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"The X Factor"

Half the Show Of "Idol"

9/22/2011 8:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The big "X Factor" premiere last night fell way short of Simon Cowell's expectations -- earning just over half the ratings "American Idol" got during its premiere in January.

Simon's new show averaged an 8.7 rating, while the tenth season premiere of "Idol" pulled in a 16.4 -- and in last night's head-to-head ... "Modern Family" and "Criminal Minds" won out.

Simon called in to TMZ Live yesterday -- telling us, he desperately wanted to beat out his alma mater in the ratings department ... but based on last night's performance, that's gonna be an uphill battle.

To be fair -- the first ever episode of "American Idol" only scored a 6.1 in 2002 ... and has since had years to build a loyal audience. Then again, singing competitions were new back then.



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Dirty Dancing Fan    

It was a good show,only thing is that it went up against "Modern Family" which is EMMY winning show. Hopefully they change the Day of the X Factor.I will continue to recored & watch later :)

1127 days ago


It is pretty obvious who the target market is for the show. The African American performers were great, and the white performers were jokes. Watched it - will no*****ch it again.

1127 days ago



Criminal charges should be filed against the guy and also the shows creators for allowing him to continue to perform. The charges should be indecent exposure and lewd acts in front of minors. X Factor was fully aware children would be watching the show but aired it anyways for ratings. X Factor picked him to perform because they knew what he was going to do. Why didn’t they throw him off the stage when he did it the first time? They allowed him to do it twice and still let him continue to perform. If Paula was so grossed out why didn’t she say something instead of pretending to be offended? She’s no Angel and we all know she likes ****. X Factor had every opportunity to edit him out of the show. A lawsuit should be filed against the show and FOX for airing this idiot.

Talk about this issue and don’t punk out because both your shows are on the same network.

1127 days ago


Only watched the first 30 minutes of this show, then HAD to hit up Survivor. I want Simon to have a successful show, but my priorities is with cbs at 8pm. I did watch it today, On Demand, and was grossed out by that one guy flipping his wiener around.

1127 days ago


Don't worry fans - Mr Simon and his friends at the "Entertainmnet news shows" will hype and make it " A-must-see". Whether you like it or not , by Gosh , they will make it relevant..Mr (Egomaniac)Simon is not going out like that..lmao

1127 days ago


Too many commercials, not enough "idiots" that we've grown to love watching from American Idol, no chemistry with any of the judges, only liked Simon and Paula, the other two were yawners, should have booted the dude who took his pants off instead of thinking you could have higher ratings by keeping him up there...he was GROSS and inappropriate for younger viewers,
basically YAWN....we (ages ranging from 14-68) gave it our best by watching the entire show, but probably won*****ch it anymore. Extremely boring and just regurgitated, compiled crap from American Idol/America's got talent/So you think you can dance. Sorry Simon Cowell, I think you're big head got the best of you with this one. You're too ****y and its obvious you didn't think this one through. BORING!!!

1127 days ago


Look folks, Americans have a way of bursting bubbles. They've been watching simon (with his big head )carefully , and they've been waiting to kick him in the nuts . And they did it last night with the dismal ratings , and I predict , the ratings will continue to go down ..STAY HUMBLE folks, or Americans will bring you down to

1127 days ago


This show was absolutely horrible. I will not waste my time watching it. American Idol is much better as far as I'm concerned.

1127 days ago


Watched it, didn't really care for it.

1127 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Same show, different name, still a boring Kareoke show.

1127 days ago

Shaz A    

We are lucky to have USA X Factor and American Idol here in the UK. The show was very disappointing and bland judges like Nicole and Paula doesn't help. Paula is only there coz of the "Saula" thing with Simon but her judging skills were always bad in Idol tbh. As much as I can't stand Cheryl Cole one bit, she is actually a better judge than Paula and Nicole put together being an experienced judge for 3 years winning twice (2008, 2009) and runners-up (2010) on UK X Factor. Simon really needs to do something fast otherwise this show will flop

1127 days ago


A bit too much of commercials, & aside from the naked guy, everything is better than AI.

1127 days ago


The Sing Off opened to weak ratings. The X-Factor opened to weak ratings. Singing reality shows belong to mid-season not fall season. I'm surprised Simon didn't know this. Maybe because he's not American.


1127 days ago

Staceyann Dolenti    

I liked the X-Factor! I just wish they wouldn't have started out on a big stage. It seemed to much like America's Got Talent. it did showcase some very good talent.

Stacey ann Dolenti

1127 days ago


I found the the **** Factor completely contrived and Simon apparently lost his balls somewhere on the way from AI to this stage.

1127 days ago
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