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Amanda Knox

SPEAKS at Tearful Homecoming

10/4/2011 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amanda Knox broke down in tears ... as she spoke to the public for the first time during an emotional homecoming in Seattle moments ago.

Amanda stepped to a podium setup for her at the airport, and said ... through tears, "I'm really overwhelmed right now."

Amanda thanked her supporters and also joked about remembering to speak in English after spending four years incarcerated in Italy.


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Based on the evidence alone, she deserves to be free. But we will never know whether she truly is the innocent girl she wants everyone to believe she is. It's unfair though to base your judgement on the fact that she's white and privileged. I mean sure money gets you a good lawyer and you can sell your propaganda but whether she's guilty or not has nothing to do with that. I feel really sorry for Kercher's family- never knowing who to blame and not having any closure.

1060 days ago


I didn't think Italy has the same justice system as the U.S When I saw the people that were in the Italian prison I can see that they have many things in common lol

1060 days ago


Tthe guy who is in jail apologised to the victim's family, Knox and her ex bf didn't, that says a lot not even sorry for the family loss.

1060 days ago


better actress than Lohan, not saying she's guilty but she knows something.

1060 days ago


another white chick gets away with murder..ha

1060 days ago


Meanwhile Reports reveal First Lady spent nearly 500K of tax payer money for family trip to Africa

1060 days ago


TXluvsMJ - you are an extremely unintelligent human.

The unemployed gossip readers give America a bad name. No wonder she was falsely accused. If any of you read up on the case, you would know there was absolutely nothing that proved she did it. There are many things that proved Rudy Guerde did it. Rudy got off easy with 16 years.

1060 days ago


No tears - not one - she is trying but they aren't there and her dad in the background he looks like he swallowed his gut - he KNOWS.

1060 days ago


Shame on Italy? Shame on USA: you have killed 20 peoples on Cermis and nobody have paied at all. You have killed Nicola Calipari but Lozano is free like a bird. You are dictatorial country that believes the sheriff of the World. A country convinced that it's always right and that the rest of the world is out of the law. That's Enough! You broke the balls with this presumed moral superiority. You are not in a position to make lessons to anyone.

1060 days ago


As usual...Americans get away with murder. from Casey, O.J Simpson and now this one.

1060 days ago


If you watch her she never shed one tear, looked like she tried but they didn't come.

1060 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Boo, hoo, fecking hoo.

If all she wants is to go home, why keep hunting for publicity?

Her victim doesn't get to go home.

1060 days ago

Miss Bu    

WOW they just happened to have a podium set up for her.

1060 days ago


God bless Amanda Knox and her dear family. I am so happy that the courts in Italy took the time to look forward into this case. The senario that was calimed just never made since to me. I hope and pray that this young lady can find peace in her life after all she has gone through.

1060 days ago


I completely completely agree with Sociopaths are Sad comment. Completely. Do normal people make out with their boyfriend and do cartwheels in the police station after their friend has been butchered? Why did they both turn off their phones on the night she got killed? Why did she accuse an innocent man of doing it? Why did she tell a friend how Meredith "******* bled to death" if she wasn't there, and didn't do it, and didn't see it? Why would she lie and constantly change her story? There is only truth, there a bunch of different lies someone can concoct. People who believe this wackjob, would buy a whole bunch of bridges.

This is what she wrote about her boyfriend, the guy who ALSO got freed. "That night I smoked a lot of marijuana and I fell asleep at my boyfriend's house. I don't remember anything.

"But I think it's possible that Raffaele went to Meredith's house, raped her and then killed.

"And then when he got home, while I was sleeping, he put my fingerprints on the knife. But I don't understand why Raffaele would do that."

1060 days ago
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