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Robert Loggia

Shoots Down "Scarface" Update

9/25/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Say hello to a little controversy -- because Robert Loggia (that's R, as in Robert Loggia) says he's STRONGLY against the "Scarface" update that's reportedly in the works.

In case you haven't heard, Universal Pictures is rumored to have started production on a new "Scarface" project that's being described as an "update" from the 1983 classic.

According to reports, the new movie is supposed to contain elements from the '83 version (man becomes drug dealer, kills a bunch of people, etc.) ... but it's not a sequel or a remake.

But Loggia -- who played drug lord Frank Lopez in the Al Pacino version -- tells TMZ, "Scarface is a classic that should rest in peace!  Nuff said!" 

He always tells the truth ... even when he lies.


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Scarface is one of those movies that are so bad they're good, Kinda like Napoleon Dynamite.

1126 days ago


Jesus, Hollywood is made up of a bunch of brain dead liberals. I just saw they re-made The Thing, Fright Night, Footloose, and the Three Musketeers AGAIN. No creativity at all. Go pick up a good book and make it into a decent movie otherwise the theaters will stay empty. Noone wants to spend $50-$100 to watch the garbage you people keep spewing out.

1126 days ago


why the hell does hollywood have to remake everything these days? just start leaving well enough alone on the old classics.

1126 days ago


Of course those ripoff losers in HWood are gong to "remake" Scarface. Because they have NOTHING. All they do now is "remake" or RIPOFF classics and ruin them. Hoolywood is full of lazy, no mind writers.

1126 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Are there any original thoughts in Hollywad? Everything is a remake. Lion King, which is about 20 years old, is beating everything at the box office.

I'd rather watch TLC & History channel for FREE.

1126 days ago


I haven't been happy with one remake yet. Remakes are a bad idea period.

1126 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Seems like a pretty basic concept to me. Unless the character is called Scarface and has a scar on his face how can you call it a remake? How many movies have there been about a drug dealer that kills a lot of people?

1126 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I'm sure Paul Muni would say the same thing if he were alive, only he'd say it about the 1983 Pacino bloodfest. His 1932 film "Scarface: Shame of a Nation" was one of the boldest, most potent, raw and violently-brutal gangster-crime films ever made. It had for it's time cutting edge cinematography and unlike the news media's portrayal of gangsters as modern day Robin hoods, it showed them for what they were - cruel, murderous, amoral thugs. The final scene, much like the entire movie was pretty much ripped off by the 1983 remake.
You can see the final scene here:

1126 days ago

Dan Del Aguaro    

Actually the 1983 Scarface was a remake off the 1932 Scarface, way to go hollywood, remake, of a remake. No wonder you suck at original ideas, look at Abduction, hmm is that the only original movie this year from Hollywood thats not an indy film???

1126 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Sorry, I pasted the wrong URL on my post. Here is the full ending of Scarface:

1126 days ago

Mark Myward    

@Professor Chaos, Are you kidding? Scarface was ahead of it's time and didn't get the recognition it should have due to the content of the film at that time. In today's time it would win Oscars.

A remake is nothing more than a way to make cheap money on what everyone one on the planet knows could never match what the talents of Brian De Palma and Oliver Stone put together. Al Pacino. Steven Bauer. Michelle Pfeiffer,Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Robert Loggia with a music score by the legendary Giorgio Moroder.

Anything based off this epic film would be an insult!

1126 days ago


"Classic"??? LOL

Scarface is an OK movie with a few quotable lines. It's only a classic to retard rappers and suburban wannabes.

1126 days ago


does anyone care what this shrivled up old nobody even has to say anymore remeakes will happen cause they make money not much but some and exec only care about the penny they can make. and you know what i do to cause that put food on the table

1126 days ago


Is it true they have cast Russell Brand as Tony Montana?

1125 days ago

Icebaby... is back dude    

You tell 'em Robert! Sadly, it will happen. And every rapper alive in the universe will do everything they can to star in it. Also, Hollywood is dead. All they need is money. They couldn't give a rat ass about quality anymore. The 1983 Scarface, was a remake of an even classier Scarface from 1932, which is just as good and more influential... but, when De Palma remade it, he did it with quality an great actors. Now, if this one will have a black (no racist) person as the main character, then fine. It'll suck anyhow. But please, no overactors like Bale, or some British actor. Oh hell, Hollywood sucks now period. You rule Robert!

1125 days ago
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