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Jewish Leader:

Boycott Mel Gibson's Movie

9/9/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mel Gibson's plans to produce a movie about the greatest Jewish warrior of all time started a firestorm today. Rabbi Marvin Hier -- founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center -- called in to encourage a boycott ... but is it fair to prejudge the film?

Plus, a pair of Nike's Marty McFly shoes sell for $37,500 -- leaving some people here baffled by the craze over the super cool new kicks.

Plus, TMZ Live presents: the tale of Leonardo DiCaprio's mistaken identity ... beautifully told -- and only slightly embellished -- by our very own master story teller.


(5:45) Mel Gibson is producing a movie about the greatest Jewish hero of all time -- isn't it ironic?
(6:45) Rabbi Marvin Hier -- founder of the Sam Wiesenthal Center -- is furious that Mel has anything to do with the movie ... and calls in to voice his opinion.
(16:10) Rabbi Hier calls for Jewish people to take a stand against Mel movie ... by boycotting it completely.
(25:20) The Rabbi warps it up with an on story.
(36:00) Nike finally releases the futuristic shoes Marty McFly wore in "Back to the Future II" ... and the first pair sells for $37k!
(38:00) Harvey, Charles, and Jason may be too old to comprehend the coolness of the shoes.
(42:10) What memorabilia WOULD they buy?
(44:00) A dramatic telling of the Leo Dicaprio mistaken identity story by Mr. Harvey Levin ... complete with sound effects.


No Avatar


big deal
let beater-boy make the movie

17 house fraus will buy it when it goes direct to dvd

1078 days ago


Why would Mel waste his time on a Jewish mythical
hero when he made a movie of their greatest hero
Jesus the King of the Jews. And this nonsense of
about redemption for what he said in 2006 is
ridiculous. Jews don't hate Mel because of his
rant they hate him because the don't control him.

1078 days ago


I wonder if Rabbi Hier has ever made anti-Christian remarks in private. I personally liked the "Passion of the Christ". Christ's crucifixion was as much political as it was religious--another reason for separation of church and state. And Gibson also depicted some of the Jews in the Sanhedrin defending Jesus. IMO Hier was bias in viewing the movie and brought his own prejudices into it.

Gibson did apologize to the Jewish community for his remarks. I don't see that Hier should dictate how Gibson should apologize and anything else is unacceptable.

1078 days ago


Where is the forgiveness for Mel? Try being raised by some psycho who thinks the Holocaust was a hoax and see how great you turn out! Maybe he should just fund the movie and let some well thought of Rabbis and scholars handle the production. And of course, give all proceeds to Jewish charities.

1078 days ago


Another thing. Before the "Passion" was released Hier among others predicted a Jewish backlash that never happened. It never happened because the main message of the movie was forgiveness and each in our own way crucified Jesus--Gibson saying he was chief offender. The scene where the nails are driven through Jesus' hands was Gibson himself driving the nails per Gibson.
Gibson certainly has his share of demons, and when you walk on the world's stage there's no place to hide. That's one advantage Gibson doesn't have as most of the rest of us do.

1078 days ago


Rabbi Marvin Hier is a perfect example of why antisemitism is growing in America. Jews love to cry about how they were victims of a holocost, and how they have been persecuted through the ages. But he is the first to say that Mel Gibson should not be allowed to work (make a film), or speak (tell a store ie. a movie, have an opinion that he doesn't like).

This level of hypocrisy is absolutely astounding and disgusting.

1078 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

I'm SO SICK of this Rabbi DING DONG coming out of the woodwork EVERYTIME there's a "Jewish" issue. Here's a JEWISH ISSUE Rabbi...GIVE PALESTINIANS A HOMELAND, aye?

1078 days ago


PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! Please replace Charles!!! It's so painful to watch him try to be funny. It makes me feel so uncomfortable watching his awkward quips. I'd even settle for "Black T-shirt" over this wet blanket. Please. I'll give you $100.

1078 days ago


What exactly did Mel Gibson say that WASN'T true?

As far as I'm concerned, these racist, hateful rabbi's can go to Hell.

1078 days ago


Absolutely boycott it. The man's a hypocritical, bigoted, controlling, rage-filled woman beater who doesn't follow his own religious teachings (even though he built a church to promote the craziness) and embarrasses Americans every time he goes abroad.

1078 days ago


Its bad enough that Gibson is still accepted anywhere in Hollywood, being the vile human being he is on so many levels. Now he's teaming up with a writer to has Tort Law written because of his behavior. Rabbi Hier doesn't need to support the film - its supporting Gibson. Its not about the quality of the film. IF its an "apology" from Gibson, its way way way too late.

1078 days ago


If anyone would make me dislike the Jewish people it would be Rabbi Hier and Abe what his face.


1078 days ago


Yes, Mel G. was a drunk and no, he is not an anti-semitic. Last time I checked, this is still a free country. Those who want to see the movie, please go, and those who don't, save your money. Like him or hate him, Mel is undoubtedly still one of the greatest actors in our time. A good religion teaches forget and forgive. For Rabbie Hier boycotting the movie is just another form of hatred. I say let the movie begins ...

1077 days ago


I just wish the Jewish community can get over themselves. Mel is one of the best directors out there. The Passion was an amazing movie, it seems the Jewish people are annoyed a Jew did not make that movie, as it was a Christian view point. GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!

1076 days ago
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