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Tareq Salahi

Journey Is Screwing with Me

9/18/2011 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0918_tareq_salahi_getty_EXTareq Salahi is convinced ... his cheating wife and the Journey bandmate she is banging are intentionally trying to make his life miserable by making cruel crank calls ... this according to sources closely connected to Tareq.

Our sources say Tareq received four calls between 3:00 and 4:00 AM Sunday -- and when he answered, the caller immediately hung up. Tareq's caller ID showed the caller's number had an Oregon area code -- the same area code Michaele called from earlier in the week when he feared she was kidnapped.

Tareq then dialed the number and a guy answered, asking, "Who's this?" But more revealing -- there was clearly a party going on in the background.

Our sources says Tareq is convinced Michaele, Neal Schon, and other members of the band Journey are messing with his mind.

A source close to Michaele says neither she nor Neal had anything to do with the calls.

Could this be the final chapter? No.


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Karen Burke    

Did it ever occur to you that the only reason this is all happening is because you, TMZ, stopped reporting on them? Fame whores, that's all they are. If you stop reporting on them, they will go away, far, far away so I am begging you, STOP REPORTING ON THESE FAME WHORES!!!

1110 days ago


These 2 almost make Heidi and Spence looks respectible. ALMOST.

1110 days ago


My God, how old are those people? 19? That's the last age I can think of people crank call ex's for amusement. Pathetic. He should get his number changed and somebody take away his Oregon cell phone.

1110 days ago


So the " source " Michael Lohan is NOT happy unless he starts MAJOR drama. That was proven when he was on Celeb Rehab and even his cast mates said he was a total TOOL bag. That said Id bet that HE called TMZ and made this **** up. Were talking about a chick who LEFT her husband. WHY would they call HIM if she didnt even want him to know where she was in the first place.Hell she told him she was going to get her hair did... HE is a notorious LIAR and so is Michael. I bet they stayed up all night doing blow to come up with this LIE...

1110 days ago


UH, no, I think that Journey is screwing your estranged wife..........

1110 days ago

South Beach    

I do feel bad for Neals apparent soon to be ex wife..Talk about getting caught in the crossfire of a whole gang of psychos.

1110 days ago

Don Pedro    

He should go to the nearest Macy's and propose to any blond clerk in the makeup department....he is bound by lucky if he keeps trying especially if he has a coupon.

1110 days ago


i am so sick of this stupid story. these people are true attention whores and you, tmz, are giving this drama way too much coverage. it must be a very slow week for gossip. yawn!!!

1110 days ago


I can't believe TMZ is wasting so much energy on the Salahi's and Journey!!?!? Just Jared seems to be able to find other things to report about, even dlisted is doing a better job than TMZ at the moment. DROP THE SALAHI'S coverage.

1110 days ago


If this is on the up and up get the police in on it, get a case number from them then have the phone company put a trace on your phone. Whoever is doing this will soon be found out.

1110 days ago


TMZ- enough with beating this story to the ground!!! I am soooo bored with your site and the non-news on the fame whore non celebrities... buh-bye

1110 days ago


I heard Diane Diamond say she was at your house doing an interview and that you never ever left Michaele's presence. She said you are VERY controling. Maybe that's why the girl left you for another guy. Stop whining and crying like a freaking baby. Be a man for God's sake and just eat your loss. It's probably your own fault anyway. When will men learn women do NOT want to be controlled.

1110 days ago


sadly I believe him... oh well .... Tareq if you read this and for some damn reason I think you will... Don't worry man I wouldn't bang her if it makes you feel better.. She has a body of a 12 year old albino boy.. (nothing against 12 year old albino boys since your not transvestites and if you are then well kiss my ass)

I have done better on my worst days and you need to stop crying and man up and say "Next" and go get your balls wet..

**** at least go on youtube and watch some skyyjohn

1110 days ago


Trust me, the type of people who are up at 3 /4 am in Oregon aren't able to slow down long enough to dial correctly.


1110 days ago


whos gives a ****... stop giving them the spot light

1110 days ago
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