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Ashton Kutcher

Demi Is Wrapped

Around My Finger

9/30/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher wedding ringAshton Kutcher's anniversary celebration sans Demi Moore was no big deal -- and to prove it, Ashton ventured out near a Hollywood motorcycle dealer yesterday ... proudly displaying his wedding ring.

Silver lining.



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The Wraith    

Those tubes done dried up, Ashton! Trade that old model in and get you a shiny new one. It's Hollywood, all will be forgiven- do what ya like- as they say. Give her back to Bruce, cause thats where she's headed anyway. Bruce would be like- no,no,no, I dont want this woman- I gots to do Die Hard 7 next year. Maybe the Whole 100 Yards, bang it up with Amanda Peat and her twins. Yee-Haw patty wacker, I love trains and small bits of chocolate.

1120 days ago


Ummm, two really washed up, borrrring, no ones...Go away, please........

1120 days ago


Hey Ashton, psstt, grunge went out about 15 years ago. Spend some of that 2-men money (while you have it before show get's cancelled because you are killing it) on upgrading the wardrobe.

1120 days ago


They actually are separated. He told that slurry Sara the truth,yet she still went and backstabbed him, the little one-hour-stand tramp.
They just haven't announced it yet because they didn't want it to jepordise ashtons premier in 2and a half men. He wants it to do well, and she gets more of a dirvorce settlement
It's sall good!

1120 days ago


You call casually walking down the street "a proud display"? How funny. And not in the haha sense.

1120 days ago


This and his one sided tweets only prove that he keeps wanting this story to go away until Two and a Half Men gets a good foothold in the ratings. Demi is doing her part by keeping her mouth shut. I hope he's giving her big $$$ for doing so. Boycott Two and a Half Men (not really for Demi, but for a better TV show in its place hopefully)

1120 days ago


And who cares. It's happens all the time.

1120 days ago


He is getting very bored with the old lady, time to move on to something really young. They are just waiting in the wings to pounce on him. Demi time to get back with Bruce even though you are probably worn out by now down there. Aging sucks.

1120 days ago

The Wraith    

It's a quarter after 1:00, and I'm a little drunk and I need you now. So, could you please qui*****ching cartoons , Ashton? Oh, so sorry- would you please QUIT playing video games, Ashton? Ashton, did you leave the jelly out on the counter again? Ashton, pick up your clothes- are these cigarettes I found in your pocket? Go to your room, room young man. I will be in there to punish you in a minute.

1120 days ago


Ashton's lips look like Snooky's azz...and why is Demi embarrassed now. She should have been embarrassed when she married this boy. What did they talk about- what he did in school all day, his favorite pair of tennis shoes, how many hotdogs he could eat at once.

1120 days ago


This guy is getting nastier looking all the time. Demi could do so much better.

1120 days ago


why does this dude dress like a bum all the time

1120 days ago


How come your bog is the only one keeping mumm
Instead you keep Mj trial going 24/7 how boring that is soo old news

1120 days ago


Wonder if they will now pull a Will and Jada? In other words we'll suddenly see them at "unplanned" paparazzi opportunities showing how much they still love each other even if they really are on the verge of divorce.

1120 days ago


Demi is gorgeous! Any guy who says different is pissed because he couldn't get a chick like that if his life depended on it. Oh and the women complaining about how she's too old for him are just jealous because you can't get a younger guy to save your lives and because at 48 you WISH you could look like that. Pigs!

1120 days ago
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