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Mel Gibson

Why I Want to Make A

Jewish Hero Movie

9/10/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson has a passion for the story of Judah Maccabee, one of the greatest Jewish heroes of all time, but is not doing the movie as an act of contrition.

Sources very close to Mel tell TMZ ... Gibson does not feel the need to bridge a gap between himself and the Jewish community, because he doesn't believe a gap exists.  They say Mel is adamant -- he does not hate Jews, noting that his lawyers are Jewish, his publicist is Jewish, and he has many Jewish friends and employees.

As for Mel's anti-Semitic rant during his 2006 DUI arrest, Mel has written two public letters of apology and also met with numerous leaders in the Jewish community to discuss where he went wrong.

As for the movie, Mel has wanted to produce it for a decade, telling our sources it's actually a statement against corruption in the church.  Mel believes Maccabee's story parallels the modern church, and he thinks the movie will help force change.


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Seems to me like 'boy' was just a word meant to be demeaning. Guess we'll never know. So much of the 'tapes' is just patched together, don't think there is any way to figure out what the argument was -- they were just put together to back up whatever story she was going with -- and then changed again, and again, and again.

Tee hee

1114 days ago


em -- thanks for posting the part from the LKL interview where OG stated someday Mel would answer. Someone else, I believe Realist, posted from the Salon web site, and I appreciate her taking the time to do that also. KKG also clarified that for me.

MAC -- I agree with you about that part on the tapes. There was such a disconnect, and even Mel was obiously surprised. There was another part on the tapes where he was also miffed about what she was saying. Can't remember the exact part, but he said something like, "What are you talking about?" Well -- I'm just glad all of that is behind him now and he seems to be picking up the pieces quite nicely. Sucess is the best revenge! :)

1114 days ago


MAC, which brings up another point. How do we know if that statement was even directed at him, originally. I can't hardly see her referring to a 55 year old man as a "boy". Alexander, yes; Mel, No.

1114 days ago


The article below is from TMZ on 11/15/2010. Someone mentioned how smug OG sounded when she told Mel he would answer someday. She sure sounded smug here, too.


TMZ has obtained emails Oksana Grigorieva sent Mel Gibson just before their mediation, which Mel's lawyers believe are proof of extortion. Oksana claims she has "Too much evidence, my dear."

According to court do***ents, Oksana sent the emails on May 2, two weeks before she and Mel went into mediation which resulted in a $15 million package for Oksana and Lucia.

In the email, Oksana accuses Mel and his family of leaking stories to the media about their breakup -- specifically "...they claim that you dumped me."

Mel's lawyers believe the emails show Oksana as a manipulator who was not fearful of Mel at all, but rather someone who was scheming to extort millions.

Oksana writes, "Does your family think that my modesty and class could pass for stupidity?" She adds, "Do they think, i will let them carry on with ruining my reputation, which was unblemished before i ever layed eyes on you?"

Then Oksana gets serious: "The facts are stubborn things, the information is power, you told me so yourself."

Then, far from being scared, it seems Oksana wanted Mel back, writing, "Untill this morning I was still missing you so much and secretly wanted and hoped for us to be together again."

Oksana accuses his wife, Robyn, and daughter, Hannah, of waging a "silent war" against her, complaining, "Are you a little boy, or are you a man? Why are you so easily influence by your mommy Robyn?"
As for secretly recording Mel, "As far as the tapes go, I only played one to my lawyer, becouse on march 15 Michelle proposed on ur behalf not a very generous gift for our daughter and there was nothing for me."

Oksana adds " lawyers also told me that tom Hansen said i woudn get a penny and more importaunly, my lawyers warned me that ur laywers are capaple of false fabrication about me in press, i.e., an unfit mother, a prostitute etc. so you can have the baby and I get to go to my moth hole as u told me."

Oksana talks about taping Mel and makes a big statement Mel's lawyers have seized on: "Too much evidence, my dear."

1114 days ago


Have to laugh at some much of the article I posted above! So, according to the communication that was attached to the article above, OG was upset because she thought Hannah was feeding information to the press about her. But, yet, we know that MamaLew back in the USSR is feeding that press. I guess that's okay...according to OG! What a hypocrite she is!

1114 days ago


Has anyone heard about the 'lost tapes?' Here's a sampling;

M: Little pig, little pig please let me in.
O: Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin
M: Then I'll huff and I'll puff UNLESS YOU BLOW ME!

1114 days ago


jayjay: 13 hours ago
The Rabbi's are saying Mel didn't apologize but he did, twice. Why can't they move on now.

Because the Rabbi has more hatred in him then MG ever would if he were to rant 1000 times over!

