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'Nail Files' Sued


My Medical Emergency

9/13/2011 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A limo driver is suing the people behind the TV Guide reality show "Nail Files" -- claiming the show RECORDED him when he went into diabetic shock ... and made it appear like he was DRUNK.

According to the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Fred Busby claims he was dispatched by his limo company to pick up celebrity manicurist Katie Cazorla and drive her to the airport last year.

Busby claims Cazorla was accompanied by a reality TV crew from 495 Productions -- which also produces "Jersey Shore" -- but Busby insists he NEVER consented to be on the show.

During the drive to LAX, Busby -- who says he's a diabetic -- claims he "felt his blood sugar levels dropping and he started sweating and feeling disoriented."

0913_nail_files_small_launch_3According to the suit, Fred claims the last thing he remembered was a passenger screaming, "Is this guy drunk?"

Fred claims when he came to ... the 495 cameraman repeatedly asked him for permission to use the footage from Fred's medical emergency, but Fred "emphatically and unambiguously said, 'No.'"

But Fred claims "Nail Files" aired the footage anyway -- violating his right to privacy and making him out to look like someone who drove while drunk.

Fred wants a judge to force the show to stop running the episode -- plus he wants unspecified damages and part of the show profits. Calls to 495 Productions have not been returned.


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en Todo Momento!!    

uh hellooooh?? you're driving around women who professionally get their nails done. of course they are gonna first wanna get the exclusive nitty gritty 4-11 on the situation, then call in an emergency (maybe....). that's like filing a complaint about men in the locker room passing around a naked picture of some hot chick. duh. comes with the territory!!

1086 days ago


First off, if he didnt give his consent AND sign a consent form, then they had no right to air it. Sounds like they got just enough for them to bypass the legalities. Just because the public has this ridiculous appetitie for all things "reality", there is no need to exploit someone to try and make your boring azzz show more intriguing. I hope he wins and they shut this stupid show down! Seriously???People who do NAILS??? Jershey Shore is bad enough! How much lower down the inteligence pole do we really have to fall? Good lord....

1086 days ago


If the chick in the back was 'sooo' concerned for her life, why didn't she have a seat belt on??
And the girl next to her seemed to be not concerned at all.
So a little 'over drama' maybe??

1086 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I ran some numbers and this dude deserves half of all profits from this season, cause we all know that's exactly what a woman would shoot for.

1086 days ago


If this guy has uncontrolled diabetes, why the heck is he working as a driver? His condition puts everyone's life at risk... Aren't there laws for that?

1086 days ago


they didn't make him look like he was driving drunk..What where you people watching?

1086 days ago

Michelle Shackelford    

I saw that episode & this man should rethink this suit. My baby was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes & I thought it was great to show, in real life, what can happen to diabetics when their sugars go low.

There is a car company (Ford, I think?) that is developing a car for diabetics. They have to test their blood before the car will turn on to make sure their sugars are within a safe range to drive!

You want to cash in ~ contact the car companies & leave Katie alone, she's a cool chick & her reaction to the situation was totally valid. This footage could be used for good, Fred!

1086 days ago

Fat Mike    

I actually feel for this guy. I own a pub and one night while the police were visiting one of my customers fell asleep in his chair and I couldn't wake him up. I asked the officers to help me remove him for being drunk and when they got to him they realised something was wrong. They shoved a pen nib up the cuticles of his fingernail and when he didn't react said "he's not drunk, he's in a diabetic coma". One cop got me to grab a sugar satchel from the coffee machine and put it in his mouth and rubbed the sugar in with his finger. Within seconds he woke up and was absolutely fine. I could have sworn he was passed out from being drunk, but was completely wrong.

1086 days ago


You dirty s*** bag bitch! Look at you! Proud of yourself! Another show never to watch....ugh

1086 days ago


Katie is neither a celebrity or a manicurist.

1086 days ago


If someone has a medical condition that can render them suddenly unconscious, why would that person be permitted to operate a transportation vehicle? That's just dumb.

1085 days ago


don*****ch the show but think he has a right to sue thts his business if he didnt want it on air probably embarassed. now all thes peeps who sue fastfood for gettn fat thts bs.

1085 days ago


Couldn't 495 Productions countersue the driver and the limo company for allowing an "at-risk" individual to endanger himself, his passengers and everyone else on the freeway?

1085 days ago


That is sad...she does not have a license so she is not a nail artist or anybody important besides a fantasy football cheerleader with enough money to open a nail salon, and that is not the only thing she is being sued for....what production companies will put on the air is anything to make them more monies...

1085 days ago


Wouldn't he have been required to sign a release? If there is no release, then he would have a case in court.

1085 days ago
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