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Matt Hardy's Girlfriend

I'm No Rat!!!

9/21/2011 1:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Hardy's girlfriend is adamant ... she didn't drop the dime on her BF last week -- telling TMZ, the only reason she blabbed to cops was because they intimidated and threatened her.

25-year-old Reby Sky tells us, after Matt was rushed to the hospital for an adverse drug reaction, cops took her to the police station and questioned her about the incident. 

Apparently Reby gave cops enough info for a search warrant, because when she returned home, the cops were there in force, having just ransacked the joint.  She says that's when they threatened her with jail if she didn't answer even more questions.

Reby tells us, she would have kept her mouth shut at the station if she knew police were accumulating evidence for the warrant -- adding, she "would never do anything to put [Matt] in a compromising position with the law."

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It's the ultimate swerve, ladies and gentlemen.

1126 days ago

Strong Machine    

She may not be a "snitch" but she is definitely a rat.

I'll be here all week

1126 days ago


ok i thought she did it to SAVE HIS LIFE!!!!! i was defending her on other sites, you enable someone long enough, you eventually grow tired of it, but now it is clear that she would rather watch matt kill himself then get him help....i hope she isn't in his will and i hope there is no insurace policy out there.

1126 days ago


I like it when stupid people claim they would never do what they just did. We should call it the "Lohan Maneuver".

1126 days ago


not buying that at all...either matt pissed her off and she is vindictive or matt is making her say that or she got threats from his stalkers/fans...grow some balls woman, if you did turn him in, no one would think bad of you at all..if anything people will think well of you because you are standing up for yourself and are refusing to enable him.

1126 days ago


Who are they?

1126 days ago


Sorry but she did not have to say anything. They could not arrest her for NO VALID REASON.
What happened to LITA ? You two were so cute together.

1126 days ago

The Real JJ    

She still a snitch but maybe it was for his own good because he was going down a bad road and Reby Sky is a stripper name.

1126 days ago


I have been watching both Matt and Jeff since they first entered a WWE ring. They both have talent and are very charismatic. However, all they are doing now is screwing over their loyal fans. I am so sick of hearing about how Jeff and Matt are always getting into trouble with drugs and the police. It is way past time to grow up! You both don't want to be another name on the list of wrestlers that died too young from drug overdoses. We have lost enough wrestlers already. Don't let yourselves become the next victims.

1126 days ago

Cipriano smith    

She is saying to her Boyfriend that I am not rat but we make live for each other.
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1126 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I believe her, this is why it's important to have folks like Mr Davis weed these bastards out!

1126 days ago

Mom of Five    

By God........ she "would never do anything to put [Matt] in a compromising position with the law."

But...... no problem keeping her mouth shut, standing by and watching him kill himself. That's a sign of a true girlfriend I guess.

1126 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

OMG, his life is going to become HELL on wheels very shortly. Just wait until the 12 step nazis start filling his brain with, one day at a time, keep coming back, easy does it, first things first, meeting makers make it, it works if you work it, put a cork in it, How does it work?, just fine., 90 in 90, it works if you work it.......

Learn to listen and listen to learn

Many meetings, many chances; few meetings, few chances; no meetings, no chances

As you see, they'd like everyone to believe by this last statement that if you don't go to meetings, then there is no hope! This coming from a program with less than a 3% do***ented success rate!


1126 days ago


Is this chick American? Or speaks English? Or owns a TV which shows a multitude of law shows? Because...you know... YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. I'm calling BS on her story!!!

1126 days ago


You smell what Reby is cooking? Yeah, that's what I thought too! Matt is now a washed up has been with no direction in life and I fear she isn't helping matters. Just Saying...

1126 days ago
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