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Britney Spears' Dad

Scores 7-Figure Deal

in Femme Fatale Tour

9/28/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' daddy will get more than a million bucks -- possibly a lot more -- for his work as the manager of Britney's Femme Fatale Tour.

TMZ has obtained legal docs in Britney's conservatorship case, which show Britney's overall manager, Larry Rudolph, wants to give up 2% of his cut to Jamie, because daddy Spears has done such a great job -- Larry's cut is 10% of the gross.

We've learned Jamie has not gotten an extra penny for his work as Tour Manager -- a position he's held since February. 

According to the docs, Jamie negotiated a sweet deal for Britney with Live Nation, the tour promoter.  He's also coordinated Britney's personal schedule, and supervised her arrivals and departures.  He's handled finances, managed Britney's security to protect her from the paparazzi and made 200 - 400 calls and other communications a day on Brit's behalf.

Even though Larry Rudolph is voluntarily giving 2% of his cut to Jamie, it still has to be approved by the court, but that's just a formality.


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Nice to see a parent who actually care about their childs well being and not just how much money they are bringing in.

1118 days ago


TMZ is either careless in reporting (gasp!) or no math wizards. The article doesn't say Larry is giving up 2% of the gross, it says he's giving up "2% of his cut" (Larry gets 10%). 2% of 10% is 0.2% overall. If Jaime is going to get $1 million, then the tour grossed/will gross $500 million. I think a tour grossing $500 million would be a better story.

1118 days ago


I definitely have to say that Jamie deserves every penny and more, because anyone who saw that do***entary from a few years back can see that he pretty much dedicates every moment of his day for her. You saw more of him working just as much if not more than the manager (who was also her manager prior to her train falling off the track).

Unlike Lynn who pretty much for years lived off the money that Britney made, Jamie was financially independent and made a good living as an chef before acting as Britney's caretaker.

Say what you want, but the work keeps her grounded.

1118 days ago

Jim in Cali    

200 to 400 calls a day? Who the hell could he be talking too? WTF?

1118 days ago


Father knows best !

1118 days ago


Rich and successful. Single or married, you have no time for games. You are looking to mentor or spoil someone special — perhaps a "personal secretary"? secret lover? student? or a mistress for an extra-marital affair? it’s all about sugarbabymeet.c0m.

1118 days ago


Britney's daddy always was about using her for money; and his "rescue" of her was just another of those. What she needed was an escape from the constant paparrazzi and a safe, stern, structured environment away from everyone who was using her, but that's never gonna happen because her parents have her locked up tight. If she ever loses all the money and the ability to generate it, they'll throw her away. If anyone is to blame for what she's become, it's her parents. They were so busy making her a star, she never had a childhood, adolescenthood, or adulthood, and is used by the people closest to her. I don't know her current boyfriend but I hope he cares about her more than her parents and the father of her children do.

To the person who thought Jamie is a great parent: Controlling someone since early childhood into having to be a robot smiling and saying all the right things to everyone and constantly performing onstage and off, ais NOT good parenting. Actual love and support and doing what the child needs (rather than using them as a piggy bank their entire life) is a parent's job.

Also, great insight from the person who said, "If he is such a great father and has turned her life around why is he not willing to end the conservatorship after the tour"

1117 days ago


There is a dark side to all of this. The press is fed stories but the truth is often kept from us. Britney does not have freedom. I suggest fans and readers understand another side of this at What you are seeing is NOT what she gets.

1100 days ago


What the press feeds us is not what is really going on here. Close friends and even family are coming forward exposing what "conservatorship" really is. A way to strip a person of their rights. This is not a parent helping a child but a parent who found a way to help them self. Britney is a person and has not control over anything. A father who is profiting and cashing in over the freedom of his child. Do yourself a favor and before you judge. Check and what the public is really talking about. Conservatorship is a legal loophole that leaves thousands of victims penniless see and if you don't think something is going on check out (conservatorship is under the probate courts) it has nothing to do with being dead. The same judge Reva Goetz who presides over the Spears case has a wicked history of wrong and problems. The media needs to really find out from Britney what is going on, its said she is being blackmailed by her father who threatens her with removing her children if she does not go along. Please don't take my word, look deeper.

1100 days ago


yo.britney owes ibrahim patel -ibrham patel- for make-up hairstyling garment design and manufacture and for making the videos. they did meet at knighton 1997 december

1092 days ago


I personally admire Jamie Spears, for he is the only person who stopped Britney downward vicious spiral and became her Lord Privy Seal. The elder Spears is still in control of her financial movements. If I could, I would have given her all my savings. Even those, borrowed through online loans. But, here is the question: What happens now that she's in love with her longtime boyfriend Jason?

1012 days ago
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