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Christina Hendricks

My Boobs Are NOT

a Conversation Piece!!!!

9/15/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


One day after she wore a top that shoved her boobs into her chin ... "Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks SHUT US DOWN when we asked a TOTALLY FAIR question about 'em.

Hendricks was out in L.A. Tuesday night when we asked if she ever gets tired about people talking about her gals ... when she refused to answer and walked away from our camera.

Of course, Christina hasn't always been so shy about her chest ... and if you're not a blind person, you can see the proof below.



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A woman has a right to dress whichever way she pleases.
A woman has a right to feel attractive and embrace her body.
We are constantly demanding that women act and look sexy but then when they do, we tend to criticize them for doing exactly that.
NOBODY has the right to ask, comment or criticize a woman for her body.
It is HER ******* body.

1100 days ago

Captain Motorboat    

Bucket List #33:
Put my face between Christina Hendricks knockers and go, BBL BBL BBL.

1099 days ago


If you don't want your boobs to be a conversation piece then why do you put them out there up to your chin? There are ways you can dress with out having them hiked up and almost out.

1098 days ago


If she does not want everyone talking about them, then maybe she should not have them hanging out alllllllllllll over the place

1098 days ago


Me parece que no era por la pregunta, no les dió ni kabida de entrada =P

1098 days ago


She may not think so, but those are great conversation pieces. At least she never has to worry about drowning with those floatation devices. She's a gorgeous Redhead and should be as proud of her physical assets as she is of her acting. Loved her guest role on Firefly.

1097 days ago


It's not because you have boobs that you like when people talk about. Of course that she advance them but when you are curvy, you want the glances refer on the advantageous parties which are neither the stomach nor the legs. A thin and tall woman without forms but with long hurt legs will advance them to appear to her advantage. It is the same matter. She just wants to be beautiful like every woman.

1094 days ago


Just because a woman wears a low cut top doesn't mean that you should get to objectify her body and expect her to be happy about it. That sounds a lot like a rapist's defense, "She wore a short skirt, she was asking for it."

1075 days ago


This article is misleading. They try to trick people into thinking she actually said "My boobs are NOT
a conversation piece!!11!!!1one!1!!" When if you watch the video, she simply just ignored the question, and didn't say ANYTHING at all. It's probably not about her being shy, it's probably her feeling creeped out by some guy with a camera on the street at night asking her about her "twins".

I'm sure she's not an idiot. She knows people are going to talk about her breasts whether that's what she wants or not. That doesn't mean she has to stop and have a conversation with you about them on the street at night. Her response to your question was 'TOTALLY FAIR' and appropriate.

How is she supposed to answer anyway? The question was kind of a trap, if she said "No, I love people talking about my boobs, please continue." she would come off as a "slut", or if she said "My boobs aren't a conversation piece!11!1!!" people would react how they are reacting now, since this article has obviously tricked some people into thinking this is a direct quote.

She is obviously a confident woman who is comfortable with her body, AND has some self-respect. Stop trying to twist that into a bad thing, and stop attacking her for it. She had every right to shut you down.

TMZ is so sleazy.

1069 days ago
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