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Soap Opera Hunk Sues

Movie Producer Demanded Pic


9/25/2011 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A super good looking soap opera stud claims he's being victimized by an obsessed female movie producer -- who allegedly has it out for him because he refused to email her a pic of his "live organ."

Victor Alfieri -- who starred on "The Bold and the Beautiful" and appeared in the movie "Angels and Demons" -- is also an aspiring filmmaker ... and claims a female fan decided to invest in one of his projects last year.

Alfieri claims the woman, Adriana Trevino, dumped more than $150k into his movie -- but it soon became clear that she wanted a sexual relationship with Alfieri as part of the package deal.

In his lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Alfieri claims Adriana would often try to get frisky with him -- one time suggesting they have sex to "release some stress."

Alfieri claims he turned her down ... so "she asked that he at least email her a picture of his 'c**k' which she could masturbate to."

Alfieri claims he again refused ... and instead emailed her a link to a photo of a dildo -- but Adriana replied that she would rather "have Alfieri's 'live' organ."

According to the suit, Adriana finally got the message ... but instead of quietly moving on, she allegedly stole the footage from Victor's movie ... and refuses to give it back.


Victor claims Adriana contacted his mother who lives in Italy -- and told her that they were humping ... which in turn caused Victor's mom to FREAK OUT so bad, she needed to be hospitalized.

Victor is begging a judge to force Adrana to return his footage -- plus he wants unspecified monetary damages.


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The least he could have done is sent her a picture of his thing..I mean, come on. I would sell a picture of my **** to someone for 150,000 dollars any time. In fact, where is this woman? I think her and I could do business..

1127 days ago


this guy is a real jerkoff OR a saint if you ask me, first off she already invested 150 thousand into his movie thats gonna be horrible to begin with so he already owes her a bang, next he could have banged her every time he wanted or needed some loot and could have drained her bank acount,if she was that into him he really could have taken advantage of her sooooo maybe he's a good guy that just wants his movie footage back and i guess like someone else mentoned is a gay. ahahhaahhahahaha

1127 days ago


I'm glad to hear he didn't do it. Next thing you know, it would have been plastered all over the internet and she'll blackmail him. Some guys do have class and are decent.

1127 days ago

kim purdy    

Mama Mia! Horney producer wants pics of my tiny Italian pee pee. What am I gonna do Mama?????

1127 days ago

V Kint    

What?! I got chicks begging me for pictures of my UNIT every day!

1127 days ago


Sorry TMZ but your story doesn't come close to passing the smell test. The main bite of "hard to swallow" is mama mia having to go to the hospital because her son is humping some chick. First off, this dude HAS to be in his 30s so I'm quite sure his dingus has seen action before. Secondly, what Italian male doesn't hump anything with an orifice and what Italian female would get excited over that?

As for the missing film footage, come on, how did the chick get familiar enough and close enough to a) know where to find it and b) lift it?

I think you need to go back to your old Charlie Sheen or Mel Gibson fodder base; this is too unbelievable, even for TMZ.

1127 days ago


Geez, for $150 grand he could have at least sent her a damn pic, or is he afraid it would be too underwhelming?

1127 days ago


I think this guy MUST have led her on to milk money from her. She found out she was being played, got really pissed, called his mom (not clear on this one) and kept his footage.

1127 days ago


Sure, I will be happy to accept your money and give you nothing in return. Then act like I am upset your sexually harassing me. REALLY? poor guy!

1127 days ago


Hey Adriana, Call me!

1127 days ago


Gay. Bring back the Rock Hudson gays!!! That was when men were men & gays were men!!

1127 days ago


hey for 150 g's why not send it

1127 days ago

Samuel Smithers    

Is it just me, or is Harvey gay?

1127 days ago


Where's the super good looking stud this story is about??

1127 days ago


And why did mom have to be hospitalized---unless she's not used to her son humping women.

1127 days ago
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