Anyway, just a comment about the "you will answer" coming from this americanized "forner". The fact that she can speak fluent English without much of an accent, doesn't keep her from, once in a while, letting an idiomatic expression from her native language inadvertently pop in. I would know. But in this case I don't think that expression was inadvertent, I of course don't know for a fact, JMO.
I believe "you will answer" in this case has the sense of "you will respond" or "you will pay" which implies that a "crime" was committed - one "responds" for a crime or bad action that calls for restitution or punishment. Knowing that she's being recorded, she says that to implant that implication on the mind of the listener. The "boy" is the same as in the expression "Oh, boy!" It serves to stress what follows. She's basically saying: "Oh boy! You're going to pay for this!" leaving the listener to wonder what is the terrible action that MG did.

Typical devious communication tactics of manipulative people.
My .02.

1114 days ago


does M.G. receive royalties from all the unauthorized articles pictures, tapes .... about him
when people arrange pictures and interviews don't they usually get paid
seems like they could demand sizeable portions of the profits from this unwelcomed usery of their fame

1114 days ago


Foxman does not represent the Jewish People. He represents and promotes himself and anti-Semitism by obtaining information about people in a dishonest way. Honesty does not need a witch-hunt.

Everyone knows the Holocaust happened and the Jewish people were pursued and humiliated mercilessly even before the war began and before they were shipped of to concentration camps to die or be killed. What happened to them was inhumane and no one in their right mind would defend ethnic cleansing under any cir.*******tances at any time.

But hounding Mel Gibson for what he said in a moment of drunken madness in 2006, Foxman and Hier have done themselves, the Jewish people and Mel Gibson a great disservice.

Foxman and Hier are well on the way of becoming what they say they despise in others they Persecute people based on their own assumptions of what they believe is in someone's heart irrespective of and disregarding how they have lived their life up to that point.

1113 days ago


Morning / afternoon / evening all folks of good will !!!
* + * + * + *

Michelle -- I remember a lot of us wondering about who would own the so-called 'tapes' because 'Mel Gibson' is almost a brand name. So if someone is using his name or voice for profits without his permission, what would be done? Who owns those conversations?

@ IA -- thanks for your analysis of the word choices. I still think it is funny that under stress privately she does not have an accent, but in public she does.

@ fuddy -- My take has always been that the relationship was really over before the pregnancy was announced. Mr. Gibson tried to put a good face and spin on it, but it was really over long before. I think the digs at his family and his respect for his family were just more manipulations to get attention when everyone was totally done with her.

Tee hee

1113 days ago


Good Morning Everyone,

Em, I agree with you. What you said about Foxman is so right. He has done more harm to the Jewish people and should be removed from the ADL. He is so full of hate and expresses it everytime he opens his mouth. I sure would not want him to represent me for anything.


1113 days ago


Good morning, MAC! Sending good thoughts your way for a beautiful day...

Michelle does bring up a good point about ownership of the tapes. I am not certain, but if the tapes have been seized for evidence, they may still be in possession of the LASD. Realist may have some input on that. I just don't know as much about criminal law, but Realist seems to have more knowledge there. Anyway, it could be that the evidence is still in their possession and may be for some years to come. I would still think that perhaps some provision was part of the mediated agreement (the last one that was before the court) in which the evidence matter is addressed.

And yes, it is funny how she doesn't have an accent during normal speak, but get before the camera, and it's "Oh, I'm an innocent Russian girl act" that comes out! I remember her on some early morning show when she was promoting her 'Beautiful Heartache' CD and the innoncent Russian was in full force! LOL!

I also agree with you about their relationship being over a long time ago. I think that the emails TMZ had showed a desperate woman trying to hang onto a man that she knew was slipping through her fingers. Most all of what she stated in those emails is for manipulation. Trying to make him feel guilty. Last year 'Sweetheart' stated that Mel was trying to break it off with her back in February 2009 and they had broken up, I believe is what she stated, but then she ended up pregnant. I think that is a very likely scenario. Once Lucia was born, the relationship quickly fell apart and because of the cohabitation agreement she knew that she did not stand to gain much money, and that's when I think she hatched the 'I'll tape Mel plan' and just started pushing his buttons to get the recording she wanted.

And a good morning to you, Miss Kelly! I hope that you have a hot pot of coffee going. Won't be long until you'll have wood in the fireplace! The air is chilly this morning, and I am not too far down I-44 from you. :)

1113 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!

Science and religion: God didn't make man; man made gods

1113 days ago


Good Morning Fuddy, Kelly, MAC,

Don't know much about the "return of evidence" question, except common sense tells me that it is returned to the party it was seized from, unless other ownership can be established. Drugs, stolen property, weapons, being some major exceptions; I'm sure there are others.

I haven't seen this anywhere on this thread, might be on another, but has anyone looked up Rabbi Hier in Wikipedia? Man has some major credits in world affairs, two Oscars, and a number of other things. So he's not some doddering old man.

Abe Foxman is another story, and I defer to the judgment of those who have researched him.

1113 days ago


This is off topic but I just have to say something about it.

If laughter is good medicine I have had a good dose this morning. I have been over on the Christina Hendricks thread and I have been rofl at the comments. So funny...


1113 days ago
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