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Chaka Khan

Rips Custody of Granddaughter

From Alleged Druggie Parents

9/15/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaka Khan
just won temporary custody of her 10-year-old granddaughter because the child's parents are drug addicts -- this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Chaka filed a petition for appointment of guardianship last week -- claiming she has already "assumed on a day-to-day basis the role of the child's parent fulfilling both the child's physical and psychological needs for care and affection."

Chaka claims the child's mother -- who lives in the same house -- is incapable of caring for the girl because of a "heavy involvement in drugs."

Chaka's sister Tammy McCrary -- who was also awarded custody -- filed an additional statement in the petition, claiming Chaka's son "also uses and abuses drugs and other illegal substances."

The judge temporarily granted the petition for custody on September 6th ... and extended it today. A hearing is set for October to make it permanent.



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Go Chaka. Can't stand losers who choose drugs over their kids.

1133 days ago


This kind of thing is becoming more and more common....where the grandparents are raising the grandchildren because the parent SUCKS. Kudos to Chaka for taking responsibility, also if the drug addicts are living in her home then KICK THE BUMS OUT.

1133 days ago


Years ago her daughter was in a singing group when she was barely a teen. The girls dressed and danced extremely trashy. Mom was very proud of her little darling, probably even picked out the barely there almost nighties they wore while girating on stage. What did mom expect was going to happen in the future??

1133 days ago


I wish I had the nuts to do the same thing, Children don't deserve crappy parents that don't care!!!! And I don't really care about Chaka's past, things change when you become a grandparent!!!

1133 days ago


sometimes, when I see grandparents raising their grandchildren, I can't help but wonder if something in their parenting skills was lacking when they raised their own child (who is the parent of the grandchild...such as Chaka's son in this case- who grew up a drug addict in this particular case)
I wonder if the grandparent learned anything/changed/improved their skills over the years or if history will repeat itself with the grandchild (who already has enough problems with the set of parents life dealt her)
know that isn't always the case but have to be honest and admit that the thought does enter my mind
and I wonder sometimes why the grandparent didn't step in in this case
who knows how bad this childs first 10 years must have been
hoping this girl gets all the help and guidance she needs to eventually have a good life when she becomes an adult

1133 days ago


So they're going to leave the child in the home where these people use the drugs?

1133 days ago

Way to go granma.

1133 days ago


just googled Khan in Wikipedia and found

"In 2006 Khan's son Damien Holland was accused of murder after 17-year-old Christopher Bailey was shot to death. Khan testified on her son's behalf defending her son's innocence. Holland claimed the shooting was an accident and was found not guilty.

Khan has struggled with drug abuse, alcoholism and weight over the years. She had addictions to heroin and cocaine, which she kicked in the early nineties. After an on-again and of****ain bouts with alcoholism, in 2005, Khan declared herself sober."
also 3 marriages and an affair with a married man, resulting in her daughter being born etc.
explains a lot
really wish this little girl the best because it looks like the deck is stacked against her all the way around

1133 days ago


Good for you Chaka Khan, now kick those drugged up jerk-offs out of the house. The child doesn't need to be around it. Get some therapy for the kid, too, she's going to need it

1133 days ago


I've often wondered the same thing, Sloane. These grandmothers (and sometimes grandfathers), who raised children who became drug addicts (and often thieves or criminals as well), are raising those children's children? Maybe this is a vicious cycle?

1133 days ago


Donna Mills used to date the father of this guy. I remember photos of Donna with Damien back in the "Knots Landing" days.

1133 days ago


So sad but good for her for stepping up to provide a stable home for the child.

1133 days ago


Good for Chaka Khan! Once I charged out o*****as station bathroom, swinging the door open and hitting a woman in the back. I apologized profusely to the woman, who turned out to be Chaka Khan. She turned around and said, "Don't worry about it, baby."

1133 days ago


Good for Chaka for caring more about her granddaughter then about druggie son.

1133 days ago


Her kids turned out to be drug addicts and now what, she's going to raise her grandchild just like she raised her kids...expecting different results? What's wrong with this picture?!

1133 days ago
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