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Kim Kardashian

Ridiculous Wedding Photos

9/17/2011 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's wedding photos look just like your average wedding pics -- if the average wedding pics were filled with famous people and sold for millions of dollars.

We've got TONS of pics from inside the ceremony and the party -- with big name guests like Lindsay Lohan, Ryan Seacrest, Serena Williams, Lamar Odom and Vera Wang.

There are even a few of some guy named Kris Humphries. Enjoy!


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Who gives a rat's ass!!!!! Just another no talent A$$ clown!!!!!!

1131 days ago

No comment    

Wow, white does not make a whore pure, poor Ms. HUMPme. No matter how she tries, she still is a skank who loves golden showers.

Harvey, I cannot beleive you have not gotten your hands on the contract paying Kris 'Wally Cleaver' Humprhies. You know they are paying this fraud-husband for this sham.

1131 days ago


Good Lord, Lohan always looks like a cheap escort everwhere she goes. Does this hot mess own a bra? I guess that proves the saying, you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig.

Is it me or does Kris remind you of Frankenstein with down syndrome?

1131 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Meh. Pretty dull.

1131 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Why does TMZ insist on following an internet ********er around?

1131 days ago


What a douche lindsey is. Wearing white to someone else's wedding! Way to show youre an attention whore. Cleavage much.

If I was Kim, I would of been livid! I'm afraid to see what Dina wore....Geesh

1131 days ago


Oh my god. It's pretty embarrassing that Lindsey Logan looks better than you, and wears a better dress, at your own weeding! I bet she was pissed like a smokey nostril hyena.

Linds looks cute with those bangs and trim figure,
Damn Kim shouldn't have posed for a photo next to her! Makes Kim look like a heffa!
Who would let themselves be fat for their own wedding? Especially because it was being filmed for tv! Damn I would have starved myself for 6 months if I were her!
But I don't think they even knew each other 6 months so that probably wasn't possible!
Maybe she started starving instantly but there just wasn't enough time for her stomach acids to break down her fat ass and eat it!
Look at those thighs?? What the hell was she thinking picking those dresses!????
aMayabe she shouldn't have been such a scab and actually spent more than a measly 20k for a wedding dress! Damn, lindseys dress probably cost more than both kims dresses put together!

Bet Kim was the one who spread rumors that linds got drunk at her wedding for payback for stealing the show! But it's not lindseys fault Kim isn't pretty! Even with 100k of surgery, 3 nose jobs and bum implants!

How could Kim wear WHITE? When She let ray J piss all over her and screamed "p'ss on me baby!" she is seriously grotesque.

She isn't even Armenian , she's a damn Paki!

Everything about her life is a lie, she's so fake, I can't wait for the reality show fame to run it's course! Along the classics such as Tila tequila and Daisy de la Hoya! But they had way more class than Kim! And they were trying to be trashy! Kim tries to be classy, het we all saw her swallow a big black log, be a human toilet, talk like a rank desperate Porn star supporting her crack habit,

Look at her face when she first started hanging with Paris, she looked like a damn gorilla trannie.
Just goes to show what money can do!

And being over 30, yet stillacting like a sheep, copying her sisters, and trying to copy the royal wedding for her pathetic trashy wedding, paying for her own engagement ring,
And worst of all. Crying like a pathetic sook when Kris pushed her in the water,
She's like almost 40 and acts like a infant !
No wonder why Kris has no respect for any of them, he just wants the money and fame, well more like infamy really, can't believe anyone would marry such a loser! And he is broke as hell!

A woman should never ever marry someone with a net value LESS than you! Are you kidding?

LAMAR makes more! What a joke!

1131 days ago


A wedding is a religious ceremony, before a god, seeking the blessing of the union before that god. It's a bit redundant to go through that ceremony when you have absolutely no faith or loyalty to that god, hiding a most disgusting sex tape under her hypocritical white dress. A couple of sluts before god. These two have gone above and beyond to further cheapen the union of marriage in hypocritcal America, and corrupt the youth culture.

1131 days ago


Congratulations to the couple... I wish them all the happiness in the world. This young lady in her youth did something that many had did and taken it stood by it and owned up to her mistakes and misgivings. I love that .... Most people would have taken their head and stuck it in the sand.... Hatters are just that hatters and I feel sorry for all those who feel they can not be happy for someone in love.

1131 days ago


I guess we didn't see the little card that told all the women that attended this wedding to get dressed and put on make up in the dark. The majority of them looked like ****. Unfortunately, this looked like a whore convention. Almost every whore in hollywood was there and instead of being a lovely wedding, it was a ******* disgrace. Why did that guy look like Issac the bartender when he got married? Should have kept the black suit, and why did these whores wear white? Really? And wasn't there a picture of the whores "planking", at all places a mixed race wedding? Then they wonder why they are not taken seriously. Too bad next year I will be commenting on the divorce. Thanks Harvey.

1131 days ago

go home!    

Jesus. Lohan still always looked like she is coked up and is only breathing through her nose from all the damage she has done. She has officially blackballed her own career, and even the constant "claims" of clean & sober are not helping her one bit. She looks like a burnt out crack addict. Incredibly ugly. And that horrible blonde hair...will she ever realize how ugly it is? Apparently not.

1131 days ago

Trooper Tom    

"with big name guests like Lindsay Lohan, Ryan Seacrest, Serena Williams, Lamar Odom and Vera Wang"

LMFAO! big names LMFAO!!!!

1131 days ago


AAhh..The Kris Jenner Production ..How can a "Frugal" Guy that doesn't earn much in the NBA , buy a 2 million dollar Ring- Heeellloooo..lmao - This is why khloe and kourtney don't respect the guy , they know their mother bought that ring with DASH

1131 days ago

Yep I said that    

So TMZ are you going to promote this cheap tart until her TV wedding show appears? Do the world a favor and stop giving this useless vain, vapid self centered slapper any more print time

1131 days ago


Nothing but a T.V husband and wife , and If their new show "kim and kris" ( coming to E!! near you ) is not a success , the guy will be booted..You

1131 days ago
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