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Kelsey Grammer

No-Show At Kid's Dance Class

10/3/2011 6:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kelsey Grammer fought hard to get his kids this week, but hours after picking them up, he had the nanny take his daughter to her dance lesson.

TMZ broke the story ... Kelsey and Camille were in court Friday, because Kelsey wanted the kids while he was in L.A. this week but Camille had serious reservations.  The judge gave Kelsey the kids, provided he guaranteed they would attend their regularly scheduled activities, including soccer and dance.

Camille showed up in Malibu this afternoon for daughter Mason's dance class, but Kelsey was a no show.  We're told Kelsey has not wanted to be near Camille since they separated, and he's missed several of the kids' events -- including Mason's piano recital -- because Camille was there.

We shot video of Camille arriving at the dance studio, saying she'll be at all the kids' activities this week, and not to spite Kelsey ... she just loves her kids.


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He doesn't want to be on Andy's toxic Bravo series.

1123 days ago


Kelsey would be there if his new wife wasn't extremely jealous of him being in the same vicinity of his ex-wife. I have the same problem I cant do **** at my kids school or extra activities because my new girlfriend is so jealous.

1123 days ago


If she loves her kids then she should allow them the space to adjust to being with their father without her there.
At some point they should be able to go to his home if even in New York one day and enjoy a diffrent culture and experiance without one parent outside on the porch.

Parents should get along yes and they may in time as this is a new situration with still raw wounds, but they also need to let go and allow each other to have the kids seperatly as that's the way it is and is going to be the rest of the children lives.
I dont like how he left his family but what is is, now it's about what is best for the children.

1123 days ago


grow the **** up

1123 days ago


key kelsey!!! you cheated on her!!!!! with someone young enough to be your daughter!!!! why such hatred? facing your guilt must be unbearable!!!!

1123 days ago


I don't think it was necessary for Kelsey to attend a dance class. However, I feel it is very petty for him not to attend his child's recital just because the mother is there. It makes no difference how he feels about the mother, his love for his children should rise above the bull.

When his children are older, they are not going to care about the petty disagreement between the parents. All they are going to remember is the fact that Dad didn't wasn't there and Mom was.

Cut the crap, Kelsey, and put your children first.

1123 days ago


too bad he doesn't realize that you put the best interest of the child first- even if it makes you uncomfortable at times
you put on your big boy pants and suck it up!
can understand the mom not wanting to disappoint a child by missing a piano recital
but missing a dance rehearsal would have been OK since dad would ahve been there to watch it
they need to be able to both show up to kids activities and be civilized to support their kids and put spite/bitterness/childishness and egos aside

1123 days ago


Wow, what is Camille paying TMZ? All the positive stories about her and the trashing of Kelsey! He's the star, she did porn, bottom line! And taking your children to activities doesn't make you a good parent, spending time with does!

1123 days ago


Kelsey is a jerk! He has to see and deal with his Ex forever. To shun his children because he is guilty of being a CHEATER and doesn't want to face his Ex-wife because of his bad behavior is selfish. He is making his children pay for his temper tantrum.

1123 days ago


She is there for her children, nothing wrong with that. At least they know they can count on Mom.

If he really wanted to be there for his kids he would go and sit away from his Ex. like most divorced couples do!

1122 days ago


Kelsey is a coward

1122 days ago


He is an ass! How to ruin your OWN reputation in one easy lesson!Way to go moron!! Grow up and show up, for the kids.

1122 days ago


Camille has every right to be at her kids' events even when they aren't in her custoday. Kelsey needs to grow some balls and just deal. I think he just can't spare the time for his kids and that says a lot about a person. She may be a famewhore and a biotch, but at least she shows up to support her kids. So what if she's doing it on Kelsey's watch to spite him? At least she's THERE for them.

1122 days ago


This isn't about Kelsey and Camille and they need to realize it. It's about the kids. You can hate your ex all you want, but when it all comes down to it, you put on a happy face and be parents. The adults got divorced not the kids. Stupid crap like this can make kids resent their parents, and I should know, I am a product of divorce. They just need to be parents.

1122 days ago


What is wrong with a mother going to her daughter dance class. Isnt that being a pro active mom who loves her child? What is sad, is Kelsey who cant act like a father and a grown up. Camillie will always be a part of your life because of the children. It's time to grow up and act like a father. The world does not revolve around you Kelsay Grammer.

1122 days ago
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