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Rachel Uchitel to NY Post

Cough Up the Video!

9/8/2011 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel's lawyer is demanding that the New York Post turn over video of the interview the New York Post shot with Rachel Uchitel.

Daniel Horowitz tells TMZ ... the entire interview -- in which Rachel talks about her fiance who was killed during the 9/11 attack -- was videotaped. 

The New York Post's Page Six Magazine ran a lengthy story today, in which Rachel is quoted as saying, "I believe Andy was meant to die because he was too good.  It would have been tragic if we got into fights and then divorced ... I'm glad I didn't get to see any flaws that time brings on everyone.  I would [otherwise] be a fat housewife with three kids living in Sands Point, Long Island."

Horowitz claims the video will show the Post took her statements out of context and it was designed as a hit piece.

Horowitz and Rachel say they are now "seriously considering" suing the Post.


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Hoe is just trying to stay relevent... Hoe Hoe Hoe....!!!

1110 days ago


YOu said what you said in a time of grief . Move on I have said worse angry. You were stupid to have it video taped.
But I am sure you got paid.
PS i wouldnt of given back tiger money- you were had by allred.

1110 days ago


Who even cares if she did say that. She is a nobody...why is she even still around. Her 5 mins of fame have come and gone.

1110 days ago



1110 days ago


First, I can see her saying that it's good that she didn't get to see any flaws in him, meaning she will always remember his as perfect, IF the reportere asked her if she can see any good in his death. Second, I can see her saying if 9/11 hadn't happened, she'd be a fat housewife with three kids b/c that's obviously what she wanted at the time she was planning to marry Andy. Third, I can see her saying God wanted Andy to come home because he was too good for this world. Most questions are all about context and I think she said these things at a traumatic time and meant them in a comforting way. I think she turned into a major skank, but who knows what her life would've been like if she'd married Andy and never met Tiger Woods.

1110 days ago


Taking quotes out of context to fabricate a story? Who does the post think they are, TMZ?

1110 days ago


Poor whore. Must suck not being able to find a rich, married man to screw to make money. Elin should have sued you for being a whore.

1110 days ago


Hideous drag queen!

1110 days ago


yes karma was saving the poor man from a fate worse than death-life with Skanchel!! gee and what a surprise the skkankkk is looking for some one else to sue-she really needs to get hit by a truck--come on karma -09/11/11 ten years after would be a ironic day to twist fate-a fire truck will do nicely

1110 days ago


Geez... looking at this picture compared to the one of her crying after 9/11 shows just how badly she's aged and how terrible her plastic surgery is. Sure she was no beauty before, but at least she wouldn't have frightened small children back then!

1110 days ago


So now she said it but it was taken out of context. Let's be honest she's an example of how money can change people and sometimes it's not pretty!!!

1109 days ago


"seriously considering..." means there isn't any actual proof on Rachel's part. She and her lawyer are trying to bluff their way into rehabbing her reputation. Newsflash Rachel - your reputation is dirt. If they had anything, they'd sue. I'd love the name of her plastic surgeon so I know who to stay away from. Wow, did she ruin her face. Or did she have an allergic reaction to a bunch of things?

1109 days ago


Nice lips, lady. Looks like you been sucking on a mustard gas popsicle.

1109 days ago


Am I crazy or is she starting to look like Danielle from the Real Housewives of New Jersey? Twins....

1109 days ago


What a disgusting looking whore. Looks like she took a lot of her "tiger paid me millions to not tell everyone I was his little side piece whore" money & put it into cosmetic facial surgery like facelift, collagen, fat lips & other procedures. Sorry, hobag; you're ugly outside now, to match your insides...

1109 days ago
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