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DJ Qualls

Vancouver PD Beat Me Up

For No Reason!

9/24/2011 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ Qualls posted dozens of messages to his Twitter page early this morning, detailing what he says was an unwarranted beat down he took from a Vancouver police officer.

Qualls -- best known for his roles in "Road Trip" and "Memphis Beat" -- says he witness a fight in the street and tried to ID one of the attackers to a police officer, but that officer immediately turned on him and threatened to arrest him. He claims the officer tackled him to the ground, busted his face, handcuffed him and "Taunted me for 1/2hr b4 the ambulance came. I was held, no calls, no attorney. AND I had to pay an $800 ER bill. Free healthcare, Canada?"

Qualls, who ID'd the officer by name, said he plans on taking the matter up with internal affairs and wants to be reimbursed for his hospital bills.

Calls to Vancouver PD were not returned.

A rep for the Vancouver PD tells TMZ they are "not aware of the incident" or "who Mr Qualls is." The rep went on to say they encourage anyone who feels like they have a complaint against the department to file a report, but would not comment any further.


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When a cop says,"beat it", you do not ask,"why?" You just leave! This guy was probably drunk and was questioning this officer.The officer told him to leave or be arrested. It was a poor choice to then ask "why?"Cops do not like that B.S. when they r in the middle of breaking up a bunch of brawling drunks. When a cop gives u an order just follow it ahole!

1088 days ago


Yes we do have free healthcare, for CANADIANS only. This guy is such and ugly loser.

1088 days ago


His story doesn't sound right, which isn't to say that there aren't officers who don't abuse their power, but Qualls was probably drunk. His complaint that he should have gotten free healthcare even though he is not a Canadian taxpayer is ridiculous. Canadian healthcare is obviously not free to the world, DJ Qualls, you must have Canadian citizenship to qualify.

1088 days ago


Cops in and around Vancouver have been criticized for a number of incidents involving excessive force, and have also been heavily criticized for not using nearly enough force to stop the riot.
This almost certainly happened on Granville Street. There are tons of drunk young guys and the fights would spiral out of control if the cops didn't take decisive action. Cops are vastly outnumbered, and throwing around accusations of who did what is idiotic as it could lead to another fight. Cuffing a drunk who is accusing others and arguing with cops does diffuse a situation and is usually the right call. The cops deal with these fights all the time and know what they're doing. If he got cut while being tackled, that's unfortunate, but Canadian tax payers shouldn't pay for his idiocy. Buy travel insurance.

1088 days ago


omg, "crack anyone?"

1088 days ago


"witness" [sic]
Witnessed would be proper grammar.
Hire better editors if you are going to compete with
The Star or the The National Enquirer.

1088 days ago


Up here in Canada the RCMP get to investigate themselves, no internal affairs. The officer will probably get a suspension with pay (vacation). Unfortunately it probably happens all the time to people who aren't any type of celebrity.

1088 days ago


I can tell you from having lived there that Vancouver Cops have been goons thugs and morons for ever . They are mostly wannabes that could not make the RCMP ,not that they are any thing to be pleased about either .
He will get nowhere with the complaint ...VCPD will stall it forever ..just standard proceedure..
You can bet after the riots that the cops will be really out of control now .

I would have thought that it would be clear to any one thinking about
going there DONT ! just stay the hell away.

I do , it has been years since I went , there are many better places to be.

1088 days ago


Let this be a lesson to all american performers to stay out of canada. They're dropping like flies up there.
Quall's report will go nowhere. Don't even waste the ink and paper.

1088 days ago


I've worked in downtown nightclubs for 5 years now and the vpd while they are "serious" they never really powertrip. He must have had it coming. (ie: the cop told him to not do something and he kept doing it) Cops will not **** around especially when liquor is involved.

1088 days ago


Just to be clear... healthcare is free in Canada, to Canadian citizens. Anyone visiting our country is still required to pay for medical services. It isn't a freebie for random Americans that can't hold their liquor while in our country.

1088 days ago

Kevin Askley    

Why the hell isn't Canadian health care free for everyone? We let you have our oil and our resources. We protect you from terrorism. WE LET YOU EXIST and don't ask for anything in return. You brag about your health care and won't even let someone go to the hospital? Oh yeah, and nobody has heard of DJ Qualls? Turn on a TV Canada. Or are you too busy watching the hockey game? LOLOLOLOLOL
If you ask me we're building a fence at the wrong border.

1088 days ago


Whether you are guilty or innocent, anywhere in the world, for your own protection, when a cop tells you to shut up, you know what you do? you STFU.

1088 days ago


I know you people think it's about racist thing it's not those people think they are god they have no respect for us and treat us like crap and they need to protect us we paid tax for protection not for abused they need to grow up god I cant stand them

1088 days ago


Zach Swan, time to grow up, man.

1088 days ago
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