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Jewish Leader:

Boycott Mel Gibson's Movie

9/9/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mel Gibson's plans to produce a movie about the greatest Jewish warrior of all time started a firestorm today. Rabbi Marvin Hier -- founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center -- called in to encourage a boycott ... but is it fair to prejudge the film?

Plus, a pair of Nike's Marty McFly shoes sell for $37,500 -- leaving some people here baffled by the craze over the super cool new kicks.

Plus, TMZ Live presents: the tale of Leonardo DiCaprio's mistaken identity ... beautifully told -- and only slightly embellished -- by our very own master story teller.


(5:45) Mel Gibson is producing a movie about the greatest Jewish hero of all time -- isn't it ironic?
(6:45) Rabbi Marvin Hier -- founder of the Sam Wiesenthal Center -- is furious that Mel has anything to do with the movie ... and calls in to voice his opinion.
(16:10) Rabbi Hier calls for Jewish people to take a stand against Mel movie ... by boycotting it completely.
(25:20) The Rabbi warps it up with an on story.
(36:00) Nike finally releases the futuristic shoes Marty McFly wore in "Back to the Future II" ... and the first pair sells for $37k!
(38:00) Harvey, Charles, and Jason may be too old to comprehend the coolness of the shoes.
(42:10) What memorabilia WOULD they buy?
(44:00) A dramatic telling of the Leo Dicaprio mistaken identity story by Mr. Harvey Levin ... complete with sound effects.


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Re: Mel. Everybody was so up in arms when Gene Simmons wanted to participate in Michael Jackson's tribute after his derogatory remarks about him. The Rabbi is right in that Mel has made some pretty derogarory remarks about Jews, and I am not even Jewish.

1137 days ago


This creature should NOT be allowed to touch anything dealing wiyh Jewish or black issues. He's a Nazie, an antisemitic ****-bad actor, a drunk, abusive, violnt, a cheat and a dispicable "man". He should be banned from Holliwood altogether!

1137 days ago


I'm not worried about his making this movie. The marketplace will take care of him.

1137 days ago


Re Jim Carrey. Is the property owner complaining about the graffiti/art? If not, why is this an issue?

1137 days ago


I have said this before and I see it more today. Charles is trying so hard to overshadow Harvey. He interrupts and makes
remarks trying to make Harvey look like he doesn't know what he is talking about. This is not right.Harvey is the boss. Charles needs to remember that. He is trying very hard to be number 1. It comes across like he is being very nasty and doesn't really know a lot but mimics and plays off of what is said. Just saying that maybe Charles should think before he does this. Just my opinion.

1137 days ago

D Galbraith    

I think it is discustion that these groups do this type of stuff ....

1137 days ago


Shirley, I disagree. I side with Charles' moral compass WAY more than Harvey. That's why he has that job, to offer a different point of view. If Harvey had a problem with him, he would be gone. Don't underestimate Harvey, he's filthy, filthy rich. However, if Charles had a show, I'd stop watching Harvey and watch Charles instead. He has less of a liberal agenda than Harvey.

1137 days ago


Sickens me how these bloody Jews can point fingers and judge. But when the shoe is on the other foot, its the end of the world and everyone is ant-semite.....

Makes me wonder if being a jew hater should become a goal......

1137 days ago


You guys are totally wrong about this not being an iconic movie. It has a tremendous following. Not as big as Star Wars, obviously, but it is bigger than you think.

1137 days ago


Mel Gibson making a movie about Jews is like David Duke making a movie about blacks. And has Mel made up with the Jews now? Gee, now he only people he has left to hate are gays, women, blacks, hispanics, Muslims, Protestants, and the mother of his child.

1137 days ago


Oh please! Only if we all could think like Hollywood. He has a right to make any movie! When did the media start controlling the US.

1137 days ago


Did anyone actually see "The Beaver"?

1137 days ago


SHAME on you TMZ!
Lying and promoting HATE!
Are you living in Soviet Republic of America?
that FREEDOM of religion is forbidden?
Mel Gibson is Christian and as a good Christian
he decided to make movie about Judah Maccabbe
warrior from Old Testament from a Bible?.
Since WHEN is Bible in Soviet America forbidden?

Mel Gibson has every right to promote his catholic religion and his talent!
Shame on you for political correctness!

1137 days ago


I will go OUT OF MY WAY to watch it. Suck it you racist jewish guy!

1137 days ago


I'm curious to know why Mel Gibson wants to make this film. If he's a racist, and he's extremely wealthy and could retire, why does he have the need to prove he's not racist by making this film? Redemption? What else could it be really. They guy made like $400M from Passion Of The Crist alone. He could buy an island and has financed an awfull singer with a Bullwinkle type name.

1137 days ago
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