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I Can Celebrate My

9/11 Birthday Again

9/11/2011 6:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Birthdays for Moby are bittersweet -- because the native New Yorker was born on September 11, 1965 ... and he told us yesterday it took him a few years after 9/11 to begin to celebrate his birthday on that day again.

But Moby says he's come to grips with what happened and is able to celebrate it now, saying, "It's been 10 years and a lot of NYers ... I think we grieved for a while, but it happened a while ago. So I think we've sort of left the grieving behind."

And now you'll never forget ... Moby's birthday.


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i know someone with a 9/11 bday....must be hard now associating ur day with this national tragedy

1140 days ago


I too am a 9.11 birthday girl. I still don't celebrate on that date. It has been moved to 10th or 12th.
The September birthstone is a sapphire and I think the 9.11 people should have a red sapphire stone - something of their own. I would really like to get a movement going.

1140 days ago


Sorry Moby. WE will never forget and "leave it behind." The only the that I "left behind" was your music, you pathetic commie.

1140 days ago


A play on the words "never forget" is really terrible TMZ. Those words will forever be associated with this tragedy. Sorry Moby, I wont leave behind the grieving for my family. Way to just try and make yourself relevant.

1140 days ago


The ONLY thing left behind is your LAME ASS music.

1140 days ago


Love his music but despise what he said. I'll take into consideration that he was unprepared and approached while walking, but the grieving for those lost and for NYC and for our country and what we all endured will never stop. In fact, ten years later I find I'm angrier and want retribution. I'm less tolerant than I used to be of muslims and all that their "religion" caused and continues to cause. A peaceful religion...... yeah right.

I do feel slightly bad about his and others birthdays, but the big picture will always be there. He should celebrate a day before or after as 9/11 will always be significant and relevant.

1140 days ago


Eminem was right about you

1140 days ago

Der Shizer    

Who the F*ck cares about Moby's Birthday? Selfish has-been, this Tradegy Trumps your Birthday! "I think we grieved for a while, but it happened a while ago. So I think we've sort of left the grieving behind." Excellent grammar, A-hole. Remind me to throw your crappy CD in the garbage. As a New Yorker (82nd & 2nd), I wholeheartedly disagree.

Never Forget, Especially for the Birthday of a Crappy "has been" Like Moby....

F*ck You, Moby!

Go celebrate next week

1140 days ago

The Train!    

i think it is important that we never forget. but we can't perpetually grieve, either. grief is a natural process that is supposed to eventually end. it is no slight against the memory of those who died to eventually be able to enjoy life again. and if we can't do that, how can we ever claim a true victory over the b**tards who flew those planes?

1140 days ago


a friend of mine got married on 9/11 last year no matter how hard i tried to talk her out of it. she said it was a date her husband will always remember. yeah, for tragedy!! what a moron; i still resent her for it.

1140 days ago


Another douche on the music scene! No one cares about ur bday- u self centered prick.

1140 days ago


whatever, moby has more analog drum machines than any of you and you're all just jealous

1140 days ago


"So I think we've sort of left the grieving behind."

You're kidding me, right?! What an arrogant, jackass fool! He and TMZ act like he was the only person born on this day. Aside from that, there is no time-limit or constraint on the "grieving" process! Moby is a ****!

1140 days ago


9/11 had a profound impact for almost everybody, myself included. Clearly Moby was also affected profoundly by those events.

Why is it IMPOSIBLE to have a TMZ thread without anyone distorting the story and saying something stupid?

Quite possibly, on a global scale, this kind of behavior also has an impact on how the Americans are perceived by the rest of the world. Will you ever learn to think before you react?

1140 days ago


Horrible that your only 9/11 story today concerns this filthy disgusting goldigger
Shame on YOU!

1140 days ago
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