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Reese Witherspoon Accident

84-Yr-Old Forced to

RETAKE Driver's Test

9/9/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0908_reese_witherspoon_dmv4_EXThe 84-year old woman ticketed for hitting Reese Witherspoon in a crosswalk just got slapped with another stiff penalty -- she's been ordered to the DMV to retake her driver's test.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Santa Monica police have asked the DMV to haul in the elderly driver for a full re-examination within the next 30 days. In addition to the driver's test -- we're told she will have to take an eye exam, and provide a list of medications she's taking.

The woman was already cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk ... but making anyone -- much less an octogenarian -- stand in line at the DMV is a punishment that sticks with you.


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Once a person becomes a senior citizen they should be asked to take the test once a year, or at least an eye exam.

1119 days ago


This is crap.

At 84, if you hit a person walking in plain sight with your car, you need your licence taken away.

1119 days ago


Ya.. what the other commenters said..

1119 days ago


This is pure discrimination against old folks.

She didn't get hit in a crosswalk.. she was jogging across a street in broad daylight, duh Reese.

When I run or ride my bike I don't assume people know I am a highly paid actress.. I play it like they are trying to kill me and, guess what, I am older than Reese and have yet to jump in front of an old ladies car. I also haven't even had any close encounters in Santa Monica despite many miles(well, besides dogs chasing me for blocks on my bike).

1119 days ago


once you pass 70 you should have to get a drivers test every year JMHO

1119 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Dumb. The old woman should just have her license revoked. Hell.. I say once you hit 65 you have to have an annual drivers test. Once you're 75 you lose the right to drive. Cars are deadly multi-ton weapons. When you're that age your reaction times, vision and focus go down the toilet.

1119 days ago


My grandfather hits 2-3 people each day, but he lives in Florida, where that's acceptable under current laws. He drives a Grand Marquis, so he doesn't feel a thing.

1119 days ago


its the drivers fault...maybe drunk or busy with somthing "~)

1119 days ago


Was probably busy snorting her nitroglycerine tablets.

1119 days ago


Yeah..can't stand elder drivers. Last year an elder man drove into my car. Thank God i was not inside the car. These people should stop driving when they turn 80.

1119 days ago


"I'm supposed to retake a diver's lice?? Speak up young man"

1119 days ago


84 is definitely too old to be driving. Do you know how many fatal accidents occur with the elderly at the wheel? There has to be a time when you are taken off the road, if only to make room for the millions of new drivers that enter the road each year. There simply won't be any room on the road to drive.

1119 days ago


How many people get hit with cars, or run into things? Just because it was a celebrity and an old lady, it's become this "thing".
A driver's test won't do or prove anything -- anyone who's old enough to drive knows not to run over people. Maybe the driver's reaction wasn't fast enough due to age, but hey, maybe don't run in the middle of the street.

1119 days ago


I agree that an elderly driver can be dangerous, but so can a self-centered prima-donna actress. It could be that Reese is one of those unsafe joggers who just runs into the crosswalks thinking that any vehicles coming can stop on a dime for them.

1119 days ago

Bunnie Hinkley    

Most if not ALL drivers of this age NEVER took any tests to drive. They simply paid either a nickle or quarter and got one. My Mom was one of these people. Thank GOD she never drove too

1119 days ago
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