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'The Young & The Restless' Hunk

I DIDN'T Impregnate

My Fan!

10/1/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Driscoll

Fear, betrayal ... and a $119 paternity test ... the key elements to a real life soap opera involving the dude who plays the devilishly handsome Chance on "The Young & The Restless."

Soap opera stud John Driscoll has filed for a restraining order against a 27-year-old female fan ... who allegedly concocted terrible lies about the actor that nearly destroyed his relationship with his fiancée ... and jeopardized his career.

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ, Driscoll claims the fan began telling people she had multiple sexual encounters with John ... and he even fathered her child. The "rumors" allegedly spiraled out of control -- so John resorted to drastic measures.

John claims, "To silence these rumors, to gain credit back from both colleagues and family, I willingly took and paid for the lab testing on a paternity test which knowingly came back negative with a 0% match."

According to the docs, John believes the woman "clearly is not rational" -- and fears she will harm either himself or his fiancee. John wants a judge to keep her at least 500 yards away at all times PLUS he wants her to pay him back for the $119 paternity test.

John was due in court on Sept. 13 -- but he missed his hearing .. so the judge tossed his petition.


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I actually know John Driscoll personally. And I have proof that he's a cheater!!! I don't believe for a second that he didn't cheat on Beth. Honestly, there's no telling how many girls he's used over the years to cheat on his girlfriends. It's sad really. But John has been a cheater probably for as long as I've known him...and let's be real...He will never change. Beth needs to run away...and fast!!!

1081 days ago

She who shall remain nameless    

Okay so we are all over the "FAN" part cause we know it wasn't a "FAN. It was a neighbor who lived in the same building. Before she knew him she had no idea he was even on a "Soap". The question here is not whether the baby is his, the question is if he slept with her. He DID, come on John don't be such a puss!!! People who knew when it was going on are now saying it our loud. They just didn't want to be the first one to say something!!! Beth will take you back, she always does. She will just crawl back in to her evening bottle and pretend it never happened. Tell you what if I were that girl I'd be sharing the pillow talk, remember John, the pillow talk right there in the same bed you are sharing with Beth. Big Natural Breasts! Remember now? Hey Beth can you still take back those crazy expensive wedding heels!

1081 days ago


Man I've known Beth since college...that gurl won't stay with a man unless she is doing the same thing back. It's obvious they don't care what ppl say and have an understanding so I think y'all are wasting your time talking about this. Plus come on now let's be real that chick looked like a fat cow from the pictures Ive seen and Beth pulls those NFL players....Beth 1 John 0

1058 days ago


It's sad that John did this to such a sweet woman after the relationship they had. I know and have spent plenty of time with the mother, John, and Beth. The mother really thought when her relationship with John started that John and Beth were broken up. It wasn't until months later he told her the truth and shortly there after she found out she was pregnant. She made him aware that him or one other man could be the father of her child. He really thought he could be the dad and instead of confessing everything to Beth...he lied and said none of it ever happened. Beth wanted him to prove it to her by filing a restraining order which is why this article even came out. From what I've heard John has called the mother and apologized for slandering her name.

Beth the whole time has been nothing but a drunken fool and many of her friends have tried to tell her they know John has been cheating on her. They have showed her proof. One of her friends even walked in on John cheating with another women while Beth was in the other room. Beth refuses to believe John can't be fixed.

The mother is so much better off without John and we all know she doesn't need to be tied to him for the rest of her life. She is a strong woman who was mislead by John. Beth is such an awful person to be around. If anyone has a weight problem it's her. She binge eats and drinks alcochol like no one I've ever seen. She's just as toxic as John and they couldnt be a more dysfunctional couple.

I can speak for many people when I say we are relieved that John and Beth have moved back to their hometown in Virginia. It looks like they couldn't handle the scrutiny of the tabloids or Beth thought she could stop John's cheating by moving him out of Los Angeles. John has decided to join the National Guard. Everything with them is so predictable. If they get married we have a running bet on how long the marriage will last and how many women John will have cheated on Beth with by then.

Hopefully we never have to hear from them again and the mother can live a peaceful life never hearing from John again.

1051 days ago
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