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Corey Feldman's Playmate Ex


9/25/2011 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman's Playboy model ex-wife claims her famous baby daddy left her high and dry with their 7-year-old son -- and now she's enlisted county officials to force him to pay child support.

Susannah Feldman's local child support agency filed legal docs on her behalf in L.A. County Superior Court -- asking a judge to order Corey to cough up $307 a month to help take care of the kid.

The figure is based on Corey's monthly income -- which, according to the docs, is only $1,387.

Susannah -- who divorced him in 2009 -- also wants Corey to provide health insurance for the child, and pay half of his medical expenses.

Calls to Corey's rep weren't returned.


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Corey please stand up and be a man. $300 a month is hardly nothin to a SUPERSTAR like you. LOL!!

1126 days ago


Got cash some where. She has to find it.

1126 days ago


Well, if he's going to 'stick it in her', then she needs to 'stick it to him!'

1126 days ago


OMG! Corey Feldman BRED!? God help us!

1126 days ago

Lilly Pad    

When I was young I used to think him and his buddy Corey Haim were tooo cool for school,....guess what? I grew up. Can't recall if I have even seen an interview where there wasn't some sort of controversy, very sad he has had so many issues being a grown up, and never making it. suspect he decided to pro-create to enhance his career and show that his sperms were NO lost boys.Watched "The Two Coreys" ,wanted to see (maybe) what made these two work. Feldman, help make this baby, up. What happened to your residuals brother? isn't this something you blamed on your parents? the missing money. Where the hell was your agent and manager ? When I watch TMZ,...when they pitch a story involving you, everyone rills their eyes, especially Harvey.What the hell did to do to alienate SOOO many people in Hollywood? Your supposed to be a man,...soo you little dweeb,....stop whinning, start acting like a man, and be the example you should be for your son. Then, maybe then, people will hire you again. NO MORE Michael Jackson garb and dancing (kinda creepy), dress appropriately and behave so,....maybe the powers that be will look at you as a reputable talent

1126 days ago


$307 a month, really? For one kid? And I guarantee only 1/4 of that will go to their son. And keep in mind people, he's probably paying her alimony...since she doesn't do anything but put make-up on all day. If he's paying alimony (which is probably ALOT) I doubt he can keep up with the child support. He should've never had married that skank ass hoe. All she did was use him to get famous and in the meanwhile dumping on his best friend Corey Haim and tearing their friendship apart. I don't like her, never did. Corey, keep your head up dude.

1126 days ago


What a bunch of creeps on here! Why doesn't anyone - ever - ask why Dad didn't get custody in the first place? If you did, then you'd be on the right track to figuring out how the Government rips you off! Surprise; the Government gets a percentage, Einstein's! That’s why we have over 8,000 men (in California alone) paying child support for children that DNA evidence has proven they didn’t father; quota! California cuts those men loose, the State risks losing the $980+ million dollars it receives annually from the Fed for its child support collection and case management efforts; that’s your Form 1040, folks. And BTW, those Federal funds never make their way into the lives of children of divorce or impoverished kids, no. Instead, those funds finance the salaries, medical benefits, paid vacation time, and pensions of those employed by or retired from the Family Law and Child Support Collection Industries, and this has been going on for forty years now! Wake up! It isn’t dead beat Dads, its Dead Broke, just like you fools!

1126 days ago

Chef J    

why have agent, if you are only making $1387.00 a month. heck i make $4250.00 a month, does that mean i need one?

1126 days ago


Ok...for starters all the men saying "All she wanted to get knocked up to get a pay day" you men are sad and most likely don't even support your own children. 2nd: In the state of California...The man is to supply the medical insureance and both parents are to slip the remaining cost. Also $307 in support isn't even enough to house,feed,cloth...and pay for school think about this MEN...before you go putting you man thing in anyone you can...Children are worth more than $307 a is a life time of love and commitment this child needs from BOTH parents...not just MONEY!!

1126 days ago

goyo baredez    

Its time for a 'Stand by Me' Reunion, to help Corey Feldman finances. In the Rock and Roll world that's is the way they help out all surviving bandmembers, they have concert reunions. Actually if Michael were still alive , then he would have put up the $$$ to help out Corey.

1126 days ago

The Painful Truth    

Corey was once a succedssful child actor (1980's) made alot of money @ one time -- but it must all be gone-- but have not done much recently --Don't know how he makes a living these days -- but if he is only knocking don a liitle over $1,000 a month -- This child-support is fair -- not to say that the mother cannot geta job too!

1126 days ago


He'd better hope that his business of felating the homeless picks up. Sad, it's his kid!! $300 a month barely takes care of pampers. LOSER!

1126 days ago


This is embarassing for both of parents and sad for the child. It's embarassing she has to go to the state enforcement agency to get child support for her son from a guy/star who portrayed himself as hollier than thou recovered addict. They were married and had a baby, it's both of their jobs to support the kid. He's nothing but a fake loser. If Haim were alive, had a kid and not paying support, Feldman would make a reality show about how he made Haim pay his support.

1126 days ago



1126 days ago

stupid woman    

stupid women stupid man. story done. move on, worry about the failing of our current president.

1126 days ago
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