TMZ Live Jewish Leader: Boycott Mel Gibson's Movie

9/9/2011 11:30 AM PDT

Mel Gibson's plans to produce a movie about the greatest Jewish warrior of all time started a firestorm today. Rabbi Marvin Hier -- founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center -- called in to encourage a boycott ... but is it fair to prejudge the film?

Plus, a pair of Nike's Marty McFly shoes sell for $37,500 -- leaving some people here baffled by the craze over the super cool new kicks.

Plus, TMZ Live presents: the tale of Leonardo DiCaprio's mistaken identity ... beautifully told -- and only slightly embellished -- by our very own master story teller.

(5:45) Mel Gibson is producing a movie about the greatest Jewish hero of all time -- isn't it ironic?
(6:45) Rabbi Marvin Hier -- founder of the Sam Wiesenthal Center -- is furious that Mel has anything to do with the movie ... and calls in to voice his opinion.
(16:10) Rabbi Hier calls for Jewish people to take a stand against Mel movie ... by boycotting it completely.
(25:20) The Rabbi warps it up with an on story.
(36:00) Nike finally releases the futuristic shoes Marty McFly wore in "Back to the Future II" ... and the first pair sells for $37k!
(38:00) Harvey, Charles, and Jason may be too old to comprehend the coolness of the shoes.
(42:10) What memorabilia WOULD they buy?
(44:00) A dramatic telling of the Leo Dicaprio mistaken identity story by Mr. Harvey Levin ... complete with sound effects.