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Foreigner Singer

The Journey Scandal is

GREAT for Business!!!

9/19/2011 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0915_kelly_hansen_salahi_getty_EXThe Michaele Salahi scandal is the BEST thing that could've happened for the Journey concert tour ... so says the lead singer of fellow '80s rock band Foreigner ... you know, the "Cold as Ice" dudes.

Foreigner is currently touring with Journey -- and lead singer Kelly Hansen tells us he's blown away by all the publicity Neal Schon has brought to the tour by simply being the "other man" in a celebrity love triangle.

Hansen joked, "I'm thinking about staging my own kidnapping ... if only I could tolerate being around those horribly obnoxious women from one of those shows for more than 5 minutes."

The rocker says he was "shocked" to see the former "Real Housewives of D.C." star at the concert in Nashville this week ... but says she was acting like everything was totally normal.


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That is not the lead singer who sang "Cold as Ice", that was Lou Gramm. The lead singer for Journey was Steve Perry.
I wouldn't pay money to see a Filipino sound alike that is now touring with Journey and I could care less about Foreigner's new lead singer.

No one can replace Steve Perry or Lou Gramm.

1131 days ago


Foreigner is a sham without Lou Gramm- The most recognizable voice of rock.

1131 days ago


You can give Kelly a listen with the band here- He sounds great!

1131 days ago


I just listened to your link and it sucks. Even though Lou Gramm is older and has had brain surgery, doesn't mean that Kelly can take all the credit for Foreigner. Watching that video reminded me of the days we would go to the bar and sing karaoke. Bluh!

1131 days ago


Oh poor bitter stuck in the past music fans. Bet you still wear you Foreigner 4 concert **** to the mall on Friday nights. Get over it- bands change- singers leave, bands continue on. Its their job.

1131 days ago


And I bet you would love to go see Beatles impersonators too!

1131 days ago


The 'real' Journey ended with Steve Perry - they have been nothing more than a cover band since.

1131 days ago


First of all Hansen isn't taking credit for anything. He's singing songs in a band that hired him to sing. How is that taking credit?

If I had my choice to see the real Beatles or people singing and playing music I would rather see the real Beatles, but thats impossible. Just like its impossible to see this band with all its orginal members- Go cry to Lou. He left. Why should the other members of the band sit at home on their hands and do nothing? Its their music too. Its also how they make a living. Sorry it doesn't live up to you teenage dreams. Things change- get over it.

I had no problem listening to Brad Delp from Boston singing Beatle songs in his tribute band Beatlejuice. Just like I had no problem with Brian May's version of Queen. The music is great to hear live and should be performed instead of just abandoned because things change.

1131 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Journey, Foreigner? It's like watching karaoki singers play with the back up band. Why would anyone pay to see these pretenders?

1131 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

The only "Foreigner's" are the members of that retreaded band who only have one original member left, a band that's had more freaking stand in's than the Harlem Globetrotters over the years.

Former members

Lou Gramm – lead vocals (1976–1990, 1992–2003)
Ian McDonald – guitar, keyboards, saxophone, flute, backing vocals (1976–1980)
Dennis Elliott – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1976–1991)
Al Greenwood – keyboards, synthesizers (1976–1980)
Ed Gagliardi – bass, backing vocals (1976–1979)
Rick Wills – bass, backing vocals (1979–1992)
Bruce Turgon – bass, backing vocals (1992–2003)
Johnny Edwards – lead vocals, guitar (1990–1992)
Jason Sutter - drums, percussion (2010–2011)
Mark Rivera – saxophone, flute, keyboards, guitar, backing vocals (1981–1988, 1991–1992)
Bob Mayo – keyboards, synthesizers, guitar, backing vocals (1981–1988)
Peter Reilich – keyboards, synthesizers (1981–1982)
Larry Oakes – guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals (1988)
Lou Cortelezzi – saxophone (1988)
Larry Aberman – drums, percussion (1991–1992)
Scott Gilman – guitar, saxophone, backing vocals (1992, 1993–1995)
Ron Wikso – drums, percussion (1995–1998)
John Purdell – keyboards, synthesizers(filled in for Jacobs 2000)
Denny Carmassi – drums, percussion (2002)
Chaz West – lead vocals (2004)
Jeff Jacobs – keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals (1991–2007)
Paul Mirkovich – keyboards, synthesizers (2007–2008)
Jason Bonham – drums, percussion, backing vocals (2004–2007, 2007–2008)
Bryan Head – drums, percussion (2008)
Brian Tichy – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1998–2000, 2007, 2008–2010)

1131 days ago


I went to see Simon and Garfunkel last month. There was a new Simon, and a new Garfunkel, but they occupied the same space.

1131 days ago


You can tell Kelly Hansen the day he stops wearing strong obnoxious cologne while on stage people might be able to tolerate him for more than five minutes.

1131 days ago


The Journey/Foreigner concert has been selling out venues all tour...way before this scandal hit the tabloids.

1131 days ago


CRAZY is totally normal for her.

1131 days ago


"Acting totally normal" - because she doesn't have a clue what she is causing right now. Total air head. Seriously, she's not the brightest bulb in the closet.

1131 days ago
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