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Floyd Mayweather

Goes Nuclear on Sportscaster After Fight

9/18/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was still jonesing for a fight after his controversial knockout of Victor Ortiz last night, so he started one ... with an 80-year-old sportscaster!

During the post-fight interview, Floyd started screaming at HBO's Larry Merchant, getting up in his face and yelling, "You never give me a fair shake. HBO need to fire you. You don't know s**t about boxing. You ain't s**t! You're not s**t!"

But Merchant didn't back down, getting in the final words when he said, "I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your a**."

Frisky old guy, ain't he?

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Floyd is another Tyson...a whole lot of talent and not one drop of class.

1131 days ago


Why do prople waste their time and money on boxing?
The UFC is where it's at now unless you are 100 years old like Larry Merchant.

1131 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Watched this PPV last night and at first glance I did think what he did was wrong. However after replaying it to ourselves many times, I think it was fair and square. Dude should have NEVER headbutted him or this wouldn't have happened in the first place!

1131 days ago


Cheap shot by who? Gotta love the weekend TMZ staff taking a break from their GED studying to make a few bucks.

1131 days ago


The old guy had some chutpuh but you know what? The old guy was disrespectful, his questions were disrespectful, there's only so much Mayweather could take and I don't blame him. People can use his anger as an excuse to make crass comments all they want, but the guy did his best to show restraint and the old guy went after him. You know, what he might have done is walk away but at least he gave the guy a piece of his mind. The man's job isn't to go after him, it's to announce on the fight and to ask follow up questions, not attack the fighter in an interview.

1131 days ago


It looked to me like he threw the fight.

He just stood there, even after the first punch. He then looked at the ref instead of pummeling Mayweather.

I dunno...there's just something fishy when you watch it over and over in slo-mo

1131 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

This guy is a coward he knows Manny Pacquiao will beat his head in.

1131 days ago


floyd is a classless piece of trash... man up and fight manny, you coward...

1131 days ago


Still being the D*CK that he always is!!!!!!!!

1131 days ago

Big Dog    

The instructions are very clear-Protect yourself at all times. I am glad someone finally told Larry Merchant what he needs to hear. I have watched his post fight interviews since the Tyson era and he constantly disrepects the fighters during the interview. He acts impatient and irritated when the fighters try to thank their family, sponsor and fans. This is their time not his. It is evident that he holds little to no respect for mintority fighters. For years now, my wife and I turn on the mute button whenever he is own. I wish more fighters would refuse to be interviewed by him. Listen to Floyd HBO, let him go!

1131 days ago


This guy is so full of himself, or should i say ****. No class, just pure douschness. I can't wait to see him beaten. God I wish Pacman will do the honor.

1131 days ago


A lot of Mayweather haters. His record speak for itself. Boxindg is a tough sport and the referee reminds you in the last thing he says before the fight begings. Protect yourself at sll times! Ortiz was more concerned about getting his hug on, and Floyd was not having it. Dude tried to knock my teeth out with a head butt, he has to pay. Controvercy, maybe, cheap no way. Ortiz wasn't even upset. He looked as though he was releived that the fight was over. And by the way, Stop drinking Manny's koolaid, he is not unbeatable. Floyd has fought top of the line fighters in the past. Check the record.

1131 days ago

Big Dog    

The pre-fight rules are crystal clear-protect yourself at all times. I am so happy someone finally called out Larry Merchant. I have been watching his post fight interviews since the Tyson era and he constantly disrespects the fighters. He acts irritated and impatient when they are trying to recognize their family, sponsors and supporters. This is their time, not his, but he acts like he is doing them a favor by interviewing them. It seems that he has little regard to respect for minority fighters. He adds nothing to the fight coverage and HBO should listen to Floyd and let him go. Whenever he's on, I mute the volume.

1131 days ago


Gayweather deserves to go to HELL! Stupid ***** who doesn't have the education and a helli*****titude. What a piece of crap!

1131 days ago


Who doesn't want to punch Larry Merchant in the face?

1131 days ago
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