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Presidents Clinton and Obama

Hitting the Links

9/24/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former president Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama played a round of golf at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland today.

Obama’s chief of staff, William Daley, and longtime Clinton adviser Doug Band rounded out the foursome.

Clinton, foursome ... too easy.


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some guy    

A fivesome is more Bubba's speed, anyhoo.

1102 days ago


We were sold hope in 2008. All we gone was hype. We need more stupid people voting for the whores in the white house.

1102 days ago


LOL@ the morons who are questioning who paid the greens when trillions of dollars are still hemorrhaging to Iraq, Afghanistan and Halliburton.

1102 days ago


Clinton telling Obama " Hillary will make a Great VP"

1102 days ago


Obama: "So Bill, how do I win over the public to get votes for the next election?"

Clinton: "Learn how to look them directly in the eye when you lie to them."

1102 days ago


They have alot in common:

Clinton = Serial Abuser of Women
Obama = Serial Abuser of The Constitution

1102 days ago


Hey,I'm glad to see Obama working 24/7 on how to get 16 million people back to work.

1102 days ago

keeping it real    

Obamas all HELP!! BILL HELP ME!! PLEEEASSSE! And Clintons all I knew he could never handle being the President.

1102 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Did Obama disappoint me? Yes.

But I'd take Obama over the Bush years any day.

Know what side you are on folks. The republicans don't like the middle class at all....

1102 days ago

truth hurts    

Obama 2012!

1102 days ago


All I can say is, Marie Antoinette was reputed to have said "Let them eat cake", Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Obama plays golf while people are out of work and the country is in a fiscal mess. Nobody says he doesn't have a right to leisure time, but I suggest everyone look up how many vacations he has taken, to date, including time spent at Camp David. Granted, others have taken MORE time, others less, but I find it ridiculous. Anybody doesn't like my opinion, you know what they say, opinions are like ********, everyone has one...........

1102 days ago


I do not care what colour a persons skin is, if he is purple with pink polka dots, great. I don't care if they are republican, democrat, whatever. Do the job you are paid to do. I am in what is called the "middle class". Didn't vote for him, but gave him a chance, he has blown it and I am not happy. Just to let everyone know, I am an equal opportunity political basher. Politico's are all the same, different face, same lies.

1102 days ago


Two of the biggest losers of all time. Obama should be impeached for forcing homosexuality into the military. Interesting he didn't allow that to go up for a vote amongst the American people. I'm willing to bet that we as a whole wouldn't have agreed with his disgusting liberalism. What a disgrace!

1102 days ago


Funny... they re-posted the picture with his arm blocking his over-hanging Belly!!! Bill ( waving that crooked finger ): Hey TMZ, I absolutely do not approve of you showing how out of shape I've become since I decided to go vegan.

1102 days ago


To the idiot that posted a link to the cbs news story about vacation days..did you even watch or read that? You are completely ill informed. No where in that piece did it say President Bush took 180 days off in his first year. Take off your liberal hate glasses..clean out your ears..and perhaps you would see/hear the truth. President Bush had to deal with 911 in the first 9 months of his presidency..he didnt have the luxury of taking any time off. Get your facts straight!

1102 days ago
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