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Victor Ortiz

Floyd Mayweather Ain't All That

9/22/2011 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

092211_tmzliveVictor Ortiz doesn't believe Floyd Mayweather deserves the welterweight title after a brutal sucker punch last Saturday -- telling TMZ, Money May isn't as good as he thinks he is.

Victor came out swinging on TMZ Live today -- lambasting Floyd for for his unsportsmanlike knockout ... claiming, "If he's really as great as he thinks he is, take a step back. We can settle it as professional athletes."

Ortiz adds, "This isn't the way something like this is supposed to end."

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en Todo Momento!!    

wow. the guy still seems traumatized! that's what happens when you get into the ring with a beast. maybe he needs to see a therapist. he still sounds real frightened!! serious post traumatic stress here.

1124 days ago


Mayweather is a dirty piece of crap.

1124 days ago


LMFAO at dude calling floyd dirty when he was the one who BLATANTLY and INTENTIONALLY headbutted floyd. Ironically he did so while he was in the middle of his only real flurry of the entire fight. Had "vicious" not committed the intentional foul we would have gotten to see the fight play out. He has nobody to blame but himself!

1124 days ago


Go home and nurse that black eye. Not a good look for a boxer to show up dang near a week later looking like YOU JUST GOT KNOCKED OUT!
Money hit you with the left and you still didn't get em up. You LOST THE FIGHT. Kick rocks! Its over. Give it time and maybe someone... maybe one person... will forget and move on with you.

1124 days ago


flody does not deserve to be champ...Very cheap shot to win, bottom line, possible a fixed fight for mayweather!!! everyone here who thinks otherwise is a racist or stupid!!!...

1124 days ago


I hate soft ball interviews. How come you two didn't ask this bum how come he was behind on every card prior to getting his butt knocked out? Or if, since he was behind, and feels Mayweather isn't as great as he thinks he is, what is he saying about hmself?( Ortiz)

1124 days ago


Is Ortiz going to do any nude modeling?

1124 days ago

PRO US    

Ortiz, the head-butter, talks about settling things as "professional" athletes.


1124 days ago


A champ is a champ for recognizing the opportunity and to use that for his own benefit.

1124 days ago


Harvey is very dominating, even on rare occasion when he asks his co hosts for input or allows them to talk he ends up correcting them or blowing off what they say as insignificant.
Wonder if Charles ever feels like head butting him.

1124 days ago


I'm no Mayweather fan, but last time I checked he was winning every round. If he ain't all that, how insignificant does that make Ortiz?

1124 days ago

Scott from http://anisamiller.com/?page_id=199    

Ortiz was really hungry on that pre fight one-on-one interview with Mayweather. When the bell goes and after a few rounds it's clear that Floyd surpassed his confidence maybe that's why he went for that headbutt and triggered Floyd for the sucker punch. It's a match man, protect yourself at all times. He shouldn't went to apologize again because he already did! It's like asking come on knock me out! It's not a fair fight. Rematch...

1124 days ago


Please shut up Victor. I've loved you and your story since you fought Maidana years back. But fact is Floyd whipped your ass. Even before the sucker punch. Anyone who knows boxing knows he did you a favor and saved you the embarrassment of getting KO'd later in the fight. At least now you can do what you're doing. Claiming you got hit with a sucker punch. He is on a level you'll never be on Victor.

1124 days ago


It's your own damn fault, Ortiz. Pay attention next time. What were you looking around for? To see if your trainer wanted you to headbutt him again? Stupid.

1123 days ago


What I'd like to see if may get knocked the f out by the true champ PAC-man

1123 days ago
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