'Big Brother' Shelly From Bullied To Anti-Bullying Spokeswoman

10/2/2011 5:40 AM PDT

'Big Brother' Shelly -- From Bullied to Anti-Bullying Spokeswoman

"Big Brother" contestant Shelly Moore is looking to turn her experience of being threatened and bullied because of her antics on the show into something positive ... by working to become a spokeswoman for an anti-bullying campaign.

Sources close to Moore tell TMZ ... Moore wants to use her 15 minutes of "BB" fame to start a speaking tour for kids K-12 to discuss the topic of bullying. We're told Moore wants to address how hate not only affects the person bullied, but can affect their whole families.

According to our sources, Moore is reaching out to other "Big Brother" contestants to put together a PSA about bullying.

As TMZ first reported, Shelly's family received death threats after Shelly voted to evict fan favorite Jeff Schroeder. The FBI investigated the threats, but the threatening calls and emails stopped after a few days.