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DJ Qualls

Vancouver PD Beat Me Up

For No Reason!

9/24/2011 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ Qualls posted dozens of messages to his Twitter page early this morning, detailing what he says was an unwarranted beat down he took from a Vancouver police officer.

Qualls -- best known for his roles in "Road Trip" and "Memphis Beat" -- says he witness a fight in the street and tried to ID one of the attackers to a police officer, but that officer immediately turned on him and threatened to arrest him. He claims the officer tackled him to the ground, busted his face, handcuffed him and "Taunted me for 1/2hr b4 the ambulance came. I was held, no calls, no attorney. AND I had to pay an $800 ER bill. Free healthcare, Canada?"

Qualls, who ID'd the officer by name, said he plans on taking the matter up with internal affairs and wants to be reimbursed for his hospital bills.

Calls to Vancouver PD were not returned.

A rep for the Vancouver PD tells TMZ they are "not aware of the incident" or "who Mr Qualls is." The rep went on to say they encourage anyone who feels like they have a complaint against the department to file a report, but would not comment any further.


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Agent Aardvark    

On the night of the RIOTS in Vancouver, all the cops stood around with their thumbs up their asses until it was way too late and cars and businesses were burning... Then they go ape**** when it's something minor. No wonder the police have lost respect in Vancouver.

1123 days ago


your not going to see free healthcare in Canada unless your Canadian

1123 days ago


I'm so ******* sick of people ragging on cops. No one has any respect for any form of authority . No wonder the kids now adays are mouthy little *******, who murder their parents for no reason or bully fat or ugly kids. Cops don't know you, they go to a situation blind, being forced to deal with ******** all day (who always act as if they could do the job better) and if people do act like an *******, all mouthy and rude. Then they can consider it uncooperative behavior and make you sit the **** down. Get over it princess.

1123 days ago


as ez e would put it MAN **** THE POLICE!

1123 days ago


the vancouver pd is a ******* joke! the reason guys become cops is to make their 2 inch ***** grow.. and for the ladies.. their absolute ***** who need to act tough because they are ugly as ****. they let everything go to their head and abuse their "status".

1123 days ago


Never heard of this nasty little weasel. I lived in Vancouver for 17 years and know this area well. On a recent visit back, I noticed that the clientele on Granville Street is a little rougher these days, even though the area itself has gone more upscale. I am female and definitely felt uneasy being on Granville Street at night, waiting for a bus. Late on a Friday night, the cops downtown have to deal with all the drunks going in and out of the bars, screaming, fighting as well as all the crackheads/homeless mental cases in the all too close, Downtown Eastside. These cops have a tough job. If they cuffed him, he probably deserved it. I think he is just trying for a little publicity to inflate a dead/non-existant career. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, buddy.

1123 days ago


As a resident of Vancouver I can attest that what happened to DJ Qualls happens to regular citizens on a regular basis here. I abide laws but as I have had many good experiences with police the cops that walk the beat where DJ was assaulted are usually the lowest on the pole. VPD recruiting requires its members to be poorly endowed, weak minded and most importantly must use steroids. just search in Google news "Vancouver police brutality" you'll learn that as docile as us Canadians are our police have learned immensely from their American colleagues. Police brutality will always exist when the state takes away accountability for their armed thugs. In Canada the police are never held accountable morally, financially or criminally. Check out this gem. This is what we do to visitors when they land at the airport. Makes US style rendition look like a cakewalk. My American friends you are not alone in your frustration with government sanctioned gangs called the POLICE. Know your rights and protect your fellow citizens from their abuse.

1123 days ago


**** the police.

1123 days ago


Dude, the healthcare is only free in Canada if you are a Canadian. As to getting beat up... Maybe the cop didn't like one of his Seriously, though, I hope they get the cop. Police corruption in Vancouver is horrible and they need to clean up their act.

1123 days ago


Free healthcare is for Canadians just like healthcare in Australia is for citizens of Australia, US school do a great job teaching kids there only one place in the globe

1122 days ago


Once again someone think Canada has "free" health care. It's not free or particularly good.

1122 days ago


Between the typos and that comment about Canada's free healthcare I'm wondering what kind of ignoramus wrote this article. You really think Canada hands out free healthcare to just everyone, including non-Canadian celebrities? Our taxes pay for the privilege of our fellow Canadians to be healed whether or not they can afford it.

I'd berate the author directly if this lousy publication even gave him or her a byline, but if my journalistic skills were this poor I'd want to hide too.

1122 days ago


The free healthcare is for Canadians!!! Not ignorant Americans who just expect everything free!!

1122 days ago

Nadine Lumley    

Yes, the police in Canada are completely corrupt and I believe his story 100%.

On the other hand, it's amusing he thinks tourists are entitled to "free" healthcare when his own country won't give it to him. Does he know how the tax system is supposed to work?

This ain’t Canada anymore

A police oversight body is probing the comments of a police officer who was caught on YouTube telling a man who refused to be searched during the G20 summit, "This ain't Canada right now."

"I was actually responding to him, saying, 'OK, well, I'm not going to open my backpack so I'm going to leave and that's actually when he assaulted me and said you don't get a choice."

1122 days ago

Nadine Lumley    

G20 Trials and the War on Activism

It is no coincidence the people facing the most serious charges with the most restrictive bail conditions are among the most effective organizers in this country. They are precisely the people who build bridges across traditionally separate communities and constituencies, finding common ground where there was often antipathy before.

1122 days ago
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