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'Big Brother' Shelly

From Bullied

To Anti-Bullying Spokeswoman

10/2/2011 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Big Brother" contestant Shelly Moore is looking to turn her experience of being threatened and bullied because of her antics on the show into something positive ... by working to become a spokeswoman for an anti-bullying campaign.

Sources close to Moore tell TMZ ... Moore wants to use her 15 minutes of "BB" fame to start a speaking tour for kids K-12 to discuss the topic of bullying. We're told Moore wants to address how hate not only affects the person bullied, but can affect their whole families.

According to our sources, Moore is reaching out to other "Big Brother" contestants to put together a PSA about bullying.

As TMZ first reported, Shelly's family received death threats after Shelly voted to evict fan favorite Jeff Schroeder. The FBI investigated the threats, but the threatening calls and emails stopped after a few days.


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October is National Bullying Prevention Month. I have developed a bully prevention show specifically designed for elementary schools. Highlights from the show can be seen here...

1082 days ago


Thank you Mr. Mike for helping our young people understand what bullying is all about, in such a fun way that kids can remember :)

1082 days ago


Bullies exist because there are people out there that just don't give a f*ck about other people's feelings. That goes for their WHOLE FAMILY. Some assh*le kid hears that when he punches skinny Jim in the stomach, it hurts his Mommy and Daddy too, ooo wow, his life is changed, he'll never bully again. Right. Every brain is different and sadly, some brains come with a lack of compassion. Get over it. Next subject.

1082 days ago


Tick Tock Shelly... your 15 min is up.

Shelly lied, cheated, and bullied HER way through the game. There is no WAY she should be speaking about bullying to anyone, cept maybe her shrink.

She lied and used awful tactics even in a game.. shame on you

1082 days ago


This woman who is now claims she is anti bullying is also the same woman that said to bad that Rachel's mother did not use a coat hanger when she was pregnant as was reported on the live feeds. No one with that type of mentality needs to be talking to our children about anti bullying. Sorry, but still think that Shelly needs mental help because that statement has to come from someone with a rather sick mentality.

1082 days ago


Shelly More is making a mockery of the anti bullying campaign and all those who have really been bullied. Shelly was the biggest bully in the BB house. If you had the live feeds you were sure to have been sickened by how she treated others. Just ck You Tube for some of the sick things she did. When someone calls her on her terrible behavior she calls it bullying, she tried to contact Cher and Diane Sawyer, all who I sure must believe she is just crazy. This woman is so manipulative!. The story about the threats to her family were also a lie, we contacted BRPD and they HAD NO REPORT OF THE INCIDENT.

1081 days ago


That's like a drug dealer doing an anti drug campaign. Shelly was the biggest bully ever. Bad bad idea to use her for any promotions..well maybe a cigarette company could use her, she was good at putting those away. She's just trying to stretch out her 15 minutes of fame.

1081 days ago


This is like a drug dealer promoting an anti drug campaign. A bully saying bullying is bad..really?? Not a good idea. she might be ok promoting for a cigarette company as she could put those away pretty fast. She's just trying to stretch out her 15 minutes of "fame". Please just go away Shelly. You are no role model for anyone.

1081 days ago

o rly    

Jeff's fans are the biggest idiots to ever watch ANY of the Big Brother series (I'm including the original Dutch show from 1997 and all other variations of it from all over the world).

1081 days ago


She was the bully!! I find it laughable that she would think she was the victim!!

1077 days ago


If you want to know the truth about Shelly Moore, visit and you be the judge as to whether she should be an advocate in the Anti-Bullying Campaign!

942 days ago


This is the woman that jumped into everyone's face while talking, initiated most of the arguments she was involved in, planted seeds against others, stole items from others, used her family as a shield to gain sympathy from others, who talked about hating others...Yup, sounds like the right person for the job!

51 days ago
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