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Taylor Armstrong & L.A. Coroner

We Don't Believe Russell Was Murdered!

9/7/2011 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
and the L.A. County Coroner both agree -- Russell Armstrong's death does NOT appear to be the result of a murder.

The L.A. County Coroner's Office released Russell's toxicology results moments ago -- and Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter insists, all evidence surrounding Russell's death points to a tragic suicide.

Winter also tells TMZ, he has just advised Taylor of the results and the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star concurs ... it appears her husband killed himself.

But as we previously reported, Russell's family disagrees, insisting someone else is responsible for his death -- and they're even putting a private investigator on the case.

According to the toxicology results, neither alcohol nor drugs were found in Russell's system at the time of his death.

The L.A. County Coroner released Russell's official cause of death last month -- suicide by hanging.

Russell Armstrong Death


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how sad this is. gotta have a problem to kill you self. another house wife acting like they have money. she spent 50.000 on a birthday party. lord get real.!! what kid needs that. people are out of work, starving. losing homes. and we are suppose to feel bad for these people.!!!

1086 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

When Russell decided to commit suicide, was becoming the main focus story for the next few months on TMZ going through his head?

1086 days ago


Of course she does not believe it was murder, that would make her suspect number one. And HEy, where was that psychic in all this????? Doesn't it know all and see all???

1086 days ago


Taylor would say that, considering she's the one that had him killed.

1086 days ago


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1086 days ago


Does the "grieving widow" actually think she is attractive with those lips? I can't stand to look at her. Hope she rests well every night.

1086 days ago


Life insurance do not pay benefits for suicide, so it makes sense to bring up a murder idea for doubt of his true death. His failure to not to leave a note stresses his selfishness protaryed in the show.

1086 days ago


I can't number how many grieving people I have known who claim murder or some sort of conspiracy is what really took their loved ones life, when it was a drug over dose or suicide.
It's rare ( but not impossible) that their beliefs turn out to be the reality.
Even so It's tragic and heart breaking to know they are suffering and struggling with not only the death but the unthinkable possibility their loved one would leave them this way too, What Mother would want to believe her child would?

1086 days ago



1086 days ago


The coroner's report lists enough contusions and bruising to conclude that he was beat up before he was hung. I smell a cover up.

1086 days ago


russells sister was on a tv show last night and said they had hired a private investigator. there were bruises,cuts,etc on his body,no drugs or alcohol found in him and that his business partner was found with gunshot to head not far from where russell was found and within hours of each other,no suicide note from either of them. until everything has been investigated i would agree with the family not sure if it was a suicide when given what we know so far. will wait for all the facts and support the family and children where ever that may lead,i do believe it needs to be investigated by the authorities coroners have been wrong in their rulings on cause of death before. not saying it was murder or foul play but there's enough questions that need to be answered for the family and children and whereever that may lead.

1086 days ago


They both look unhinged and ready to snap in every picture I have seen. . . I'm honestly suprised he didn't try to take her out first. . .

1086 days ago


no one has suggested taylor murdered russell or had him murdered but that she contributed to his suicide by financial and marital problems they were having being aired on national tv. whether or not russell chose to appear on the show which all the husbands and children can do if they want,taylor still would have complained and talked about russell whether he appeared on the show or not. taylor whines about the reason lisa doesn't like her is because she doesn't have as much money as the others on the show,which says taylor knew they had money problems. there hasn't been any proof i've seen that russell beat police reports,no hospital records,in her divorce papers no report or claim of physical abuse. i agree with the family his death should be investigated. how is the family making money off of his death? they're getting a p.i. to investigate i think that costs money. if there is any money it would go to the children and taylor not his mother or sister. the family is not making any money going on these shows they just want answers the only person making money going on a show is taylor. husbands and children are not paid to appear on the housewives shows. mothers and sisters cannot sue on sons or brothers behalf when their are children and a wife i don't think taylor and russell are divorced yet.

1085 days ago


I don'*****ch the show,this was a sad incident. I believe Mr Armstrong and his business partner did commit suicide because they couldn't handle it.That was their way of getting out of what ever trouble they had gotten into. I don't feel like his wife could have stopped it and his family is having a problem accepting he did this thing to himself.Most Families have a problem accepting Suicide.

1085 days ago


Just two more things and I'm done playing detective
One, hanging is a violent form of death, how is it that a Sober man, hung himself and there were no claw marks or scratches on his neck. Not a drugged or drunk, sober.
There was or is a reason why the hands are tied behind the back in at least an execution hanging, so the person does not reach for the neck to pull the rope away from the neck .
This is too clean and neat, an extension cord, not a rope? A person while thrashing would go for the throat, claw at the neck that is a logical reaction. Death by hanging is violent, your body will thrash, your kicking, your automatically going to reach for your throat. He didn't jump and hang , his neck wasn't broken. IMO I believe he was dead on the ground, held down, strangled and then strung up. Too neat, there should have been more evidence of a struggle, and why would hanging be his last resort or choice of death, why not another way. From most reports he seemed kind, why choose such a violent way to die, unless thw choice was made for him.Sorry, like I stated I believe it was a "hit", he was murdered.

1085 days ago
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