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Lil Wayne

Hitting the Road

W/ His Own Personal Skatepark

9/12/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne
has seriously ramped up his tour -- TMZ has learned, the rapper is practicing his skateboard skills on the road, traveling around with his own personal skate ramp ... in the back of an ESCALADE.

Sources close to the rapper tell us, Weezy packed a portable quarter pipe into a trailer, pulled by an Escalade -- and according to sources, the tricked out SUV follows the rapper's tour bus 24/7.

We're told Wayne rips it whenever he wants -- pulling over at random places on the road to squeeze in some much-needed board time ... and he's even hired a pro skater to coach him.

Weezy's been working on his new skateboard hobby for a while now -- and while he's no pro, he's definitely improving.


No Avatar


what is more vile smelling? his dreads or his mouf?

1140 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Waiting for the follow up story where he breaks his neck.

1140 days ago


lmao best thing ive seen in a while. N f U Haters. Wasting your time just to talk ****. Y.M Bitch.

1140 days ago

Mel Zipskin    

He is such a screaming closet case I can't understand why black women can't see it. He hates darkskin ladies, surrounds himself with light beards and now the skatepark... every dude knows that down low gay men love skateboarding.

Kisses that dude Baby on he mouth like a mo. He's gay and was born that way he is fooling no-one but clueless hood rats.

1140 days ago

TMZ Is Destined To Be The Next News of The World    

I think this is cute. Do you Weezy. If it makes you happy and it makes you smile, I say have fun. Too many times ppl are scared to try things or do things bc it's not part of the norm or they think others will judge them. The truth is, others will judge them. So what? While they're judging you can be all smiles doing what you want to do.

1140 days ago


Cute video. I always admire people who aren't afraid to fall on their butt a few times. But he also stayed on his feet a few times too! Not bad!

1140 days ago


This guy is awesome! Its cool he does what he wants and could care less what anyone would think of him. He lives his life and not just walking around like a thug because thats what rappers do to make a name for themself. Good for you weezy! Keep it up!

1140 days ago


The best part was when he fell on his a$$, those filthy dreds give me the creeps.

1140 days ago

Bill Leslie    

... as America slowly slips beneath the waves. Forever.

1140 days ago


Why??? lil wayne is a basket case and a control freak. He cursed fans out and requested that they be put out of his
show because they were clapping, excited and shouting "for him" and wouldn't stop when he COMMANDED them to. Why are people subjecting themselves to this lunacy?

1140 days ago

Marc G    

I think it's cool that a 12 year old would want to do this...Oh wait, he's not 12...and apparently is trying to buy his way into happiness and is looking stupid for doing so. What's next? Quilting Bees?

1140 days ago


So he “plays” the guitar and is a SKATER BOY, what’s next a song with Avril Lavigne..

I guess it's complicated

1140 days ago


I get that he has a new passion. But why would someone film themselves attempting beginner moves? Worse, he is unstable at best. Novice does'nt begin to descirbe his lack of skill.

1140 days ago


Exactly what time is "thirteen in the morning?"

1140 days ago



1140 days ago
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