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Who Wants to OVERPAY

for My "Celebrity Home?"

9/27/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


For Sale:
Banged up "celebrity home" ... 4 bedrooms, but uncomfortably sleeps 15 .... 3 bathrooms, but there's crap all over the place -- and it's up for sale for $25k OVER market value!!!!!

Yes, Octomom Nadya Suleman has finally listed her Orange County, CA home -- in a last ditch effort to squeeze some cash out of the place before the bank forecloses on it in the next couple of days.

As we previously reported, the Octocrib was appraised at $500k -- but she must be feeling lucky because Nadya has listed the place for $525,000.

A master of the sales pitch, Octo has described the pad as a "celebrity home" -- complete with artificial turf in the backyard and a "desirable" cul-de-sac location.

If ya want it, better act fast -- and also, you should lick yourself, because you must be a sucker. 



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that's so mean of you TMZ. This woman is struggling to make an income, and with all those kids to support, and you go and trash her attempt to sell her home, all over the internet? Shameful "journalism". You think potential buyers wont read this article? You're so mean, really. And I guess here comes the Octo-bashing, with all the following comments... no heart, any of you.

1121 days ago


she's prolly also giving spankings or a car wash to those who come to look at the place and make an offer.

1121 days ago


If the Trustee's sale is that close - - doubt she'll even get lookie-loos. Question is - - are we going to be treated in the future to an unlawful detainer action, and eventually the Sheriff showing up for an eviction? Film at 11?

1121 days ago


I guess she thinks because she's such a star, that people will pay over market value for the house...LOL!

1120 days ago


Hi Gossip, It's funny - they changed the advertising. Two days ago it was "historic celebrity home"; today it's "former celebrity home." Wonder what that means.

1120 days ago


your bunch ******** tmz the crazy bitch has 15 kids why you wanna mess with her babys there kids .fkkk you cabrones

1120 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

you shoul****** yourself

1120 days ago


I bet the places stinks to high heaven.

1120 days ago


Doesn't one have to be a celebrity before one can sell their home as a celebrity home? Only in America does being a welfare mom equal being a celebrity! Back to the trailer park time!

1120 days ago


She looks like a "skanky bitch" and from the looks of her living conditions she lives like one also. I'm truly amazed that DHS hasn't stepped in and taken the kids away for the filthy and dangerous living conditions.

1120 days ago


This isn't even octo's house, it's that guys house who tried to help octo, so now the poor guy is going o be 500k down because of this disgusting human being.
She said she refused to pay the rent because the house was trashed but she trashed it

That poor guy who tried to help!
No one is going to help her again after that, wouldn't be surprised if she ends up homeless or in public housing now! And say goodbye to "private school" she kept gloating about!

1120 days ago


now she can go trash a sec 8 house. Loser!

1120 days ago


Ef-off! pig! Celebrity house my @$$.

1120 days ago


celebrity? lol, good one TMZ.

1120 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Girl, pack your things and children and move to a fifty thousand dollar place in Oklahoma, and give those children a chance to grow up normal. You can get a place with lots of land, enclose the property and let those chldren play and not be afraid they will bother the neighbors. What a way to become a celebrity, but it is not working for you so concentrate on what is best for the rearing of your children. You will never be alone when you have a real need, and the money you may have, you can use to stock up for winter months. Clothes, food, shelter, educaton, more privacy and beautiful surroundings is what you could be enjoying.

1120 days ago
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