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You CAN Put a Price

On Her Children

9/25/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It may have seemed like a funny bit -- Octomom's kids working at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last year to help her out with the mortgage -- but TMZ has obtained documents that show the kids really were paid to do the show ... just not very much.

According to the contracts filed with the court ... Nariyah, Caleb, Elijah and Amerah (the four that appeared on the show, see below) were paid $464.00 each for the episode that aired in September 2010.

The docs state that they would each get paid $112.50 for the first two re-runs of the show, and $75 each for airings 3-5.

Octomom recently said she's giving up the home, so it was all for naught.


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Just put the kids up for adoption in pairs and give them a fighting chance to have a normal life, you selfish nutjo,b and hope none of the turn out like you.

1095 days ago


This woman is struggling with all those children. Yeah, I agree, she should never have had them to begin with but they are here and growing up like wild animals. She needs help. I have no idea what she should do next, tho. Those poor kids.

1095 days ago


Ginger- see the first comment

1095 days ago


That is sad.

1095 days ago

just my opinion    

the children were well behaved enough to handle this task. kids will be kids when not given proper supervision and act out accordingly sometimes so i wouldnt deem them animals. i agree that it is unsuitable for that many children to be raised by only one parent...however, taking children away from the mother is not always the answer. a lot of you are very green, naive and priveleged. you have no idea what it is like to grow up within the system. these children will be put in foster care with people who signed up for a paycheck and may physically, emotionally or sexually abuse them. once theyre 18 they are completely on their own without a leg to stand on. you care when theyre children but once theyre adults, scarred and without a family foundation you will call them losers and not give a damn about them. a lot of children grow up in less than desirable environments and somehow find a way to excel in spite of this. it happens every single day. some of you WITH decent families turned out to lack empathy, common sense and the brains to succeed beyond being someones who are you to judge? shes obviously crazy but you know what, she's their mom, period. we can't pick our moms.

1095 days ago

Home Skillet    

I wish, just once, someone would post info on where I could get some cheap Nike Air Jordans.

1095 days ago


Sorry, no sympathy from. How much did NataLIE make? I this how her management is orchestrate the story? The kids didn't make enough money? Natalie was there too, so lets divulge her earnings as well. Funny but Jimmy Kimmel sent that yah yah guy to fix her house, maybe he can send him out again to fix it. Natalie can get paid for someone fixing her house. Thats right she doesn't want to live next to her horrible neighbors especially the one that stares at her children.
Why don't we just say" the boxing gig wasn't enough , send more money" that way we don't have to use the kids :)

1095 days ago


I sure hope she put that money away for them, and not squandered it away like she did with all the other money they made her. Suze Orman stated that she made enough money to take care of them through adulthood, and she squandered it all away. THAT is the type of Mother she is!

1095 days ago


Much <3 to Jimmy Kimmel for doing that for them. Very funny :)

1094 days ago


Va-Gina is looking for another handout for her star client.

1094 days ago


What's wrong with helping your parent? In my teens, after school and during the summer.. I used to mow lawns and iron clothes, deliver papers for money and help pay the bills while my father was in the hospital., also I bought my own school clothes. I was glad to help

1094 days ago


Kate Gosslin's kids get paid to do Kate plus 8, why shouldn't Nadya's children do the same? Both have made decisions that made them have multiple births. Both need a way to make money. When I was a teen I helped my parents pay bills. It wasn't me willingly wanting to help either but you do what you gotta do to keep a roof over your head.

1094 days ago


She's just as bad as Mama Lohan

1094 days ago


I hope those kids had a working permit before they "earned" income for their lazy a$$ poor excuse of a mother.

1094 days ago


SO FREAKING WHAT! Gees, talk about your double standards here... Why is it okay for the DUGGARS, GOSSELINS, BATES, MASCHE, ROLOFF, HAYES, JONES, CARPIO, MCGHEE, even TODDLERS & TIARAS and THE SISTER WIVES to exploit their kids and make money off them to pay the bills but not okay for Nadya Suleman? Why look down on Nadya for letting her kids do JK show earning a few extra bucks for the family? That makes no sense to me UGH!
Nadya's feeding, clothings and sheltering her kids not to mention paying her bills. It's not like the money is going up her nose, she's out partying and drinking blowing the money up. Nadya is just a single mom who has made mistakes like every body else out there. She is doing her best to handle her responsibility as a parent, as a mother to her 14 little angels. Nadya's not running away from her mistakes, she's not running away from her children. She's in this fight for survival every single day with them, every step of the way. Nadya never once abandon her kids, she fought tooth and nails to keep them together and with her and you all know it wasn't an easy task with Gloria Allred, Carol Leiberman, Angel and Waiting and hosts of other top officials all breathing down her neck right along with the paparazzi and haters threatening her. She could have giving up and thrown in the towels long time ago, but here she is still fighting and struggling taking hits to the jar by haters while still trying to do the right thing by her kids. I think she deserve a huge break considering the odds that were stacked against her since day one. Hell she did her best for nearly 3 yrs and welfare and disability that many said she would in up on, had no part in it. I think she's should be commended for hanging in there this long.
If on the off chance you're reading this Nadya.
Hat off to you girl, I salute and applaud your effort, not many single mom's or dad's would have hung in there like you have. Keep on doing the right thing by your children and you won't go wrong. You do whatever you have to within law and reason to provide and care for your kids and screw the haters, since their not giving you anything that you can take to the bank and cash n e way :).

1094 days ago
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