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Ron Artest

World Peace Bombs

On "Dancing With the Stars"

9/20/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Call him Ron Artest, Metta World Peace, Mr. Peace -- or just ... First Guy Voted Off "Dancing With the Stars."

The Los Angeles Lakers star lost with grace -- unlike his Cha cha -- and tipped his hat to "Jerry Maguire" on his way out the door Tuesday night.

Ron Ron was joined by Nancy Grace in the bottom two.

Yeah, we know ... they were both on TMZ Live. Coincidence.

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i dont know how that Rob Kardashian guy didnt get booted he was so awful it made me uncomfortable to watch ron was at least entertaining boo boo.

1131 days ago


Well, at least he was born a man.....winks

1131 days ago

who dat    

The real joke here is they get a bunch of D list hacks and you losers are glued to the tv watching. That's the real story here. Now all you nancy disgrace chumps gimme your dislike vote.

1131 days ago


There's no way in hell, I'm calling this guy "Metta World Peace." What a joke. His partner's hot though, doesn't that count for anything?

1131 days ago

Stephen Redmod    

The TMZ curse must be like the Madden curse

1131 days ago

John 8:32    

Ron Artest... served there purpose perfectly. Not as a dancer... but as the token black. So, that no one can say... they didn't have any black contestants. Ron allowed himself to be used... in this dog and pony show... known as dancing with the stars. ABC... and their live-in partner Disney. Still maintains a platform of plantation mentality. Where everyone must play their character perfectly...where the end result... justifies the means. In other words... pacify people of color and minorities - but satisfy white middle America. All for the sake of ratings. It's like they decorated the same old plantation. You think maybe I am being too hard on this show, Or ABC... ?? Ron, said a long time ago... that he couldn't dance. Somehow they put him on anyway... what a coincidence. This show finds a way to pull this same clown act every season. No wonder ratings are falling. He fit the character they were looking for perfectly... stereotypical looks... no ability to dance... willing to be a clown... and no chance of winning bingo. I forgot Braggadocio's. I'm wondering how many seasons is it going to take... before I can see some minorities allowed to dance with each other... and not be clowns. Am I the only one to notice that from their so-called professional dancers... not one of them has ever been black. I counted approximately 18 professional dancers on the floor at one time... two of them were from Australia. Now that I think about it... ABC and their owner Disney... have plenty of shows with nice-looking black people starring in them right..? The problem is I can't name any... can you...?!?
finally I'd like to say... Ron's partner was fantastic.

1131 days ago


This is really disappointing. REALLY disappointing. They didn't give Ron a chance. Elizabetta Cankersore should have been off! She's got no presence, no poise, yet Metta can't hang? BU*LL****!

1131 days ago


Nancy Grace was not nessarily in the bottom two. They even said so.

1131 days ago


Exactly. Rob's arrogance is showing right through. After the Clooney ham is gone, he should be next. Nancy Grace isn't bothering me. She was put on to take a lot of heat and she's handling it really well. Tom couldn't ruffle her feathers like he had hoped. I'm not a fan of hers, but I think she should be treated the same and not made a target.

1131 days ago


Megga Douche Bag is more like it...

1131 days ago


Artest wasn't trying to dance, he was acting like a Dennis Rodman freak. It was sad to watch a mega-talented athlete act like such a fool, does Artest have mental issues?

1131 days ago


looks like it's back to obscurity, shame. .

1131 days ago


Love the line up this year, thought Chaz did an awesome job, so light on his feet, hope he's around for a long time. My favourite is Carson, may not be the best dancer, but what an entertainer, so refreshing and a joy to watch, hope he's around for many weeks to come.

1131 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

Janet said:
Love the line up this year, thought Chaz did an awesome job, so light on his feet


"He" was light on his feet? What part of "Chaz" is he? She has a vag and ovaries. Just because she cut her chest off doesn't make she a he. You really should go back to biology class. Chaz is a mental midget who thinks cutting her chest off and taking hormones to grow a beard makes her a male? LOL! Ok. NOT. Chaz needs serious mental help. I heard yesterday that "chaz" is annoying the lesbian community because she claims to be a man as if she's ashamed to admit she's lesbian. See, what I mean? She needs psychological help...and STAT!

1131 days ago


Don'*****ch so-called reality crap, never seen the show. This guy is an idiot. Big surprise that he sucks, NOT

1131 days ago
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