em. And fly a kite to all the self-righteous anonymous posters of derogatory comments about you. The main stream press, incl. this paper, from day 1, "spread their legs" for 9/11 blood money. That's something you haven't done, so hold your head high.

1121 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Actually, Horrowitz knows the drill when it comes to Rachel. Every lawyer does...

1. Secure money for Rachel
2. Take large fee and bank it
3. Make agreement that at some future time, Rachel will need to repay the money, but only hang client out to dry when certain lawyer's fee is not refundable.

The dream client!

1121 days ago


The poor, poor Utell woman wasn't in the news enough over the past year or so. Horrorbitz and Garbage are just about guaranteed to take a minor matter and drag it out until you have lost every penny while they are selling the idea of publicity for your artistic businesses. Good luck -- they are in the business of cleaning up some of Madame Gloria's junk and I think that the Alldead one might be marginally more honest.

1121 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

"Choo... choo...". Look, it's the gravy train going by! Better run, Little Miss Orange-tail! Better be quick!

1121 days ago

Rhoda Penmark    

Didn't Oksana's lawyers get her a settlement of about $18 and the right to have Mel Gibson visit their spawn pretty much anytime he wants? Those lawyers?

1121 days ago

amadeo puzzo    

It's "Sands Point", not "Sands Port". Do some diligence, please. Really.

1121 days ago
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