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Amanda Knox

SPEAKS at Tearful Homecoming

10/4/2011 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amanda Knox broke down in tears ... as she spoke to the public for the first time during an emotional homecoming in Seattle moments ago.

Amanda stepped to a podium setup for her at the airport, and said ... through tears, "I'm really overwhelmed right now."

Amanda thanked her supporters and also joked about remembering to speak in English after spending four years incarcerated in Italy.


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The evidence against Rudy Guede:

Rudy admitted he was in the room.

Rudy's DNA was found all over the crime scene.

Rudy's DNA was found in and on Meredith's body.

Rudy's DNA along with Meredith’s blood, was found on Meredith's purse.

Rudy's excrement was found in the toilet.

Rudy's shoe prints, set in Meredith’s blood, were found in the bedroom and hallway.

Rudy's handprints, in Meredith’s blood, were found on a pillow case in Meredith's room and on her wall.

Rudy had a cut on his right hand that was still visible when he was arrested.

Rudy fled the country.

All of the evidence at the crime scene pointed to Rudy Guede. Amanda and Raffaele left no evidence at the crime scene. Why? Because Amanda and Raffaele were not there.

Rudy Guede murdered Meredith Kercher and he acted alone.

1022 days ago


So she made a tearful speech?? I didn't see any tears. This rich, privileged woman from the dominant society and her rich, spoiled, weird lover of six days, Sollecito, thought they'd have some fun with the mixed-race girl (half East Indian, half Caucasian) since the girl, Meredith Kercher, was all alone in the cottage that night --- which Amanda knew. The two creeps, or I should say three, got carried away. She tried to blame it on the black guy, Lumumba, her employer, and he was kept in jail for two weeks while his reputation was ruined and he lost his business. Politics and money allowed her to walk! Knox is GUILTY!!

1022 days ago

Professor Chaos    

I say she cleans herself up a little and does a really raunchy spread with Casey Anthony in Playboy. Just thinking about these two hot innocent girls totally naked, oiled up and spanking each other makes me want to drop my pants and beat one out. I'd pay top dollar for that in Playboy.

1022 days ago


Amanda got away with murder & the air headed actors & celebrities are all tweeting with joy for her freedom. There was so much evidence proving her guilt. She lied & tried to blame a local bar owner. Another sociopath escapes justice. Maybe she & her twin, Casey Anthony, can be room mates together. Karma awaits you Amanda...the sooner the better.

1022 days ago


I was so glad to hear she was acquitted, and I'm even more glad that she is finally back home. Now we just wait to see who gets the first interview and when her book comes out. The media needs to leave Amanda and her family alone so they can all return to a (somewhat) normal life.

1022 days ago


Could be possible that she is back HOME becouse she is white cute and photogenic?

1022 days ago


We hate most fish (aka "str8 females") and are very happy when somthing bad happens to them.

Amanda is an especially icky nasty fish and we hope something VERY BAD happens to her!

1022 days ago


Maybe her and Casey Anthony can be roommates.

1022 days ago


o my good she is so sexy i love her amanda i love you sweet

1022 days ago


Would an innocent person:

1. Buy bleach and use it to clean up the blood filled house before reporting the crime?

2. Falsely accuse her African boss who was proven elsewhere at the time of the murder before accusing another African immigrant who had no alibi?

3. Wash the murdered person's clothes which were found in bleachy water which was still warm when the police arrived at the scene?

4. Falsely accuse the Italian police of abusing her in interrogation/incarceration?

and so on and so on.

Like OJ & Robert Blake, Ms. Knox has once again proven that money can buy justice -- she's just shown that this is true in Italy as well as the US.

Predictions -- Knox will soon appear on paid interviews and be seen clubbing, making up for the time lost partying while she was incarcerated. She will be surrounded by alcohol, drugs, and users and end up with serious problems in a few years. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up like Lindsay Lohan or worse in a short time.


1022 days ago


2 things for sure.
1- Nobody can convict an American abroard, regardless of the crime.
2- Amanda Knox shall never kill again.

1022 days ago


The things about these things is that you will never no the truth

1022 days ago


first of all Americans only make their opinions based on what America media has fed them second American media barely covered this until now because they were sick of hearing about Americans going to other countries and getting lost or in trouble.

1022 days ago


remember the trial where someone was accused of killing a child but was found not guilty because even though she lied multiple times there was not enough evidence or any witnesses?

1022 days ago

common sense    

Americans in foreign countries are always innocent, unless their minorities duh that's the American way.

1022 days ago
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