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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

AEG Live Co-CEO:

Murray Wanted Too Much $$$

9/28/2011 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Gongaware -- AEG Live Co-CEO Testifies, Day 2
Updated 9/28/11 at 8:50 AM

0928_Paul_Gongaware_trial2Paul Gongaware took the stand again today -- claiming Dr. Conrad Murray requested an astronomical salary for his services to MJ.

* Gongaware said it was Michael who asked him to hire Dr. Murray... but Murray was asking for $5 million ... way too much money.
* But Michael insisted he wanted Murray so he called him again and this time offered him $150 thousand a month -- per MJ's instructions.

Paul also told Dr. Murray's defense attorney he was on the lookout for any drug use by MJ, saying he noticed a "slight slur" in Michael's speech during their interactions.

Paul Gongaware -- AEG Live Co-CEO Testifies, Day 1:
MJ Wanted 21 Extra Shows

Updated Yesterday, 9/27/11 at 3:45 PM

AEG Live's Co-CEO Paul Gongaware just took the stand ... telling prosecutors Michael was the one who demanded 21 extra shows.

* Gongaware claims the first 10 shows sold out nearly instantaneously and Michael wanted to add another 21 bringing the total to 31.
* Gongaware says Michael was obsessed with beating Prince's record of 21 shows at the O2 arena. 
* He said even after selling out 50 shows, there were still 250,000 people waiting for tickets.


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Rogue Warrior    

What up all you emotionally illiterate, Nancy Disgrace following, irrational, rode wet, mental midgets? FYI, MJ was a drug addicted pedophile who suffered from an identity crisis and took it upon himself to OD!
On the other hand, Dr. Murray is a good man who did the world a favor. Just imagine if any other average Joe had little boys over to his house for sleep overs in his bed and at the entrance of the room there were cameras to alert this average Joe of intruders. Yeah, average Joe would be in prison after getting thoroughly trashed by Nancy Disgrace and her followers.
A grown man has a secret compartment in his room along with security cameras outside his room to alert him of intruders. You have to be one emotional douchebag or douchebagette to think his sleep overs were "innocent"!!
Thank s Again for carrying out justice Dr. Murray, hang in there because you’ll be found NOT GUILTY,, NOT GUILTY, NOT GUILTY!

1122 days ago


What dumb-ass hick wrote this. Michael helped more kids then anyone else in this world!!! He had cameras because of drug use stupid. He made more beautiful music and was pure love!! I bet you go out with hookers and drink bear. Your just a hick!!!!

1122 days ago


MJ was the greatest ever. Which other artist would sell out 50 shows in ONE city - and 250 000 more ppl in que - without any new definite album or other projects? He hadnt been touring for 12 yrs but sell out the shows in a heartbeat.

Such an astonishing achievment.

1122 days ago

Second Opinion    

Didn't know Phil Jackson would be called as witness....

1122 days ago

Martin Pagels    

@Rogue Warrior, eat your brain , tabloid junky

1122 days ago

Home Skillet    

I'll be relieved when this circus is over. Do people really care about this story?

1122 days ago

Everyone uses and abuses MJ, especially Dr. Conman Moron.

1121 days ago


I find it completely believable that Michael was obsessed with beating somebody elses record & that's why he was willing to push his old body beyond it's capabilities.

Michael was all about selling an over the top image & setting records. The spotlight was his worst addiction..... like so many in the Jackson family!

Michael needed intensive therapy & monitored withdrawal from all the drugs he was taking & instead... he decided to rush into a comeback to relive the thrill of being in the spotlight. Nobody was willing to step in to help this desperate man.... no friends, no family members. They all stood by & looked the other way rather than offend or alienate a very sick man.

Murray should have let Michael find some other goon to help him destroy his life. Now Murray needs to pay for giving into his greed & being such an incompetent & negligent fool.

Sadly, this story is not unusual.

1121 days ago


The guy testified that MJ wanted to do 31 shows to beat Prince's record. If I remember correctly, he didn't want to do 50 shows - that was the promoter's doing.

1121 days ago

tonny brasco    


1121 days ago


"EG Live Co-CEO: MJ Wanted 21 Extra Shows"

That's not what i heard in court. I heard Prince did 21 shown so MJ wanted to beat Prince by 10 making it 31 shows total. I'm either crazy or TMZ is reporting that WRONG!

1121 days ago


I think this will be sad. They gave him what he wanted. Drugs. He was willing to pay millions to a doctor to provide him with what he needed to perform. He was done and this was his only chance.

1121 days ago


Is this trial on TV anywhere?

1121 days ago


Just look at Jackson over the years (his call, his choice). He bellies up Murray is taken the fall.

1121 days ago
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