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Floyd Mayweather's Dad

My Son Fought Fair ...100%

9/19/2011 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather's famous dad is in his son's corner -- telling TMZ, there was nothing underhanded about Floyd's sucker punch victory on Saturday ... adding, "The fight was 100% fair."

Floyd Mayweather Sr. tells us, "First of all, Ortiz headbutted Floyd and that was obviously intentional. If you re-watch the fight, you can see that right after they apologize to one another, the ref OK's them to fight."

"Floyd did the right thing -- the number one thing they will tell you in fighting is to ALWAYS protect yourself ... The way Floyd ended the fight was 100% fair."

Tell that to angry mobs everywhere.


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No Avatar


Your son is a punk. He needs to man up and fight Manny.

1108 days ago


Not sure if it was legit or not, but you NEVER disrespect your elders, PUNK!

1107 days ago


let the racist comments begin in 3...2...1...GO!!!

1107 days ago


where is all of the racist coments? i'll come back later...

1107 days ago


Bubba you are a punk. Pac Man needs to take a drug test if he has nothing to hide why would he decline a drug test, not only that i bet if Floyd had head butted Ortiz twice then got knocked out all you ppl would be talking about how Floyd is a cheater with that said middle finger to all you hating ass Larry Merchant types. Just like they used to hate on Ali now they hate on Floyd well its a new day. Like 50 said If they hate them let them hate bu*****ch the money pile up.

1107 days ago


Larry Merchant's face when Floyd called out his old racist ass priceless. bwhahahaha cry me a river old fart needs to sit down somewhere

1107 days ago


We should respect our elders! Noted! Elders should show respect for us! Duly Noted! I will not be disrespected by anyone, regardless of race or age.
OAN, people who cannot comprehend the premise behind "protect yourself at all times in battle" should be banned from watching any future boxing and/or mma matches.

1107 days ago


a bit racist, whiteout? mayweather is a bitch, and you're HIS bitch, so, try to fit a bit more floyd down your throat.

1107 days ago


So I guess anyone who is critical of Floyd is a racist? lol

Ortiz had a point deducted for the head butt. That should have been the end of it. There's nothing in the rule book that says you get to sucker punch you the offender if you get head butted. At the very least it was poor sportsmanship, not that anyone cares about that any more.

1107 days ago


^^^You mad bro?

1107 days ago


C'mon TMZ, I can tell this isn't the true quote from Mayweather Sr. because it is missing all of his expletives! It was more like this:

"First of all Mother F'er, Mother F'in Ortiz F'in headbutted Mother F'er Floyd and that was obviously F'in intentional. If you re-watch the fight you dumb a**, you can see that right after they Mother F'ers apologize to one another, the F'in ref OK's them to fight. TMZ, you don't know shi* about boxing, you don't know shi*, and you ain't shi* Mother F'ers!!!!!

1107 days ago


there was no way in h@ll that was a fair fight. Mayweather is so full of himself it makes me sick and he wont rematch cause he knows he'll get his ass kicked by ortiz. Honestly he knew if he kept it going he'd get knockout..

1107 days ago

The King    

Mayweather is a King. As far as Mayweather was concerned the fight was back on. In slow motion everything looks bad. When you are in the ring in real time it's a completely different story. That was the best option for Ortiz. Mayweather was going to win anyway. It might have been fixed but it was 100% fair. The fact is he's the best boxer in the world.

See what The KING has to say about it : http://www.kingsays.com/2011/09/18/mayweather-knocks-out-ortiz/

1107 days ago


They quoted his own dad? What did they expect him to say?

Is his dad really going to say "My son was wrong, he' shouldn't have".

1107 days ago


Chip off the old block. Now we know where he gets it from.

1107 days ago
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