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Casey Anthony

Jail Video Released

9/30/2011 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Jail Video
A grainy video -- shot inside a Florida jail in 2008 -- shows Casey Anthony's reaction when she was told her daughter's remains were found.

In the video, Anthony is in the waiting room of the jail's medical facility, when she looks up at a TV screen and sees a news report on the discovery of Caylee's remains.  Casey appears to double over with her hands in her lap and then appears to breathe heavily.

The footage had been under lock and key since 2009 for fear it might influence the jury.


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Leave this poor woman alone. She was tried and found not guilty.


1121 days ago

Mike Litoris    


1121 days ago


Wow, ignorance knows no bounds. You really see her as a victim?

1121 days ago


So what does that mean?

1121 days ago


Reality set in that she got caught for the death of her daughter.

1121 days ago


I wondered why she cried when she heard the news? She knew her daughter died because she "drowned".

1121 days ago


Abe, the point is that she has claimed all along to not know the location of where Caylee's body was disposed of. She claims to this day that her father dumped the remains, and she never knew where they were. If that is the case, then why did a random news report about the remains of an unknown child being found in that location upset her to the degree that you see in the video? She knew they were Caylee's remains because she put them there. The report didn't say "remains of Caylee Anthony", it said "child's remains found in this location". She obviously knew whose remains they were, even though no one else did yet.

1121 days ago


Seriously! I don't get how this shows us she did it! She could have reacted the same way if she just found out her daughter was dead. I don't want to see snarky comments, I really want someone to explain this to me.

1121 days ago


This doesn't really prove anything.
I believe the monster did murder her own daughter BUT this doesn't make me believe it any more than the other evidence (like lies,phone calls, smell of death, google searches, etc)

Thisncould genuinely happen if a mother was missingnher daughter and didn't know for sure if she was alive or dead, then saw news footage she was the latter, then they'd feel sick to the stomach I assume, I don't even think this was genuine, I bet she did this to make it look like shenwas upset, if she just sat there casually that would have raised way more alarm bells in my mind!
She's a knieving little b-tch

1121 days ago

jimmy d    

Call me STUPID! But I don't want to live in world in which a hot chick can't get away with murder! Ask yourself this: Was it my kid? Well, if it isn't then don't worry about it! By definition 80% of women are not as cute as Casey Anthony. Well, where were they when Lil' Calee got killed? Why isn't someone investigating all the average plain-janes out there instead of going after her attractive mother? It makes me sick. SICK TO MY STOMACH! I demand that a Bill is passed that before a woman can be accused of a felony the judge and the jury should be given a photo or video of her to determine how hot she is. If she is hot and in the top 20% let her walk. She deserves it as a hot woman. If she isn't hot then don't bother with a trial get those fuglies off the streets for the benefit of everyones' eyes. Man, whatever happened to justice? LEAVE CASEY ALONE!

1121 days ago


In this video, you have your information wrong.... she saw on the tv that the remains were found of a young child,, yet
it was not confirmed yet that it was caylee,,, what is key to this,, is that she had seen another broadcast at another point that found childs remains in a different spot but she had no reaction,, and the reason this video is significant was because she knew in that moment that caylee was where they found her because she put her there.

1121 days ago


She had plenty of time, in jail, to rhearse this reaction!

Remember - she already knew her child was dead and thrown away in a garbage bag!

1121 days ago


Why has this been locked up?? What a letdown. I expected something substantial, but this was crap. Thanks for nothing, Judge Perry.

1121 days ago


Julie allow me to explain. During Casey's time in jail there were several false alarms regarding the discovery of Caylee's remains. These false alarms were reported by the media. Casey saw each of these reports and did not show a reaction. However when she saw the news break regarding this discovery she had a panic attack because she KNEW these were in fact the remains of Caylee because she was the one who put them there. As part of her defense it was stated that her father dumped the remains in a location unknown to her. She had no reason to react in this way other than she realized her goose was cooked. Shortly after this video was taken Casey also stated that Caylee had been found in a trash bag. That information was NOT reported by the media. Casey new those bones belonged to her daughter and she knew they were in a trash bag. Her panicked reaction was likely also related to the fact that she also knew that Caylee would be found with her little skull virtually covered in duck tape.

1121 days ago


So they refused to release potential evidence for fear it might influence the jury? Does that even make sense? Shouldn't evidence INFLUENCE the jury?

1121 days ago
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